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Chapter 633 Dont Want to implicate Others (1)

Her face was covered so that no one could see her face.

She would not scare her son.

Her long-sleeved shirt and pants covered her skin, so he couldnt see her scary skin.

However, how did he get in

Fu Zhaoxiang said angrily, “Didnt I tell you not to come over What are you doing here Where did you come from”

“If I want to come in, I naturally have a way,” Fu Xiuyuan said calmly.

“Shi Jin wants to come and take a look.”

Fu Zhaoxiang couldnt help but get angry.

“Arent you spoiling your wife too much She said she wanted to come and you came”

“Didnt I learn that from you” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

It was rare for him to joke around.

When Qiu Xingmi heard this, she felt both touched and sad.

Why was her silly son exactly like his father

Fu Zhaoxiang was scoffed.

“Youve taken a look, now its time to leave.

Its not like you dont know what kind of place this is.

Since you dote on your wife, you shouldnt let her come as she wishes.”

“Shi Jin wants to continue giving Mom a checkup.”

Qiu Xingmi shook his head.

“No need.

Quickly bring her away.”

Fu Zhaoxiang was really angry now.

“No, leave!”

“If you dont agree, then Shi Jin and I will stay.” Fu Xiuyuan was calm and composed, not taking their anger to heart.

Fu Zhaoxiang: “…” Qiu Xingmi: “…” They knew that Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin were adamant on staying.

It was as if he was possessed, but they didnt expect him to be so possessed that he would go crazy with Shi Jin.

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan was unwilling to compromise, Qiu Xingmi had no choice, but to agree.

However, the prerequisite was for them to wear protective clothing before going over.

Shi Jin had no objections.

This small compromise was nothing.

Sitting in front of Qiu Xingmi, she opened the medicine box.

The last time, Qiu Xingmi did not look at Shi Jin properly and did not say much to her before chasing her away.

This time, she could not help looking at Shi Jin seriously.

Although she had seen her appearance many times on the television screen, it was obvious that Shi Jin was even more beautiful in real life.

The spiritual aura and vitality that the cameras could not capture were more impactful when they appeared before her in real life.

The last time Qiu Xingmi saw her, she could understand why her son was so infatuated with her.

This time, she understood even more.

Shi Jin took out the first-aid kit and lowered her eyes to examine Qiu Xingmi.

When she was doing things, she was extremely serious.

She pursed her lips slightly and did not speak.

Only her long eyelashes were blinking slightly.

“Are you a doctor Do you study medicine” Qiu Xingmi asked.

Her information channel was basically the television network.

She knew very little about the real Shi Jin.

“Yes, Im studying medicine in university.

My eldest brother is also studying medicine.”

“No wonder.

The Li familys generations of medicine have been cut off.

I didnt expect that your generation would be able to continue.”

Although Qiu Xingmi had heard about Shi Jin treating people, she didnt have any hope for her own illness.

She wasnt the only one.

Even Fu Heyan and the rest, who knew about Shi Jins medical skills, had never thought of asking her to treat her.

It wasnt that they didnt believe in Shi Jins medical skills.

It was just that no one thought that this illness could be treated successfully.

In order to treat Qiu Xingmi, Fu Zhaoxiang had donated many medical labs.

Even now, he was still investing in them.

The specialists and doctors in the medical lab had developed many drugs that benefited mankind during their research.

However, they were unable to find a cure for Qiu Xingmis illness.

At Shi Jins age, even if she had done some research on medicine and had some smarts, how could anyone think that she could do anything to Qiu Xingmis illness

“Yes, Im quite interested in this, so I studied it,” said Shi Jin.

“I hear youre pretty good.”

“Yes.” Shi Jin nodded and did not deny modestly.

Qiu Xingmi couldnt help but laugh.

This child was quite interesting.

Today, when Shi Jin came over to accompany her, she felt much better.

She smiled and said, “Looking at you and Xiuyuan, your relationship should be quite good, right”

“Xiuyuan loves me very much, and I love him


When Shi Jin said this, Qiu Xingmi felt more and more carefree.

She had heard a lot about Shi Jin in the past, but because she couldnt even protect herself, she couldnt interfere.

Later on, she received news that the two of them were doing very well, but she didnt know exactly how well they were doing.

Seeing the two of them today, she finally had some idea.

After giving her a rough checkup, Shi Jin touched her pulse.

Qiu Xingmi avoided her left wrist and handed her right hand.

Shi Jin saw the crisscrossing scars on her left wrist and understood.

Those were not scars left by skin problems, but scars left by knives.

Shi Jin felt her heart ache.

She could roughly guess how much effort Qiu Xingmi had put in to end her life.

She might not want to be a burden to others, nor did she want to live like a coward, but in the end, she still had some worries and chose to continue living like this.

Shi Jin lowered her eyes.

She knew that there were many people in this world who were tormented by illness and chose to walk this path.

As a doctor, she was heartbroken.

After the checkup, Qiu Xingmi did not ask what the situation was, and Shi Jin did not say anything.

She stood up and said, “Mom, Ill come back later.”

“Alright, its fine.

If theres no progress, its fine if you dont come,” Qiu Xingmi said hurriedly.

“Its best if you dont come.”

Shi Jin pretended not to hear her last sentence.

She thought that Qiu Xingmi might have been used to hearing what the doctor said.

She did not want Fu Xiuyuan to take the risk again.

However, Shi Jin had to come next time.

She already had a clue, so how could she not come

After going out, Fu Zhaoxiang was still standing opposite Fu Xiuyuan.

Probably afraid that something would go wrong, Fu Zhaoxiang did not let Fu Xiuyuan sit down, nor did he serve tea.

He just stood far away.

Probably because they had nothing to say, the father and son could only remain silent.

“Are you done” Fu Xiuyuan saw Shi Jin come out and walked towards her.

Fu Zhaoxiang was the first to speak.

“Remember to disinfect.

Dont come again if you can help it.”

“Shi Jins medical skills are not as bad as you think.” Fu Xiuyuan raised his head and looked at him indifferently.

“If you really respect her medical skills, let her go to the hospital to treat patients instead of bringing her here.” Fu Zhaoxiangs voice was also cold.

“Thats enough, Hubby.

Dont say too much.” Qiu Xingmi hurriedly said, “Xiuyuan, you guys go ahead and do your own things.

Dont come next time.”

Fu Xiuyuan did not say much.

He held Shi Jins hand and walked out.

Qiu Xingmi then said to Fu Zhaoxiang, “Where did they come from Hubby, go and check.

I really dont want to see them coming next time.”

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