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Chapter 632 It Might Not Be Helpless (1)

“If you let me try, there might be a solution to Mothers condition.”

“Shi Jin…” Fu Xiuyuans voice lowered.

“I know there will be risks.

How can there be no risks when Im a doctor Just let me try.

I will only do such a thing if I have the confidence to protect myself.”

Fu Xiuyuan held her hand.

“I believe you have the ability, but Im afraid that if…”

“There wont be anywhat if.

Didnt you see that I also went today, and Im still fine Its just that I went in a hurry today.

Otherwise, I would have brought my medicine box.”


If you really want to go again, Ill go with you.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin looked up and smiled.

“From now on, there will be no Fang family in Hong Kong.”

Shi Jin could hear the hidden meaning behind his words.

She did not mention Fang Yunxi in front of him at all because she felt that Fu Xiuyuan did not need to know about the grudge between them, but from what he said, Fang Yunxi had already been dealt with by him

So Fu Jiang had already mentioned this to him.

“You went to look for Fang Yunxi”

“I promised you that I wouldnt interfere in your business competitions, but what Fang Yunxi did today crossed the line.”

Shi Jin understood.

Fu Xiuyuan would never allow anyone to do anything to her in the name of business competition when it concerned her safety.

Since Fu Xiuyuan had already taken action, there was no point in Shi Jin saying anything else.

She nodded and said, “Okay.”

She didnt know how Fang Yunxi was doing, but she mourned for her for three seconds.

The consequences of provoking Fu Xiuyuan were far worse than provoking her.


Qin Fanya waited at home for two days, but did not receive any bad news about Shi Jin.

It looked like she had been in and out of the Southern Courtyard for a while, but she was not infected.

She felt a little disappointed.

She heard that people who used to go to the Southern Courtyard were more or less infected with skin diseases that were difficult to treat.

It seemed that Shi Jin was really lucky.


Over at the Southern Courtyard, Qiu Xingmi received a call from Fu Xiuyuan.

As the mother and son did not live together, Qiu Xingmi had never taken care of Fu Xiuyuan, so their relationship was not close.

It could even be said that they were distant.

Fu Xiuyuan was not someone who was used to relying on family ties.

The number of times he called could be counted on one hand.

Qiu Xingmi was usually unwilling to affect Fu Xiuyuan and rarely called him.

After receiving a call from his son, Qiu Xingmi couldnt help but feel happy.


“Ill come to the Southern Courtyard later.

Open the door.”

“No, Xiuyuan, dont come over…” Qiu Xingmi was clearly flustered.

The last time Shi Jin came over, she was already very worried.

After knowing that there was no problem with Shi Jin, she felt relieved.

Hearing that Fu Xiuyuan was coming over, Qiu Xingmi naturally refused.

Speaking of which, it was because of this that she hadnt seen Fu Xiuyuan for many years.

She would rather that her son did not come to see her.

If he did not see her, she would still have the image of a loving mother, but when he saw her, she knew that her image would collapse again and again.

Even she could not accept her current state, so how could she face her son

“Remember to open the door,” Fu Xiuyuan insisted.

“Xiuyuan, Xiuyuan…” Qiu Xingxun was about to reject him when she heard the beeping sound of the phone being hung up.

Qiu Xingmi quickly called back, but the other party didnt pick up.

It seemed like Fu Xiuyuan insisted on coming over.

Qiu Xingmi hurriedly stood up and went out to look for Fu Zhaoxiang.

In the entire Southern Courtyard, other than Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingmi, there were only two or three people staying here to take care of them.

These servants were all people who lacked money at home and had chronic illnesses.

They didnt have any complaints about staying here to take care of them.

However, they usually didnt stay with Qiu Xingmi and stayed far away from her.

Qiu Xingxun finally found Fu Zhaoxiang under a tree.

“Hubby, Xiuyuan said he wants to come over.”

“Nonsense!” Fu Zhaoxiang looked very similar to Fu Xiuyuan.

There were already streaks of white at the temples, but his figure was tall and straight, and his temperament was still very outstanding.

All these years, Qiu Xingmi had been living in seclusion ever since her illness acted up.

She didnt dare to reveal her true appearance, nor did she dare to appear before everyone.

After her illness acted up, she had proposed many divorces, not wanting to implicate Fu Zhaoxiang.

However, Fu Zhaoxiang didnt care about other peoples opinions and directly moved to the Southern Courtyard and lived with Qiu Xingmi.

From then on, he stayed here and could no longer take care of his family business.

The entire Southern Courtyards living system had been modified, and the food, accommodation, and transportation would be sterilized immediately.

It could be considered a paradise.

However, only Qiu Xingmi knew that this illness had turned this paradise into a cage for the two of them.

She was the one who had dragged him into this cage for the rest of his life.

Hence, she absolutely did not want to burden the rest of the family.

This kind of undying illness was torture.

“Give him a call and tell him not to come over,” Qiu Xingmi said anxiously.

“He wont listen to me when I call him.”

“Its his business if he comes.

Just dont open the door for him.”

The last time Shi Jin barged in, he was the one who left the door open for the food delivery.

The door was originally opened in a secluded area and no one would come in.

This time, he was prepared.

Could it be that Fu Xiuyuan could break in directly

Qiu Xingmi nodded, but there were tears in her eyes.

She remembered that when Fu Xiuyuan was young, he always came here and knocked on the door, wanting to come in.

She wanted to hug her son countless times.

She wanted to play with him, read books with him, tell him bedtime stories to coax him to sleep, and grow up with him.

However, all these things that normal mothers could do became extravagant dreams for her.

It was a good thing hed grown up.

He was smarter than shed expected.

Now he had a girl he liked, too.

He was married.

She had no regrets left.

Therefore, it didnt matter whether they met or not.

Fu Zhaoxiang walked to her side and said, “Alright, its alright now.”

Qiu Xingzang looked at her husbands face and her tears became even more intense.

Other than her children, the person she felt the most regret for was probably her husband.

Fu Zhaoxiang had lived here with her for decades, and there were all kinds of problems with his skin.

Fortunately, it was not as serious as hers, and his aging speed was similar to that of a normal person.

However, he had given up too much by staying here.

He had even given up the chance to become a father and grow up with his daughter.

“Dad, Mom.” Fu Xiuyuan walked over.

Upon hearing her sons voice, Qiu Xingmi turned around in shock and saw Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin walking over.

She instinctively touched her face.

Luckily, the cover was still there.

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