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Chapter 631 Almost Dead (1)

Never mind that.

When Fu Xiuyuan attacked her, he probably didnt consider who she was at all, what gender she was, her face and body were all randomly called.

Her face was probably going to be ruined.

With Fang Yunxi in such a state, the Fang family wouldnt be able to hold a candle to the Fu family.

If the people in Hong Kong knew what Fu Xiuyuan had done tonight, the entire social circle of the rich and powerful families would be eager to cut ties with the Fang family.

Fang Yunxi was not the only one who was doomed tonight.

Therefore, the butler, who had seen the situation clearly, did not even help Fang Yunxi call the police.

It was useless anyway.

Fang Yunxi was sent away, but the air was still filled with the lingering smell of blood, making one feel nauseous.

Old Master Qin was still angry.

“Fu Xiuyuan is too much! What kind of place does he think the Qin family is!”

“Maybe what Fang Yunxi did touched his bottom line too much.

Grandpa, you know that Brother Xiuyuan doesnt usually do this.”

Old Master Qins anger subsided a little.

“Did you investigate What exactly made him so angry”

Qin Fanya had already secretly gotten someone to investigate the entire incident.

Hearing Old Master Qins question, she immediately dialed the number of the bodyguard who went to investigate.

“Have you found anything” Qin Fanya asked.

“Weve investigated, Miss.” The person on the other end of the line said, “Master Fu is so angry because Fang Yunxi designed for Shi Jin to go to the Southern Courtyard.”

“She went to the Southern Courtyard” Qin Fanya gasped.

No wonder Fu Xiuyuan lost his temper.

Over at the Southern Courtyard, everything that was used for food, food, accommodation, and transportation was sent over by someone.

Qiu Xingmi would not come out during normal times.

She would only appear after various safety measures.

As for the others who wanted to enter the Southern Courtyard, they had to take all sorts of precautions beforehand and wear protective clothing.

It was indeed risky for Shi Jin to enter just like that.


“In that case, how is Shi Jin now” Qin Fan asked.

She was secretly delighted.

If something really happened to Shi Jin…

“Im not sure yet.”

“Keep investigating.”

Old Master Qin had already heard their conversation.

He sighed and said, “Fang Yunxi has gone overboard in this matter.

Its no wonder Fu Xiuyuan is angry.

However, no matter how angry he is, he shouldnt have injured someone like this under my watch.”

“Grandpa, dont be angry with Brother Xiuyuan.”

“Fanya, be honest.

What Fang Yunxi did this time has nothing to do with you”

Qin Fanya rebuked, “Grandpa, what are you saying Dont you believe your granddaughter”

Old Master Qin thought about it and agreed.

If Qin Fanya really participated, Fu Xiuyuan wouldnt have such an attitude.

He sighed again.

He really didnt expect that little girl who was as useless as a straw bag would receive such treatment from Fu Xiuyuan.

Qin Fanya saw his gloomy expression and said, “Fang Yunxi must have been muddle-headed.

Usually, Brother Xiuyuan wouldnt care about small fights or any work-related conflicts.

However, she thought that she could really do whatever she wanted and directly did such a thing.”

In the past, Qin Fanya only felt that she had too many tricks and lacked wisdom.

Now that she thought about it, Fang Yunxi deserved to suffer such a crushing defeat.

Luckily, she was completely unaware of this matter.


Fu Jiang drove the car in the direction of the Fu Familys house in fear.

Fu Xiuyuan sat in the back seat and slowly wiped the blood off his body with a towel.

“To the hotel,” he suddenly said.

Fu Jiang immediately turned around and consoled, “Young Master… Young Madam should be fine.”

“How do you know”

“I dont know why, but I just feel that everything will be fine.” He thought so subconsciously, but he could not find more evidence.

Perhaps it was because of his intuition, or perhaps it was because he felt that the herbs that could heal his old injuries were sufficient, Shi Jin should be prepared for such situations.

Fu Xiuyuans voice came faintly from the backseat.

“She will indeed be fine.”

How could anything happen to his Shi Jin This small situation could not trouble her.

Fu Jiang found it strange.

“Since you already knew that Young Madam would be fine, why did you still…”

He even went to such great lengths and flew into a rage, almost killing Fang Yunxi

Fu Xiuyuan did not respond.

They also arrived at the hotel.

Fu Jiang got out of the car, took the room card for Fu Xiuyuan, and accompanied him in the presidential suite on the top floor.

This was a room reserved for Fu Xiuyuan for a long period of time, so it was very convenient and private.

They could go straight upstairs from the underground parking lot without alarming anyone.

After Fu Xiuyuan, who was covered in blood and dirt, went in for half an hour, Fu Xiuyuan, who was without a speck of dust, walked out.

On Fu Jiangs side, he quickly switched to another car and picked up Fu Xiuyuan before heading home.


In the room, Shi Jin did not know what had happened.

However, Old Master Fu received Old Master Qins call and heard the other party complaining over the phone about Fu Xiuyuan not giving him any face.

Old Master Fu hung up after a few words and saw Fu Xiuyuan walking in.

He entered the house and handed his coat to the butler.

He changed into his slippers and walked in.

There was no sign of him having done anything.

He was as calm as if he had just returned from work.

“Xiuyuan, I heard you just went to the Qin family”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan did not avoid it.

Old Master Fu said calmly, “In the future, you have to give Old Master Qin some face.

Hes my old friend.

When I go out for tea in the future, hes not going to stop complaining.”

“Got it, Grandpa.”

After Fu Xiuyuan finished speaking, he went straight upstairs.

Shi Jin had just finished filling in the research results and placed them aside.

There was still a little antiseptic smell left in the room.

However, when mixed with Shi Jins original clear scent, there was an indescribable pleasant smell.

Fu Xiuyuan walked over, bent down, and asked, “What are you busy with”

“I went to the Southern Courtyard today,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Fu Xiuyuans expression was the same, without any change.

“Arent you wondering why I went” she asked.

“I know why you went.

Youve always been curious about that place and wanted to study Mothers condition.” She didnt say it, but he always knew.

“Yes, thats what I thought.

Then, I had a chance to go there today.

During this period of time, I will do some research.” Shi Jin saw the loneliness that lingered on his body.

She stood up and faced him.

“I know you are worried about me, so you refused to tell me about the situation over there.

You were afraid that I would be in danger.”

Fu Xiuyuan met her gaze squarely.

“Even I rarely go to the Southern Courtyard.”

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