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Chapter 630 Coldness (1)

At this moment, when she met Fu Xiuyuans gaze, she realized that the wordscary was not as simple as it sounded.

“M-Master Fu…” She shivered in fear.

Initially, she didnt think that the rumors about Fu Xiuyuan losing his temper were scary.

It was because Fu Xiuyuans temper wasnt directed at her.

Now she knew the rumors were true.

Fu Xiuyuan walked towards Fang Yunxi step by step.

Old Master Qin realized the problem and quickly said, “Xiuyuan, whats the matter Sit down and talk.”

After all, Fang Yunxi was a guest and had always been filial to Old Master Qin.

Even if something huge happened, Old Master Qin did not want anything to happen to Fang Yunxi right under his nose.

However, Fu Xiuyuan turned a deaf ear to his words and continued approaching Fang Yunxi.

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan didnt give him any face, Old Master Qin knew that this matter was very serious, but he had no clue what was going on.

He couldnt imagine what could have caused Fu Xiuyuan to go crazy.

Fang Yunxis legs were trembling, she couldnt retreat and couldnt stand on the spot.

She subconsciously grabbed Qin Fanyas clothes, her voice trembling, “Fan, Fanya…”

Before Qin Fanya could speak up for her, Fu Xiuyuan had already walked over and kicked her.

Fang Yunxi was sent flying and crashed into the afternoon tea table, causing everything on the table to fall to the ground.

If not for the table blocking her, she might have fallen even further.

Fang Yunxi almost vomited a mouthful of blood after the collision.

Without waiting for her to react, Fu Xiuyuan went forward and grabbed her hair, slamming her head onto the table.

Old Master Qin was stunned.

He had watched Fu Xiuyuan grow up and knew that no matter how angry Fu Xiuyuan was, he would never hurt a girl, let alone a weak person.

However, the current Fu Xiuyuan was like a lone wolf.

Fang Yunxi was like a broken rag in his hands.

Qin Fanyas eyes widened in shock.

“Fu Xiuyuan!” Old Master Qin was both shocked and furious.

“This is the Qin familys territory, you cant hurt people like this under my watch! Butler, stop him!”

Qin Fanya quickly suppressed the trembling in her voice and said, “Brother Xiuyuan, Yunxi doesnt know any better.

Even if she did something, you can slowly sit down and let her apologize to you and resolve the issue.

What are you doing, trying to beat her to death”

Fu Xiuyuans fingers gripped Fang Yunxis clothes tightly.

The smell of blood spread throughout the entire Qin familys living room, making one nauseous and fearful.

Fang Yunxis face was covered in blood and her facial features could no longer be seen.

Seeing Fu Xiuyuan stop, Old Master Qin continued to persuade him, “Xiuyuan, just give me some face.

If you have anything to say, sit down and talk it over.

If the young lady has done something wrong, please let her go on my account.

I guarantee that no matter how she offends you, she will give you an explanation.”

Fu Xiuyuans eyes were cold.

His actions stopped at this moment.

Qin Fanya and Old Master Qin just heaved a sigh of relief when they saw him picking up Fang Yunxi by her clothes and dragging her out like he was dragging trash.

Old Master Qin was shocked.

It was obvious that Fu Xiuyuan didnt take his words to heart.

He only paid attention to the part about not causing trouble in the Qin family.

He dragged Fang Yunxi out, which meant that he would stop causing trouble in the Qin family, but he would never let Fang Yunxi go.

Therefore, he took Fang Yunxi out directly!

Old Master Qin couldnt help but slap his thigh!

What kind of grudge did Fu Xiuyuan have to do something like this!

What made him even angrier was that Fu Xiuyuan didnt give him any face at all and didnt listen to any advice!

This made Old Master Qin lose face.

What was this Even Old Master Fu had to give the Qin family some face here, yet Fu Xiuyuan didnt care about anything.

Qin Fanya recalled Fang Yunxis words and realized that the reason why Fu Xiuyuan came to look for Fang Yunxi was related to Shi Jin.

Did Fang Yunxi succeed in harming Shi Jin

What did Fang Yunxi do to make Shi Jin suffer and make Fu Xiuyuan so angry

Qin Fanya did not know whether to be happy or worried.

She supported Old Master Qin and quickly followed him out.

After Fu Xiuyuan brought Fang Yunxi out, he did not show any mercy at all.

His fist landed directly on Fang Yunxis face, and her facial features could no longer be seen behind the blood and bruises.

The Qin familys butler didnt dare to go forward.

He brought a few security guards and tried a few times, but they didnt dare to stop Fu Xiuyuan.

In the end, Fu Jiang stepped forward and stopped Fu Xiuyuan.

“Young Master, stop hitting her.”

Fu Xiuyuan turned a deaf ear.

“Young Madam will be worried if someone is killed.” Fu Jiang had an idea and mentioned Shi Jins name.

Fu Xiuyuan seemed to have woken up from a dream.

When he heard Shi Jins name, he slowly lowered his fist.

Yes, Shi Jin would be worried, so there was no need to continue.

Old Master Qin rushed over to take a look.

He did not know how Fang Yunxi was doing.

He was anxious.

“Fu Xiuyuan, how could you do such a thing in the Qin family! Youre not hitting Fang Yunxi, youre slapping my face!” “Im sorry,” Fu Xiuyuan said, but there was no hint of apology in his tone.

“She deserves to be hit.”

“I dont care what kind of grudge you have against her, what you have done is too much! Fu Xiuyuan, Hong Kong doesnt belong to the Fu Family alone.” Old Master Qins anger intensified.

“Really Hong Kong doesnt belong to your Qin family either!”

Seeing that his grandfather and Fu Xiuyuan were about to fall out, Qin Fanya hurriedly stopped Old Master Qin and persuaded in a low voice, “Brother Xiuyuan, forget it.

Now that things have come to this, Fang Yunxi has also been punished.

We cant just beat her to death right”

“She deserves to die.”

Those four cold words made ones heart tremble.

Qin Fanyas blood instantly froze.

It was only now that she realized that she really did not understand Fu Xiuyuan at all.

“Grandpa Qin, sorry for disturbing you.” Fu Xiuyuan left after saying that.

Fu Jiang quickly caught up with Fu Xiuyuan and left with him.

The butler had already called for an ambulance.

As the Fu Familys car left, the siren of the ambulance sounded.

Qin Fanya lowered her head and looked at Fang Yunxi.

Seeing her like this, she knew that although her life was saved, her injuries would take a long time to recover.

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