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Chapter 63: Ruined Deng Yufeis Entire Life

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The option for “unbearable to look at” came in first.

Who would vote for an ugly woman


The host said a few words and held everyone in suspense before he finally announced the results, “This contestant surpassed the next contestant by over 20 000 votes.

She is none other than…”

Deng Yufei stepped forward excitedly.

However, the moment she stepped forward, the host finally said, “… Little Stone!”

Everyone applauded thunderously below the stage as they laughed.

Deng Yufei went briefly stunned before she realized everyone was clapping for Shi Jin and she was just a joke.

She hurriedly stepped back as she burned in embarrassment and her heart turned icy cold.

However, every action she made on the stage was magnified.

Little Raindrop swiftly became a laughingstock.

People even made GIFs of her actions and added text for it: [I made it.

Oh, wait.

I heard wrongly.]

Shi Jins fans quickly gathered and created a fan club, set up a social media account, and opened it up to the fan club.

They called themselves Jade to symbolize their hope for Little Stone.

Little Stone was jade in the rough and would get polished in time and become a dazzling singer.

Now that a fan club was formed, they swiftly bit back at the anti-fans.

They made the lyrics of the song, I will be whoever I want to be.

I am the future, their motto for both Little Stone and them.

They wanted to tell the people out there never to underestimate themselves.

They had the perfect song to describe how they felt about Little Raindrop now, “A Million Miles Away”: Send you a thousand miles away.

Before Shi Jin even got off the stage, she had gained 800 000 fans.

Also, the numbers were climbing nonstop.

Little Stones singing skills became the hottest search on social media.

It was truly a battle of ability and vocals.

Ultimate Singer-Songwriter was genuinely a show about talent and not about looks in every sense.

The rest of the show went on without any surprises.

The last three contestants in the safe zone did not dare to challenge Shi Jin.

Instead, they took their instructors advice and chose other suitable candidates.

After the final results were announced, eight contestants were kicked out of the show.

After Shi Jin got off the stage, Yu Guannan looked at her deeply and said, “Go back and have a good rest.”

She nodded and spoke to Gu Qinghua before getting changed.

Deng Yufei indignantly charged in with tears in her eyes as though Shi Jin had ruined her entire life.

“Shi Jin, why did you do that to me” shouted Deng Yufei as she cried.


“Feifei, what have I done I picked a brand new song and even my scar got exposed…”

Deng Yufei knew what Shi Jin was trying to say.

Shi Jin thought she was bound to lose.

Despite the odds, Deng Yufei did not win.

Who could she blame Deng Yufei had only herself to blame.

Shi Jin swiftly defended herself and pushed all the blame on Deng Yufei.

“You didnt have to perform it so well!” Deng Yufei was beside herself with fury.

Shi Jin shrugged.

“If I dont do a good job, I will get it from my talent agent and the program.”

Deng Yufei could not refute what Shi Jin said, so she turned to run out.

After Shi Jin got changed, Yao Jiahong came over.

Shi Jin detected a complicated emotion running through him even though he was wearing a mask.

“Hi, Jiahong,” greeted Shi Jin politely.

“Erm… we need to find time to discuss your schedule and projects.”

Shi Jins eyes looked smiley as she replied, “Okay.”

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