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Chapter 629 Its Scary (1)

Fang Yunxi indeed had such plans.

Everyone in Hong Kong knew that Qiu Xingmi had a contagious disease.

However, no one dared to mention it due to the Fu Familys strong stance.

Fang Yunxi had suffered consecutive setbacks under Shi Jins hands and was already deeply dissatisfied with her, but she could not do anything else to Shi Jin.

Finally, she thought of a way to get someone to block Shi Jins car and force her into Qiu Xingmis house.

In that case, if Shi Jin was infected by something, she could not be blamed.

She thought that her methods were impressive.

After forcing Shi Jin in, she let these people leave without anyone knowing.

After settling everything, she went to the Qin residence to have afternoon tea with Qin Fanya.




Fu Jiang drove the car into the house.

Shi Jin said, “Go take a shower first.”

“Okay.” He left immediately.

Actually, when he left, he saw many scary marks on Fu Zhaoxiangs skin.

He already believed that the rumors were true.

Shi Jin walked slowly towards the house.

She had different thoughts.

She looked at Qiu Xingmis skin.

It was indeed a very troublesome condition, but it did not seem to be contagious.

Even so, after Shi Jin went upstairs, she washed off the smell of disinfectant and changed into home clothes.

Then, she took out the samples she had taken from Qiu Xingmi and stored them in a special research box.

Then, she took out a special instrument and began to study it.

When Fu Xiuyuan returned home, the moment he entered, he smelled an extremely faint disinfectant smell.

Familiar yet unfamiliar.

“Whats that smell” he asked, frowning.

Butler Kang hurriedly said, “Its the smell that Young Madam brought in, but it has already been processed.”

The smell was familiar, but it was not the usual disinfectant smell in hospitals.

Fu Xiuyuans frown deepened.

“Who accompanied Young Madam out today”

“Its Fu Jiang.”

“Let him come over.”

Fu Jiang, who had just finished showering, was called over by Butler Kang at the fastest speed possible.

When he entered and saw Fu Xiuyuan, Fu Jiang was a little surprised.

“Young Master.”

“What happened today”

Fu Jiang quickly explained the situation in full detail.

In the end, he added, “I sent you a message midway.

It should be because the signal was blocked, so it wasnt sent.

After the crisis was resolved, I didnt send it to bother you anymore.”

“You said that you guys went to the Southern Courtyard today”

“Im sorry, Young Master.

I didnt bring Young Madam to the Southern Courtyard on purpose.

I didnt even know that it was the Southern Courtyard over there.

I was really forced by those cars.

I didnt want anything to happen to Young Madam, so…”

At this point, Fu Jiang recalled that the Southern Courtyard was a forbidden place in the Fu family.

No one was allowed to go there without permission.

In the past, even if Young Master went there, he would not be able to enter.

This matter had been going on for a long time, and the Southern Courtyard was now rarely mentioned.

Even Fu Jiang had become indifferent to this impression.

It was also his first time going there.

Now that he thought about it, he realized how important it was.

It was really scary.

“Young Madam speculates that Fang Yunxi did it on purpose.

Fortunately, nothing major happened…”

“Nothing major happened” Fu Xiuyuans eyes were as cold as winter frost and dark clouds.

She had deliberately forced Shi Jin to go to the Southern Courtyard so that she might be infected with an incurable disease.

How was this not a big deal

Fu Jiang shivered in fear.

He realized that he had underestimated the incident today.

He immediately said, “I deserve to die.

I didnt protect Young Madam well! Young Master can punish me however you want.

I have no regrets.”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt even spare him a glance as he strode out, exuding a chilly aura.

Fu Jiang knew that his young master was thoroughly enraged! Butler Kang was startled as well.

Fu Jiang hurriedly followed Fu Xiuyuan.




Fang Yunxi drank afternoon tea with Qin Fanya.

She could not help showing off the smartness of what she did today.

“No matter how smart Shi Jin is, she cant imagine the consequences of provoking me,” Fang Yunxi said with a smug expression.

“What did you do to her” Qin Fanya put down her teacup and asked.

In her heart, she hoped that Shi Jin would be defeated, but she didnt want Fang Yunxi to go overboard.

It wouldnt be good if Fu Xiuyuan was implicated.

“Its nothing much.” Fang Yunxi did not want to talk about this anymore and changed the topic.

“I just wanted her to suffer a defeat.”

She had already put her words there.

If Qin Fanya were to really ascend the ranks in the future, she would have to appreciate her kindness.

Qin Fanya thought that she was doing the same small thing as she had done to Fang Tang, so she didnt probe further.

Instead, she said, “No matter what you do, you have to think about Fu Xiuyuan.

Dont think that his people are so easily provoked.” “Got it.” Fang Yunxi didnt think much of it.

She had long heard that Qiu Xingmis illness was both difficult to treat and infectious.

Previously, Qin Fanya had gone in to check on Qiu Xingmi more than ten times to please the Fu family, but there was no result.

Back then, Qin Fanya went in fully covered.

After she came back, she even did a full body checkup and took some medicine.

This time, Shi Jin barged in for no reason and did not take any precautions.

Wasnt the probability of infection very high

She didnt believe that Fu Xiuyuan would still be so devoted to her if Shi Jin was really infected.

As the two of them were speaking, they heard the butler say, “Master Fu! Master Fu, please come in!”

Upon hearing those words, Qin Fanya immediately stood up.

“Brother Xiuyuan!”

Even Old Master Qin, who was resting, was startled.

He smiled and said, “Xiuyuan is here.

What a rare guest!”

Fu Xiuyuan had never been one to walk around between families.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise that he could come personally.

However, Qin Fanya and Old Master Qin soon saw Fu Xiuyuans murderous aura.

He wasnt invited in by the butler, but he had barged in so suddenly that the butler didnt even have time to welcome him and followed behind him frantically.

Fu Xiuyuan had always been stern and serious, keeping people away from him.

However, the current him was several times more terrifying than usual.

His eagle-like gaze was like a sharp sword, and wherever it passed, no one was spared.

The malevolent aura he exuded was terrifying.

Old Master Qin was very surprised.

“Xiuyuan, you came today because…”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt reply to him.

Instead, his gaze swept past Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanya shuddered as though she was frozen, unable to move her feet.

His gaze went past Qin Fanya and landed on Fang Yunxi.

Fang Yunxi was still bragging about her actions earlier, even imagining her wonderful life after Qin Fanya and Fu Xiuyuan got together…

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