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Chapter 628 Full of Worry (1)

Qiu Xingmis condition was even worse than those peoples.

Not only was she old, but her skin was also covered in all kinds of terrifying skin rashes.

This type of skin rash was also very rare.

It was initially diagnosed by the doctor as an infectious skin rash.

Thus, after Qiu Xingmi found out that she was sick, she never took care of Fu Xiuyuan and always left him in the care of the two elders.

Qiu Xingmi did not dare to bet on the possibility of this infectious disease.

She was afraid that it would be passed on to her child.

With her appearance, she did not dare to scare Fu Xiuyuan, who was still a child at that time.

She had no choice, but to find a place to stay alone.

Initially, she had hoped to seek medical treatment to cure her illness, but later on, even the doctors and researchers did not come.

They tried their best, but there was nothing they could do.

Upon hearing Shi Jin call hermom, Qiu Xingmis eyes welled up and tears fell.

The tears that flowed down her cheeks stung the skin of her devastated face.

“I saw you on TV before.

Youre a good child.” Qiu Xingmi had never hugged Fu Xiuyuan or accompanied him in his growth.

However, she knew everything about Fu Xiuyuan and paid attention to his activity.

Including Shi Jin.

She had a rough understanding of what had happened between Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

Qiu Xingmi had a rough idea of everything that had happened between them in the past.

What she knew now was that Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were on good terms, so she was relieved.

Now that she had heard her call hermom, her heart was filled with indescribable emotions.

“Mom, let me take a closer look.”

“Its useless, Shi Jin.

You know how wealthy the Fu family is.

Ive even seen people from the American National Research Institute, but even they are helpless against this kind of rare illness.

In my life, Ive seen more top-notch doctors and scientists than Ive ever eaten rice.

If there was even the slightest bit of hope, I wouldnt have to live here for the rest of my life.” Qiu Xingmis words had an indescribable sadness.

Because of her illness, she avoided everyone, including her children.

It was hard for others to understand how much pain and regret she felt.

She was afraid of scaring the children and even more afraid that her illness would spread to them.

Currently, there were only two or three people living there all year round.

Even the basic necessities were sent in from outside.

She was afraid of bringing trouble to others, so she tried her best not to go out.

Usually, when she went to see a doctor, she would try her best to travel and return quickly.

She looked at Shi Jin.

“Alright, go back quickly.

Dont stay here for too long.

Theres a special disinfectant at the entrance.

Remember to spray it all over your body.

Dont stay here anymore.

It wont be good if you get infected.” Shi Jin stood up and said, “Alright, Ill come visit you another day.”

“Dont come over.

If you and Xiuyuan live well together, I will be happier than anything else.” Qiu Xingmi shook her head and said.

“Alright, Ill get going then.” “Oh right, Shi Jin, thats Xiuyuans father outside.

His attitude towards the people outside is a little bad.

Please dont blame him.”

“I understand.”

“Also, why did you suddenly appear here” Qiu Xingmi asked.

“I heard from Fu Jiang who followed you that you were chased in by someone”

She sounded worried.

“Im fine, Mom.

Its just a small problem.

Itll be fine soon.

Dont worry.”

“Okay… then its fine.

Tell Xiuyuan not to come over.”

Shi Jin nodded and walked out.

When she walked out, she placed some of the skin samples she had taken from Qiu Xingmi into a special bag and stored them properly.

Only then did she find the antiseptic solution Qiu Xingmi mentioned.

She sprayed it all over her body and disinfected it completely before walking out.

The man outside was Fu Xiuyuans father, Fu Zhaoxiang.

He looked at Fu Jiang coldly.

When Shi Jin came out, he said coldly, “All of you should leave quickly.

Dont come back.”

After Shi Jin and Fu Jiang left, they heard him slam the door shut behind them.

Fu Jiang muttered, “So they are really so unreasonable.

I heard that Young Master was rejected when he came…” “What did you hear previously” Shi Jin asked.

“Everyone in the Fu family knows that Madam has a strange illness and has been staying in seclusion, refusing to see anyone.

Sir is the only one accompanying her here.

Everything in the family has been handed over to the Old Master to deal with.

Later on, it was passed on to Young Master.

He even said that Madams strange illness is contagious and doesnt allow strangers to approach her.” Fu Jiang thought about this and smelled the disinfectant on his body.

“No wonder Sir sprayed disinfectant all over my body just now.

It seems like these things are true.”

After he said that, he smelled the disinfectant all over Shi Jins body and was even more convinced.

Shi Jins expression returned to normal.

“Go back and take a shower.”

“Is it really an infectious disease” Before Fu Jiang finished asking, he already had an answer in his heart.

If it wasnt, the rumors wouldnt be so exaggerated.

Sir and Madam wouldnt have gone so far as to not see Young Master.

His heart skipped a beat.

He took the car and slowly drove out.

Fu Jiang observed his surroundings.

“Lets go.

The people outside have left.”

“Young Madam, how did you know” Fu Jiang believed that he knew these situations like the back of his hand, but he still couldnt follow Shi Jins train of thought.

“Those people just now should be Fang Yunxis men.

They purposely pushed us closer to this place so that we could only escape to where Fu Xiuyuans parents live.

They just want me to go to a place with an infectious disease and get infected.

Weve been there for so long.

They probably think that their goal has been achieved, so they naturally retreated and wont stay here anymore.”

Fu Jiang was enlightened.

“So its Fang Yunxis doing.

I thought someone was targeting Young Master and wanted to start with you.”

“Im afraid only Fang Yunxi would think that this trick is very clever.”

“Fang Yunxi is someone who takes revenge for the smallest grievance.

Shes sharp and unkind.

Young Madam, youd better avoid her in the future.”

“I cant avoid her anymore.

She is Qin Fanyas person and her profession has clashed with mine.

Im afraid I wont be able to avoid her in the future,” Shi Jin said indifferently, but there was no hint of concern in her tone.

She did not take Fang Yunxis petty tricks seriously.

Actually, Shi Jin was already trying to find out more about Qiu Xingmi.

However, Fu Xiuyuan was against it and the Old Master avoided talking about it.

There were not many opportunities for her to do so.

Now that Fang Yunxi was deliberately doing this, Shi Jin had a chance to interact with Qiu Xingmi.

It could be said that Fang Yunxi had helped her a lot.

No matter what, Shi Jin did not lose out.

Fu Jiang drove the car out.

As expected, the cars that were chasing them had already left.

It seemed like Shi Jins guess was right.

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