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Chapter 626 Keep It For Yourself

Today, Fang Tang really helped her mother and herself vent their anger.

After settling this matter in front of everyone, the unhappiness that had accumulated in her heart seemed to have dissipated a lot.

She felt refreshed.

So this was how it felt to slap someones face forcefully.

“They asked for it, so you dont have to feel burdened.”

“Theres no more burden,” Fang Tang said.

“Ill go to the airport now and fly to the capital.

I still have work to attend tonight.”

“Ill get someone to send you there.” Shi Jin was afraid that there would be people from the Fang family causing trouble.

Fang Tang said to her gratefully, “Shi Jin, thank you for appearing in my life.” “Dont be so sentimental, Great Beauty Fang Tang.

We wont be able to catch the plane soon,” Shi Jin said with a smile and stuffed her into the car.


At the Fu residence.

Old Master Fu and Butler Kang heard the news from the Fang family while playing chess.

“This Fang Tang is really not bad this time.

Shes really ruthless.

She slapped her fathers face on such an occasion,” Butler Kang said.

“Fang Haitian still has the face A man who can abandon his wife shouldnt have the face.”

“The Old Master is right.

He shouldnt have been so shameless.

However, Young Madam has a keen eye for talent and decided on Fang Tang.

Not only did she produce a few dramas, but she even managed to revive that Time TV of hers.

Young Madam and Young Master are a match made in heaven.”

Old Master Fu twirled his beard, his face full of pride, but his words full of disdain.

“Its barely passable.

After all, its the Li familys bloodline.

It cant be that weak.”

As the two of them were talking, Shi Jin walked in and Butler Kang stopped talking.

After greeting the two of them, Shi Jin returned to her room.

Butler Kang could not help but praise Shi Jin again.

“Actually, regardless of whether Young Mistress is a descendant of the Li Family or not, she is the only one in both the capital and Hong Kong.

Old Master, you have no regrets now that Young Master is such a good match.”

Old Master Fu placed the chess piece on the chessboard heavily, a trace of loneliness appearing on his face.

“No regrets Not necessarily.”


Butler Kang knew that he had recalled something unpleasant and did not dare to continue speaking.

He buried his head in his thoughts about the next move.

Everything in the Fu family was fine.

If there was anything to regret, it would be that.

This matter was like a thorn in Old Master Fus heart.

He really couldnt remove it.




Fu Jiang took the car keys and walked towards the garage.

He bumped into Fu Neng and called out, “Fu Neng.”

Fu Neng stopped in his tracks.

“Your old injury has acted up.

Have you found a doctor” Fu Jiang asked.

“Its being treated,” Fu Neng said calmly.

However, the effect was not obvious.

These old injuries needed to be recuperated, but for professionals like them, there was basically no time to recuperate.

In a few years, he would be old and there would be no need for him to recuperate.

Bodyguards also relied on youth.

“I still have some medicine from Young Madam.

It can be used to soak your feet.

Come and get some tonight.”

Fu Neng looked at him strangely.

Did he really think that the little thing that Shi Jin had given him could treat injuries Did he think that all the professional doctors in the Fu family were freeloaders

Sometimes, he was really curious about Fu Jiang.

He was usually so smart, but when it came to Fu Xiuyuan, how did he become so naive and sweet Just because Shi Jin was someone Fu Xiuyuan liked, he could use any herb she gave

“No need.

You can keep it for yourself.” Fu Neng refused.

Seeing that he refused to believe him, Fu Jiang let it go.

Fu Jiang drove and waited for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin got into the car and said, “To the Chinese herb shop.”

Fu Jiang was used to it and directly drove her there.

Halfway there, Fu Jiang saw some cars of unknown origin appearing around them.

It was obvious that they were forcing their car to a corner.

He immediately sensed the danger and said, “Young Madam, sit tight.”

He turned the car around and made a call.

However, his call did not go through.

It was only then that he realized that the cars that had approached them had all been equipped with signal shielding devices to intercept the signal.

The purpose was to prevent him from making a call for help.

“Young Madam, dont be afraid.

It wont be a problem!” Fu Jiang said calmly.

Through the rearview mirror, he saw Shi Jins expression.

She was calm and collected, not the least bit afraid.

It was as if she had not realized the danger.

“Its okay.

You can find a way to leave them behind.” Fu Jiang only realized when Shi Jin spoke that she knew what was going on.

She was just fearless.

Fu Jiang started to shake off the cars following him skillfully.

However, these cars were like maggots that couldnt be shaken off.

He could not shake them off completely and could not avoid their signal jamming device.

His call was still unable to be sent out.

Shi Jin frowned slightly as she played with her phone, seemingly deep in thought.

Fu Jiang finally found a road and directly passed through it.

The car behind was obviously slower, but Fu Jiangs car had also entered a dead end.

At the end of the dead end was a door, slightly ajar.

Fu Jiang didnt have time to think too much about it.

He said to Shi Jin, “Young Madam, lets go and hide for a while.

Ill try to adjust my cell phone right away and try to get past the signal jamming and call for help.”

Shi Jin pushed the door open and walked in.

The gate was very plain, but it was a completely different world inside.

The spacious courtyard was full of vitality, and the boundless trees and flowers were like a hidden orchard.

“Dont go further in, Young Madam.” Fu Jiang was afraid that something would happen and stopped her.

“Dont worry.” Shi Jin continued walking in slowly.

“Im afraid there will be danger.

Lets wait for Young Master to come first.

I still cant guess who the people outside are.” Fu Jiang analyzed the pros and cons.

Shi Jin shook her head.

“At least there are no bad people here.”

Just as she finished speaking, someone rushed over and blocked Shi Jins path.

Fu Jiang took a look and immediately started fighting with that person.

The two of them exchanged blows, but no one gained the upper hand.

Fu Jiang was taken aback by the development.

Although he had an old injury on his leg, he had always been Fu Xiuyuans bodyguard.

He was one of the top fighters in the Fu Family which contained the most powerful fighters in Hong Kong.

It was impressive that this man could be on par with him.

“Stop fighting!” A womans voice was heard and a woman walked towards them.

She sounded elegant and was not old, but her clothes wrapped her from head to toe.

Hong Kong was not a cold place so it was strange to see her dressed like this.

Moreover, her entire face was covered up, as if she was trying to hide something

Upon hearing this, the person fighting with Fu Jiang finally stopped.

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