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Chapter 625 I Dont Need Your Backing (1)

When Fang Tang came, she came with hope, thinking that he still had some fatherly love for her.

It was only when she heard this that she realized that many things were just wishful thinking.

The last bit of softness in her heart became hard, unable to be touched.

“Fang Tang, think about it carefully.

Youre from the Fang family.

Would your family harm you”

“I know all of you are very good, so I cant accept these good resources.

You can all give them to others.

Its not worth it to give them to me.”

“Fang Tang! Think about it carefully.

Without the Fang family backing you up, youre nothing!” How could Fang Haitian not understand the meaning behind her words

“I dont need your support.”

Fang Haitian slapped the desk.

“Then have you thought about it Even if the Fang family cant help you, what will you do if they want to destroy your resources”

If he failed to entice her, he would threaten her.

Fang Tang looked into his eyes fearlessly.

“Then think about it.

My boss is Shi Jin.

Do you think that you can destroy my resources”

Fang Haitians tone softened.

“Fang Tang, dont you care about our father-daughter relationship at all Dont you care about anything”

“I told you, I dont mind.

I just want to work hard.

If theres nothing else, Ill go down first.” Fang Tang took a deep breath.

It was good.

If there was no hope, she would not be disappointed.


Shi Jin was waiting downstairs.

Since Fang Yunxi was the host today, she naturally had to do her part as the host.

She served her a cup of coffee.

Shi Jin took a look and took it, stirring it gently.

“Shi Jin, I am sure you are aware of Fang Tangs relationship with me,” Fang Yunxi said.

“I know you want to develop yourself in Hong Kong.

Why dont we work together”

Shi Jin glanced at her.

“We dont seem to have any basis for cooperation”

“I was too impulsive previously and fought with you.

Ill apologize to you.

For Fang Tangs sake, why dont we turn hostility into friendship”

“Sure.” Shi Jin was straightforward and generous.

Fang Yunxi did not expect her to let it go so quickly.

“What about the partnership”

“Well talk about it later.” Shi Jin pushed her suggestion away.

Fang Yunxi: “…”

It turned out that being straightforward and generous was just putting on a false front.

She looked at the staircase.

Fang Haitian and Fang Tang had come out together.

Fang Tangs expression looked normal, but Fang Haitians expression was a little ugly.

Although he tried hard to hide it, he could not.

Fang Yunxi knew about it and knew that Fang Tang rejected the proposal.

Her heart skipped a beat.

This road was probably completely blocked.

“Miss, do you still want to talk to Fang Tang” the assistant asked.

“Theres no need.” Fang Yunxi knew that there was nothing much to talk about.

“Just watch the two of them and make it through today.”

There was no way she could work with Shi Jin.

She still had a backup plan.

As long as she followed Qin Fanya, she would still have a chance.

She only hoped that Fang Tangs appearance today could appease the restless shareholders in the company.

“Shi Jin, Fang Tang, please forgive us for not treating you well today.

Please take a seat.” Fang Haitian had a smile on his face, but there was no smile in his eyes.

“Theres no need.

Shi Jin and I are leaving soon,” Fang Tang said calmly.

Fang Haitians expression changed slightly.

“Since youre already here, you should eat before you leave.”

“Theres really no need.” Fang Tang took out a document from her bag.

“I came here today not only because I was invited to celebrate your birthday, but also to tell you something else.”

“What” Fang Haitian wasnt in a good mood and his tone was heavy.

“This is the divorce agreement you sent to my mother.

She never signed it.

Now that she has, Ill give it to you.” Fang Tang placed the things on the coffee table in front of her.

The crowd erupted.

Everyone knew that Fang Haitians family had gone bankrupt and married Fang Tangs mother when they were in dire straits, giving birth to her.

However, he wasnt willing to lose, so he decided to marry Madam Fang and borrow her money to make a comeback.

His actions were extremely disloyal, and was often criticized.

However, the world always had a strong impression of the strong.

With Fang Haitians rise and Fang Yunxis ability, this matter was mostly forgotten.

Even if someone mentioned it, they would think that Fang Tang and her mother were too insensible.

However, now that they heard that Fang Tangs mother hadnt divorced Fang Haitian, how could they not be shocked

Fang Haitians expression changed as well.

It was true that he did not get a divorce before because Fang Tangs mother refused to get a divorce no matter what.

He was very angry.

Later on, he decided to use cold treatment and simply ignored them.

His current wife was also a widow after her husband passed away.

She was together with him and did not particularly fuss over this matter.

Instead, the two of them complemented each other and their careers flourished.

Who would have thought that Fang Tang would bring out the divorce agreement at this time

“Fang Tang, you!” Fang Haitians expression was ugly.

Mother Fang had indeed handed the divorce agreement to Fang Tang.

Fang Tang had never thought of using it to slap Fang Haitian in public, but Fang Haitian and his daughter had gone too far.

The words they said in the study made her completely understand that maintaining a good relationship with them on the surface was useless.

To them, she was just a tool.

When she was useless, she was a burden.

When she was useful, she could be invited home to their happy birthday party.

Since her mother didnt care, Fang Tang didnt need to care either.


Fang, please keep it well so that it wont be troublesome in the future.” Fang Tang patted the divorce agreement and turned to leave.

“Unfilial daughter!” Fang Haitian slammed his hand on the coffee table as rage burned in his heart.

A few bodyguards immediately went forward and stood in front of Fang Tang.

Shi Jin turned around and said, “Mr.

Fang, what is the meaning of this Fang Tang came to wish you a happy birthday out of goodwill and even brought you everything you wanted.

Could it be that Mr.

Fang has something else to say”

Fang Haitian didnt have that intention to begin with.

Besides, keeping Fang Tang behind was useless.

He gritted his teeth and waved his hand.

“Send the guest out!”

A few bodyguards followed beside Shi Jin.

“Miss Shi, please.”

The crowd fell into an awkward silence.

Fang Yunxis expression also changed a few times.

It was as if she could already hear the words “illegitimate daughter” in the crowds whispers.

After exiting the Fang family home, Fang Tangs mood gradually lifted.

“Today was really too enjoyable! I really didnt expect to be able to present that document in front of him in public!”

“Are you feeling better now”

“Much better! My mom originally planned to mail the documents to them, but they insisted on me coming to their house to attend their so-called birthday party.

If he hadnt threatened and enticed me, I wouldnt have wanted to embarrass him in public.”

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