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Chapter 624 Directly Exposing This Relationship (1)

“Im Dads daughter.

Isnt this something I should do” Fang Yunxi said confidently, with the attitude of the master of the house.

“Welcome, lets go in.”

“Shi Jin, lets go in together,” Fang Tang said to the person in the car.

It was only then that Fang Yunxi saw that Shi Jin came with Fang Tang.

She was a little unhappy, but on second thought, it was good that Shi Jin was here.

Everyone in the wealthy circle knew that Shi Jin represented the Fu family.

It was not a loss to be able to invite the Fu family over for the Fang familys matter.

It was also a good thing to use Shi Jin to hold the fort.

“Shi Jin, welcome.” Fang Yunxi smiled and led the two inside.

Fang Yunxi knew that bringing Fang Tang in would mean that the Fang family had completely acknowledged Fang Tangs identity.

Things had already gone beyond her control.

However, she had no choice, but to take this step to appease the shareholders and let the public see the Fang familys connections.

Fang Tang followed behind Fang Yunxi, her palms sweaty.

Shi Jin turned to look at her and said softly, “Dont worry.”

After hearing Shi Jins words, Fang Tang calmed down and continued walking in.

The inner hall was already filled with guests.

Seeing a new guest enter, everyone stopped talking

When Father Fang, Fang Haitian, saw Fang Tang enter, his expression changed slightly, but he still remained calm.

“Dad, Fang Tang is here.” Fang Yunxi walked to Fang Haitians side.

“Come and take a seat.” Madam Fang spoke first.

She glanced at Fang Tang, but didnt smile.

“Thats right.

Since youre here, this is your home.

Take a seat.” Fang Haitian pointed to the seat in front of him.

Mrs Fang took a sip of her tea, trying to suppress her displeasure.

A guest smiled and said, “So this is Fang Tang.

She really has Mr.

Fangs style.”

“Fang Tang is really becoming more and more beautiful.

I heard that her career is flourishing in the capital.

Not bad, not bad.”

Fang Yunxi smiled and said, “Thats right.

This time, when Fang Tang went out to work, she also represented the Fang family.

Fang Tang indeed earned a lot of face for the Fang family.”

Fang Tang squeezed her palm again and her gaze turned from hesitation to determination.

“Oh right, Dad, Shi Jin is here today too,” Fang Yunxi introduced.

Even Qin Fanya only dropped off a gift today and did not come in person.

Since Shi Jin could come, Fang Haitian was naturally very excited.

His emotions could be seen rising.

The Fang family was in an awkward middle position in Hong Kong.

It was only thanks to Fang Yunxi that the Fang family was able to make friends with the other rich families.

If they could get close to the Fu Family, their future would be limitless.

“Miss Shi, welcome!” Fang Haitian stood up.

“Please send my regards to Old Master Fu and Master Fu.”

When the guests heard that Shi Jin had come over, they couldnt help but gather around her.

They were a little surprised that the Fang family could befriend the Fu family.

Although the relationship between Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan was not announced to the public, everyone in the wealthy families knew about


Shi Jin could totally represent the Fu family.

Her appearance meant that the Fu family valued todays schedule.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Mr.

Fang, Im here with Fang Tang today.

Im her friend and also her business partner.

Please send your regards to my family another day.”

Everyone was slightly shocked.

Her meaning was clear.

Shi Jin had denied that she was here on behalf of the Fu family.

It turned out that the Fang family did not manage to get close to the Fu family.

Indeed, given the Fu familys status in Hong Kong, they wouldnt have befriended a second or third-rate family like the Fang family.

Fang Haitian was also slightly taken aback.

“I see.

No matter what, we welcome Miss Shi.”

Fang Yunxis expression changed slightly.

Shi Jin really did not give her any face.

She actually exposed their relationship in front of everyone.

She said, “It turns out that Miss Shi doesnt represent the Fu family, but no matter what, we welcome her.”

She was mocking Shi Jin for not being able to represent the Fu family.

Shi Jin did not argue with her.

Instead, she sat down with Fang Tang.

Fang Haitian asked Fang Tang a few questions about her work for once.

“Fang Tang, come with me to the study room.

I have something to tell you,” Fang Haitian said.

“Miss Shi, please excuse me.”

Fang Tang and Fang Haitian went to the study room.

Looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar father standing in front of her, Fang Tang could not help feeling emotional.

It had been many years since she last saw him.

He had long lost his familiar appearance, making it difficult to recognize him.

Looking at his aged face, Fang Tangs heart could not help but soften.

“Fang Tang, this is for you.” Fang Haitian took out a check and placed it in front of Fang


“For me” Fang Tang was surprised.

Fang Haitian had never been so generous before.

When her mothers illness was at its worst, he only gave her resources to earn money on her own.

He never gave her money directly.

“Dont be surprised.

Take it.

In a place like the Imperial Capital, where the entertainment industry is complicated, you might have a hard time without money.”

Fang Tang didnt take it.

Instead, she looked at Fang Haitian.

“I dont lack this now.

Take it back.”

Fang Haitian did not take it back.

Instead, he said, “Fang Tang, how long do you think Shi Jin can support you How long can you stay popular”

“I dont care how long.

As long as I have a job, I dont care if Im popular or not.”

“You dont care, but your backer cares.

Shi Jin didnt support you because of you, but because she wants to earn money.

She wont abandon you so easily only when there are more benefits behind you.

With your family backing you up and helping you, you can go further in this circle.”

Fang Haitian tried his best to persuade her.

“So” Fang Tang asked.

“There are a few talented newbies over at Yunxis side.

Why dont you bring them along She has a project that is about to start filming.

You can have the female lead role.

What do you think” Fang Haitian took out the document.

Fang Tang smiled.

Everyone knew that she had so many scripts in her hands that she couldnt pick between all of them.

There was no shortage of scenes to shoot.

She could get the female lead role in any set she wanted.

Fang Haitians offer was obviously to help his own people in the Fang familys company.

He wanted to use Fang Tangs popularity and fame to boost their popularity and help Fang Yunxi recruit investors.

During the middle of filming, she would pull some tricks and slightly change the script to weaken Fang Tangs character.

Once the television series was released, she would take the opportunity to suppress Fang Tang and increase her popularity to the second and third leads.

After she was squeezed dry, Fang Tang would be completely useless.

During the time Fang Tang had been by Shi Jins side, she had already seen through the tricks of the people outside.

“No, thank you.” Fang Tang pushed the documents and check back.

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