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Chapter 623 Sending a Car To Invite Someone (1)

The night before Fang Tang left Hong Kong for the Capital, she packed her things at home.


Fang reminded her to take care of her health and take care of herself.

“I know all about it, Mom.

You need to take care of yourself at home, too.”

Fang Tang then received a call.

“Mom, help me get my phone.” She was folding her clothes and had no time to look at her phone.


Fang picked up her phone, her expression suddenly changing.

Fang Tang saw her expression and quickly looked down at the number on her phone.

Fang Tang had always remembered this familiar yet unfamiliar number in her heart.

She knew who it was at first glance.

The reason why she was familiar with it was because she had called this number countless times when she was young.

She also yearned for the person who answered the call to come home.

The reason why it was unfamiliar was that Fang Tang had not received a call from this number in a long time.

In her dreams when she was young, she had never seen the person on the other end of the phone.

While Fang Tang was hesitating, the call ended.

Fang Tang held onto her phone and was momentarily distracted.


Fang patted her hand gently.

“Call him back.”

“Mom…” Fang Tang wanted to say something, but hesitated.

She no longer had any feelings for her so-called father.

When she and her mother were in dire straits and needed help, she had called him countless times.

It was always his assistant who picked up the call and spoke coldly.

Why was he calling now Was he calling her now that her status had changed

“Fang Tang, its alright.

Call him back.” Mrs.

Fangs expression was calm and magnanimous.

“Ive long thought things through.

All those years ago, I couldnt calm myself down, it was all a trap for us.

If he wants to leave, its not something we can control in the first place.

How can the thoughts of others be so important to us If what he wants to do is beneficial to you, I dont mind you making use of this to go further.”

Mother Fangs calmness and peace made Fang Tangs heart soften and she became stronger.

Since even her mother had let it go, she no longer had to be afraid of him.

Fang Tang picked up her phone, but the other end called again before she could dial.

Fang Tang picked up the phone under her mothers encouraging gaze.

“Fang Tang.” Father Fangs voice came from the other end of the line.

It was very kind and amiable, as if there was no barrier between father and daughter.

“Its me.”

“How have you been” Father Fang asked.

Fang Tang could not hold back her tears.

She was not touched, but she felt that it was pathetic and ridiculous.

When had he ever called her to ask if she was okay

When she and her mother needed him the most, he never took the phone.

When her mother was sick and needed money the most, when she called, it was all answered by his assistant.

Even when he gave her two resources, he did not ask if they were okay.

When Fang Tang did not respond, the person on the other end of the phone sighed and said, “Its my birthday tomorrow.

Can you come Lets celebrate it together.

Fang Tang, Im your father after all.”

“Ill see how it goes,” Fang Tang said and hung up the phone.

It was hard for her to calm down.


Fang Yunxi was preparing a birthday party for her father.

Before this, she would never have thought that she would have to invite Fang Tang to participate.

However, there was nothing they could do about it now.

Fang Tangs popularity was already set in stone, and the entire company was extremely unhappy with Fang Yunxi.

Fang Yunxi wanted to use this method to rope in Fang Tang and let everyone see that her relationship with Fang Tang was not as bad as the rumors said.

Only then could she stabilize these picky shareholders.

The assistant brought Fang Yunxi coffee.

“Pick some decent gifts for Fang Tang.”

The assistant nodded.

“Everything is ready, Miss Fang.”

“Well, when Fang Tang comes over tomorrow, you must hold her back to talk.

It would be best if we could work with her.”

The assistant understood.

Looking at Fang Yunxis anxious face, she knew that it was not easy for her.

Although Fang Tang was only a celebrity now, the people she knew behind her back and the capital that they had involved were also very complicated.

To be able to reconcile with Fang Tang, the benefits were greater than continuing to be in a deadlock with her.


At the Fu residence.

Since Father Fang was celebrating his birthday, he would naturally send an invitation to the Fu Family, even though he knew that the Fu Family might not attend.

As expected, Old Master Fu took a look at the invitation and asked Butler Kang to put it away.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at the name on it and didnt say anything.

It was almost impossible to make time for the Fang family.

Shi Jin asked Butler Kang, “Who else did Fang Yunxi invite for her fathers birthday”

“Almost everyone from Hong Kong has been invited, even Fang Tang.”

“Isnt Fang Tang flying to the capital today”

“Im not sure about that.

I only know that the Fang family values her very much.

Not only did they send an invitation to Fang Tang, they even specially sent a car over to invite her.

From the looks of it, Fang Tang has to go.” Butler Kang knew about the relationship between Shi Jin and Fang Tang.

When he asked around, he found out everything clearly.

Old Master Fu snorted lightly.

It was obvious that he couldnt stand the Fang familys way of stepping on the weak and fearing the strong

Shi Jin picked up the invitation and asked Fu Xiuyuan, “Can I attend the banquet at the Fang residence”

“You can go if you want.”

“I am just afraid that it is unreasonable.

If we go to the Fang familys place this time, wont it look bad for the other families if we dont go next time” Shi Jin asked.

Hong Kong had many rules and the wealthy families were very particular about it.

It was better to clarify some things first.

Butler Kang was about to explain the rules when he heard Fu Xiuyuan say, “Its fine.

You can go wherever you want.

If you dont want to go, you dont have to go.

Theres nothing wrong with that.”

Butler Kang: “…”

Old Master Fu also looked up at Fu Xiuyuan.

Looking at his expression, Shi Jin knew that there was no problem.

She smiled.

“Butler Kang, help me prepare.”

“Yes, Young Madam.”


The Fang familys birthday party was a relatively popular event in Hong Kong.

That day, the Fang family was unusually lively.

Fang Yunxi stood at the door to welcome todays guests.

She was dressed elegantly today, as if it was her birthday and not Father Fangs.

A moment later, someone whispered to her, “Miss, Fang Tang is here.”

Fang Yunxis brows furrowed for a moment before relaxing.

She walked forward with a smile.

The car door opened and Fang Tang got out of the car.

The popularity was really nourishing.

The current her was dressed simply and refreshingly.

The style of dress and makeup suited her very well.

The simple makeup made her look very charming.

Fang Yunxi bit her lower lip and smiled.

“Fang Tang, youre finally here.”

“Dad asked me to come over.

I couldnt refuse, so I had to come over,” Fang Tang said.

“Its Dads birthday.

Its been hard on


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