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Chapter 622 The Effect Is Pretty Good

“Fu Neng is here.

Make way.”

“Fu Jiang is here too.”

Fu Jiang came alone.

Ever since his leg was injured, no one followed him.

Especially now, his main job was to be a chauffeur most of the time, so everyone looked down on him even more.

Fu Neng walked in front of him and patted his shoulder calmly.

“Fu Jiang, your legs are not good, so dont come to take the exam.

There are no problems with the written exam, and you can barely handle the martial exam, but the final physical examination results are still…”

Everyone shook their heads when they heard Fu Nengs words.

Fu Jiangs leg had been hurting for years.

Every time the weather changed, it would hurt.

The weather in the capital was not as stable as in Hong Kong.

Especially in winter, it was the coldest place in S Nation.

It was very unfriendly to his body.

Otherwise, Fu Jiang would have gone to the capital a few years ago and wouldnt have waited until now.

“Im just here to try.” Fu Jiang knew his own body best.

Ever since he used the herbs that Shi Jin had given him to soak his feet, the interval between his relapses had become longer and longer.

Later on, Shi Jin gave him more medicine.

It was different from the medicine she gave him in the beginning.

However, he did not doubt it and continued to soak it seriously.

Since then, his leg had almost stopped hurting.

“Brother Jiang, are you really going to take the exam” someone asked from the side.

He looked worried, afraid that he would hurt himself again.

“Why else would I waste my time coming here”

“Alright, go in,” Fu Neng said and patted Fu Jiang.

“Take it easy.”

Everyone went in for the assessment.

The test this time was also set by Old Master Fu himself, and it was very difficult.

Soon, a large group of people were eliminated from the written exam.

When it was time for the martial arts examination, another batch of people were eliminated.

In the end, only 17 people were left.

Fu Neng was naturally among them.

The five good brothers who followed him daily were also among these seventeen people.

And as expected, Fu Jiang was among these people.

All he had to do now was wait for the medical report.

According to Old Master Fus request, if they were to go to the capital to assist Fu Xiuyuan, the importance of their health was no less than the results of the written exam and the martial arts exam.

These people were their daily confidantes and were responsible for Fu Xiuyuans safety.

They could not afford to make any mistakes.

The people standing beside Fu Neng looked at Fu Jiang sympathetically.

They all knew about his leg injury.

How could he pass the report

It was fine for him to drive when he had nothing to do, but it was still wishful thinking to follow Master Fu around.

“Everyones physical examination results are out.

Come and get your own.”

Following the doctors words, everyone went to collect the report.

Fu Jiang took his own, but didnt dare to look at it directly.

He wasnt sure if his own feeling was the same as the results of the paper report.

The others all opened their reports.

When someone saw the wordunqualified, they were dumbfounded.

“How is it unqualified What, myocardial ischemia This…”

The person next to him patted him sympathetically.

“This report shows that not only can you not stay by Young Masters side, you cant even stay by Old Masters side anymore.

You can only change your position.”

Some of them had no problems with their health reports and were able to go to the capital as they wished.

They were excited.

“Brother Neng, wheres yours” Someone ran over and asked Fu Neng.

“Brother Neng will definitely be fine.

Previously, his tests and medical reports were always the best, thats why he was always by the old mans side.

This year will definitely be even better.”


Fu Neng calmly opened the report.

When he saw the words “unqualified”, his expression froze.

He flipped to the last few pages and clearly saw a few words on it.

“An old injury in the tendon has acted up.

Strenuous exercise is prohibited for a year.”

In other words, not only could he not go to Fu Xiuyuans side, he could not follow Old Master Fu for the time being to protect Old Master Fus safety.

People like them more or less had some old injuries.

No one was spared from high-intensity daily training and work.

The injury on his leg was almost considered normal.

However, some people were recovering well, while others had problems.

Fu Neng had always hired a professional doctor to treat him and his condition was under control.

However, he did not expect that the medical report would detect that his injury was so serious.

He squeezed the report into a ball, and the people around him quickly tried to persuade him.

“Brother Neng, dont be anxious.

Its just an old tendon injury.

It can be healed.

Didnt you treat it in the past There wont be any problem.”

Fu Neng threw away the report and left.

Everyone looked at each other.

They really did not expect that the most promising Fu Neng would actually have his old injuries acting up.

“Brother Jiang, what about you” Someone came to ask Fu Jiang if he could go.

There werent many people left.


Fu Jiang had not opened the report all this while.

He had been injured continuously for several years.

Although he had been feeling good recently, who knew what the results of the physical examination would be

Everyone looked at his expression and did not dare to ask anymore.

They exchanged glances with each other, telling everyone not to bring up that sore spot.

Fu Jiang slowly opened the medical report.

When he saw the words on it, he found it hard to believe his eyes.

“Qualified.” Two obvious black words rushed into his eyes.

Did that mean that his feelings were real and his leg injury was really fine

Recalling the medicine that Shi Jin had given him to soak his feet, Fu Jiangs heart skipped a beat.

He seemed to have realized something.

He put away the report and said to the person next to him, “When the time comes, help me prepare my luggage for the capital.”

“So Brother Jiang passed”

“Brother Jiangs leg is healed”

Fu Jiang did not respond to these words and turned to leave.

Everyone was still discussing among themselves.

“Brother Jiangs ankle has been injured for a long time, but its already healed Which doctor did he see”

“Thats right.

This is really awesome.

These old injuries can be treated”

When Fu Jiang found Shi Jin, she was playing with some flowers and plants that she had picked up from somewhere in the backyard.

She planted them in a flower pot and carefully cultivated them.

“Young Madam.” Fu Jiang walked closer.

Shi Jin was still watering the plants.

“I heard that you took the assessment today” Shi Jin asked with a smile.


I have already passed.” Fu Jiang was a little excited.

“I can follow Young Master to the capital to work.”


“Young Madam, the herbs you gave me previously…” “Its quite effective, isnt it We use that to soak our feet back where I come from.” Shi Jin glanced at his legs and said, “Ill get Butler Kang to give you another dosage later.” Fu Jiang calmed himself down.

Seeing that she was unwilling to talk about it, he decided not to bring it up again.

“Alright, thank you, Young Madam.”

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