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Chapter 621 Doesnt Need Him to Invest More (1)

The fans realized that not only did Fang Tang not undergo plastic surgery, she used to look good too.

It was just that her makeup was not suitable.

Based on the past events that had been dug out, even if the makeup was ugly, the person did not change much.

Her fans and popularity had completely consolidated after this incident, and their cohesion had also increased.

Initially, no one knew what her next drama would be, but now that they knew the name, it was equivalent to free publicity.

It was only then that Shi Jins fans realized that Time Corporation was actually Shi Jins.

“My daughter is really promising! No wonder I havent seen her appear in public recently.

It turns out that she went to stir up trouble!”

“Not bad, not bad.

This career fan is satisfied!”

“Oh my god, this is too generous! Amazing, amazing!”

“I almost thought that Shi Jin had left the industry, but in the end, she opened a company and signed a contract with another artist.

Bye bye!”

“Then, I would like to ask if Teacher Shi is going to make an appearance in public next Are you still going to sing Are you going to hold a concert Although you are always up to something, Im very unhappy without your face in my line of sight!”

Shi Jin also saw these comments and posted a group of photos of herself online.

“Working hard and Ill show my face occasionally.

I hope everyone is happy every day.”

With this set of photos, the appeased fans finally diverted their attention.

They stopped howling and started admiring the photos.

Of course, Shi Jins opening of the company had also attracted a lot of speculation from the outside world.

Everyone knew that opening a company, especially online video websites, was an extremely expensive task.

Many big companies had failed to do it, but Shi Jin had done it.

Everyone was guessing how she did it.

Could it be that she had a real boss behind her

Of course, the fans would not give up on their analysis.

“Have you forgotten what Shi Jins eldest brother, second brother, father, and grandfather do Have you forgotten what kind of family the Li family is Dont maliciously guess how Shi Jin did it.

She just has that kind of ability, that kind of means, and that kind of impressive family.

If you have time to guess, find a factory to work in and buy more meat to eat.”

Fu Xiuyuan, the real boss behind Shi Jin, frowned when he saw the news.

He had indeed invested a portion of it, but compared to what Shi Jin had really spent, his investment was not much at all.

Even if he wanted to invest more, there was no way to do so now because Shi Jin had already made a profit! There was no need for him to invest more!

At the same time, the legal department of Time Corporation sued several marketing accounts who had previously spread rumors about Fang Tang.

This time, it was not a lawyers letter, but a direct court summons.

The company reported the matter at lightning speed.

After that, Shi Jin asked Fu Jiang to cooperate with the court and look for the people behind those marketing accounts.

However, by the time Fu Jiang brought his men over, the registration areas were already empty.

After some verification, he found out that the most fearless marketing accounts were registered in Hong Kong.

The IDs used to register all belonged to innocent people.

The real troublemakers did not use their own identity to register.

It turned out that it was precisely because of this that they dared to act so arrogantly.

It could be said that they were certain that no one would be able to do anything to them.

Thus, when they spread the rumors, they dared to act so brazenly.

After Shi Jin heard the news, she said calmly, “Lets forget about it for now.”

“Young Madam, have you confirmed who the troublemaker is” Fu Jiang asked.

“Do you want me to go…”

He made a vicious face.

Shi Jin laughed.

Hong Kong was indeed a vicious place.

However, this was the entertainment industry, not any other industry.

If beating up the perpetrator was useful, there wouldnt be so many false rumors and scandals.

“Its fine.

Ill handle this matter.”

Wasnt it just Fang Yunxi Shi Jin would remember all the debts one by one and she would be included.

After saying that, Shi Jin glanced at Fu Jiang.

“Dont you have an assessment soon You can go and do your own things first.”


The Fu Familys most recent assessment was to select bodyguards to follow Fu Xiuyuan to the Imperial Capital.

Every year, the Fu family would send their trusted subordinates to the capital.

Those who could stay by Fu Xiuyuans side naturally had a higher chance of developing themselves than anywhere else.

Moreover, these trusted bodyguards were proud of being able to work beside Fu Xiuyuan.

Every year, Old Master Fu would pick a batch of people to go over and Fu Xiuyuan would make arrangements.

This year was no exception.

When Fu Jiang was still in Hong Kong, he was Fu Xiuyuans most trusted aide.

However, because of his health, he had not been able to make it to the capital.

This year was another annual opportunity.


On Fang Yunxis side, she had caused such a huge mess, but Shi Jin had directly broken through the trap.

She was rather annoyed.

However, Fang Tang did not have any other negative points.

Using other things would not affect her at all.

This time, not only did it not make her reputation fall, it also gained her loyal fans.

It was not worth it.

Fang Yunxi was deep in thought about what to do next.

She already knew that she could not stop Fang Tang from becoming famous.


The selection of their trusted aides in the capital was one of the most important activities of the Fu Family every year.

In this selection, those who were qualified would be tested.

Every year, the assessment was divided into the written, martial arts, and physical fitness tests.

To stay by Fu Xiuyuans side to work, the physical fitness and work ability requirements were all basic skills.

However, the test that Old Master Fu gave every year was still very difficult.

It was not an easy task to qualify.

Moreover, Old Master Fu had high requirements.

The number of people selected every year was not fixed.

If there were qualified candidates, even if there were more than the number, they could still go to the capital.

However, if they did not pass the test, even if they did not have a single suitable person, he would rather not have a single one than to relax his requirements.

“Fu Neng, youve been by my side for a long time.

Its time for you to go to Xiuyuans side,” Old Master Fu said.

“The world belongs to you youngsters now.

If you follow me, you wont have any future.

Go, bring your people to participate in the assessment.”

Being able to help Fu Xiuyuan was naturally the best opportunity for the Fu family.

Fu Neng knew how much Old Master Fu valued him.

He soon arrived at the examination venue with his men.

There were not many people participating in the assessment this year, but there were still over a hundred people.

Fu Neng and the people around him were naturally the most capable to pass the test.

Everyone knew that they were very capable, but Old Master Fu was unwilling to let them go.

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