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Chapter 620 Have You Had Plastic Surgery (1)

After zooming in, it was indeed possible to see the traces of the photos being pieced together.

These photoshopped techniques would become popular in the next few years, but at this time, they were not considered popular, so it was normal for the reporters to not know about it.

“If you still dont believe me, I can demonstrate for you on the spot.” Shi Jin picked up the mouse and moved it in front of everyone.

She took out a few photos and pieced them together.

The photos looked flawless.

The reporters were flabbergasted, but they did believe that Fang Tangs photos did not belong to her.

Due to the heavy marks on the photos, the reason why they couldnt tell before was because they didnt know.

Now that they knew the theory behind the photos, it was especially obvious.

“Besides, the night that everyone said she was spending with a sugar daddy, was actually spent with me.

We were recording songs in the recording studio.

I didnt bring my own staff with me on this trip to Hong Kong.

The recording studio was rented.

If everyone went to investigate, they could find out where I was that night.”

“But you were the one that rented a recording studio.

It can prove that you were there that night, but it cant prove that Fang Tang was there too,” a reporter asked sharply.

“Good question.

So, heres the soundtrack we recorded the other day.

That night, I didnt record anything.

Fang Tang was the one who recorded the song.

Its the theme song of the drama shes currently filming,Clear Water Jade.

If you dont believe me, you can listen to it yourself.

Also, please pay more attention to her new work.”

As Shi Jin released the evidence, the reporters tricky questions were pushed back.

As it turned out, Fang Tang had indeed gone to record a song.

The recording studio and recording time were indisputable evidence.

“So, if everyone thinks that I am the sugar daddy that Fang Tang is accompanying, then I have nothing else to say.” Shi Jin shrugged.

The crowd erupted in laughter.

“Did Fang Tang undergo plastic surgery” someone asked.

“Fang Tang has indeed taken many small roles in the past and accepted many small events.

At that time, her dressing style was very different from her characteristics.

It was inevitable that there would be some photos that did not match her current beauty standards.

However, that was just because her makeup was not suitable.

It doesnt mean anything.

If everyone has doubts, Fang Tang can release photos that were only seen on her previous social media apps for everyone to


Shi Jin glanced at Fang Tang.

It was only then that Fang Tang remembered that when she first met Shi Jin, she had gotten someone to take many photos for her.

She wanted her to post them on various social media platforms and not publicize them, but only to herself.

At that time, Fang Tang did not understand what the use of it was, but now, she knew that Shi Jin had actually been helping her bury some clues.

When someone dug up the dark history, she could use it to prove herself.

Fang Tang immediately turned on her phone and logged into her account to reveal the posts that were once visible only to herself.

Since it was content that was already posted online in the past, the time could not be faked.

No one could change it.

Hence, the reporters saw Fang Tang in the past.

When her makeup and clothes were suitable, her appearance did not change at all.

“Everyone can also go to the small supporting roles that Fang Tang filmed in the past and see what her dynamics are like.

Youll know what to believe.”

Following Shi Jins words, the reporters were convinced.

However, Shi Jin still added, “I believe everyone has already seen Fang Tangs previous photos.

Compared to the previous photos, you can also see the obvious differences in her figure.

This also proves from another perspective that those photos were indeed fake.”

Indeed, as long as Fang Tang wore the right clothes, she would be able to tell that she was slim and slender.

Only those photos that were not in the right clothes, because they were randomly matched by her manager in the past, made her figure look strong and her chest seem big.

Hence, those photoshopped photos were also based on this style.

When comparing the two, it was more clear which photos were real and which ones were fake.

Shi Jins words hammered everything.

After she finished speaking, she said to everyone, “Everyone, women in this industry are always plagued by all kinds of problems.

The victims are always female, and there are always scandals that try to knock them down.

However, whats true is true and whats false is false.

It will never be mixed up, and the truth will never be buried.

I hope that when you see similar news in the future, you will treat women with kindness and not let the reputation of women be destroyed more and more easily.

Thank you for coming.

I hope that the next time we meet, it will not be like this.”

With that, she pulled Fang Tang and strode out with her head held high.

The reporters recorded this entire scene.

“Fu Jiang, arrange for someone to send Fang Tang back,” Shi Jin said to Fu Jiang.

Fang Tang nodded lightly.

“Thank you, Shi


“Youre the one I signed.

If something happens, Ill definitely have to take responsibility for you.

Its fine now.

Itll get rid of the negative effects soon.”

“Okay.” Fang Tang became more and more aware of Shi Jins strength and tolerance.

She also used this as a standard for herself.

A bodyguard drove Fang Tang back, while Shi Jin followed Fu Jiang to his car.

Fu Jiang led Shi Jin to the parking lot.

“Isnt your car parked at the east gate” Shi Jin realized that this was the west gate and stopped in her tracks.

“Actually, its because Young Master is here.” Fu Jiang quickly said, “He has been here all along.

There are many reporters today so he is worried about your safety.”

Shi Jin recalled that just now, the venue was indeed very quiet.

It was not as noisy as usual and the reporters did not barge in recklessly.

Although the questions they asked were sharp, their attitude was still considered gentle.

So that was why.

Shi Jin looked up and saw Fu Xiuyuans car not far away.

She strode over and Fu Jiang tactfully retreated to the side.

Shi Jin walked to Fu Xiuyuans car and the door opened for her.

Fu Xiuyuans side profile appeared in front of her.

Shi Jin got into the car with a smile on her face.

He was busy with work.

“Hubby.” Shi Jin leaned over.

Only then did Fu Xiuyuan put down the document.

“I was on the way, so I decided to pick you up.”

“Sure, you were on the way.” Shi Jin recalled that no matter which direction he came from, it would be very far away.

She had chosen this hotel to hold a press conference purely because it was closer to Fang Tang.

The smile on her face grew wider.

“Lets go home,” Fu Xiuyuan said.

“Okay.” She leaned toward him.

“Im too tired.

I need a hug to feel energized.”

Fu Xiuyuan laughed and hugged her.

He lowered his head and kissed her.

Such beautiful lips were perfect for kissing.


After the press conference today, the reporters reported everything truthfully.

The publics doubts about Fang Tang finally dissipated.

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