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Chapter 62: How Ugly Is Little Stone

Deng Yufei instantly opened her eyes wide in shock when she heard Shi Jins final choice.

Why was Shi Jin choosing her How could she She decided Shi Jin was probably planning on letting her win so that Shi Jin could get eliminated and leave the show.

Regardless of Shi Jins reason for this choice, Deng Yufei could no longer be careless.

She cautiously picked one of her own songs.

It was yet another song Shi Jin had written for her in the past.

This time, Deng Yufei performed relatively well and sang the song consistently from beginning to end.

All in all, her performance was good.

The anti-fans waited for Shi Jin to get eliminated, while Shi Jins fans felt worried for her.

Gu Qinghua was on the brink of tears and kept forcing them back.

“I want to pick a backup song I prepared calledI Believe.” Shi Jin quickly made her choice.

The moment she started to sing, the audience was astonished.

Although none of them had ever heard it before, it had a nice rhythm to it and its lyrics were genuinely inspiring.

I want to fly into the sky and be side by side with the sun.

Im biding my time waiting to change the world.

I am not afraid of dreaming.

I can fulfil my every wish here.

The girls who were previously inspired by Shi Jins words ended up deeply roused when they heard the lyrics of the song.

Shi Jins voice sounded absolutely explosive.

It was also powerful and passionate, making it a beautiful song.

Yu Guannan nodded.

He had completely changed his opinion of Shi Jin tonight.

She was able to adjust her voice for every song she chose and become one with the music.

Yu Guannan loved the song so much that he could not help singing along with Shi Jin when she got to the second verse.

“Throw aside your worries and be brave.

I will stand at center stage.

I will be whoever I want to be.

I am the future…”

By the time he snapped out of his daze, he could hear the audience chiming in and singing along as well.

Little did he know, a lot of the audience sitting in front of their screens watching, were also singing to the song, be it fast or slow, clearly or otherwise.

Shi Jin had already finished performing when he managed to compose himself.

For the first time in their lives, the audience felt the song was too short and was over in four minutes before they had enough of it.

“Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I want to give Little Stone all my votes!” said the nurse animatedly.

She quickly voted for Shi Jin on her phone.

Fu Heyan coughed gently and said, “Mind getting me a glass of water”

The nurse immediately stepped out to get her a drink.

Fu Heyan secretly tapped on the voting function and gave Shi Jin five votes.

That was the maximum amount of votes every viewer could cast.

She convinced herself in her heart she was simply voting for Little Stone and it had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

She had no idea Little Stone was Shi Jin.

That was exactly it.

The results were ready before long.

Deng Yufei and Shi Jin stood side by side at center stage.

Deng Yufei felt she would definitely win after her flawless performance.

Also, the song was a crowd favorite.

As for Shi Jin… she picked her backup song.

Did she not know that listeners typically did not accept new songs easily the first time they heard them

Deng Yufei had been standing on stage all this time.

Since she was standing closely with an ear monitor, she had trouble sensing the true power of the contestants singing.

Moreover, Shi Jins scar was already revealed to the world.

Deng Yufei checked her social media account during the break.

A lot of people were talking about Shi Jins scar.

Also, social media accounts came up with polls asking the audience how ugly they thought Little Stone was.

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