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Chapter 619 Its All Rumors (1)

This gossip news started to spread at an extremely fast speed.

After a while, it was already noticed by many people.

The picture attached to the news was blurry, but the face was clear.

It was Fang Tang.

They basically directly mentioned Fang Tangs name.

“What are you looking at” Mrs.

Fang asked immediately, noticing that she was distracted.

“N-nothing.” Fang Tang quickly covered the phone.

“Im a little tired, I want to sleep for a while.”

“Hurry and go.” Mrs.

Fang knew that she had been very busy recently, and her heart ached for her.

“Ive changed the blankets for you.

You have to pay more attention to rest too.

You must be exhausted recently, right”

Fang Tang returned to her room and closed the door.

She did not dare to let her mother see this news.

It would make her too troubled, but she was also shocked.

No one knew better than her how she became famous.

When she was in Hong Kong, Fang Yunxi had tried to set her up, but she didnt take any photos.

Everything that happened now was a trap.

She immediately called her personal manager.

Yao Jiahong was too busy, so he assigned a manager in the company to her.

“These are all rumors! Ill get someone to send a lawyers letter to the marketing account immediately!” The manager was very angry.

The lawyers letter was quickly sent out on Weibo.

A group of marketing accounts deleted the post, but there was another group that remained unmoved.

They only deleted the keywords Fang and fantasy drama, and censored Fang Tangs face.

In this way, not only did they avoid the risk, but they also let the public and fans have wild imaginations.

Some busybodies even used these photos to compare Fang Tangs photos and analyze her physical characteristics to prove that the person in the photo was Fang Tang herself.

If everyone were to look at Fang Tangs photos, they would realize that she used to be ugly and old-fashioned.

Not only was her makeup inappropriate, but her clothes were also very revealing.

The photos left behind by Fang Tang in the past were dark history.

At Shi Jins request, Fang Yunxi and her manager had indeed deleted them all.

However, the traces left on the Internet were still there.

Now that they saw her old photos, not only did people call her ugly, but many people also felt that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Fang Tangs originally good public reputation collapsed.

No one believed her managers claims that these were rumors.

In the end, a few marketing accounts even sent out a confirmation notice: “These photos were taken by Fang Tang after she returned to Hong Kong.

She came back to spend time with her sugar daddy and accidentally leaked the photos.”

They were referring to the day Fang Tang met Shi Jin.

For the entire day, there were no paparazzi who caught Fang Tangs whereabouts, so it was especially easy to spread rumors.

At other times, Fang Tangs schedule was almost half-open.

More or less, people would bump into her and it was very easy to refute rumors.

It seemed like the person who spread the rumor had seen through this and had come to mess with her.

After thinking this through, Fang Tang didnt panic as much.

These people came prepared.

Didnt they see that she was popular and harmed some peoples interests, so they deliberately wanted to ruin her

Her manager called her.

“Fang Tang, the marketing account said that on the day you took the photo, where were you”

“I was with Shi Jin,” Fang Tang said calmly.

“Dont worry.

I believe that Shi Jin will have a solution.”

The manager heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.

The person who spread the rumors this time is really too much.

Theyre totally trying to ruin you.

If a girls reputation is ruined just like that, itll be hard for her to recover in the future.

However, if Shi Jin is here, I dont have to worry.”

“Okay, Ill wait for Shi Jin to come back and deal with it.” Fang Tang knew what to do and stopped panicking.

However, after waiting for more than a day, Fang Tangs reputation had hit rock bottom.

She was new to fame, so her fans were not stable enough, their fighting strength was not strong enough, and they left easily.

Shi Jin had already seen the news, but this time, she was returning to the village with Old Master Fu to pay respects to the ancestors, so she couldnt leave without permission.

She called Fang Tang and was relieved to hear that she was still in a stable mood.

“Its a pity that Brother Yao has already left.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have to wait until I get back to settle the issue.

Ask your manager to invite some reporters from Hong Kong and tell them that we will clarify everything at noon tomorrow.

We will also sue the most popular marketing companies.”

“Alright, I understand.”

As Fang Tangs managers attitude became more and more unyielding, the atmosphere on the Internet became better.

The public discussions about Fang Tang became much softer.

The next day, Shi Jin returned home.

She did not return to the Fu family with Old Master Fu and Fu Xiuyuan.

Instead, she went straight to the press conference.

Fang Tang was already waiting.

When Jin appeared, her heart finally settled.

The reporters swarmed over as well.

Fu Jiang stayed outside to maintain order and brought along bodyguards to protect Shi Jin and Fang Tang.

“Everyone, please come over here.” Fu Jiang led the reporters into a special hall and said, “Fang Tang will be here soon.

Please calm down.”

While the reporters were waiting, the door opened and Fang Tang walked in and to the reporters surprise, Shi Jin walked in with her.

“Shi Jin, why did you come with Fang Tang”

“Perhaps many people still dont know that the Time Corporation that Fang Tang belongs to is under my name.

If something happens to my artist, why cant I be here”

The two words “my artist” made Fang Tangs remaining uneasiness disappear.

These two words were enough to make one not fear any storm in the world.

Indeed, there were many people who did not know about this.

When they heard about it, they were extremely surprised.

It turned out that Time TV, which was popular recently, had something to do with Shi Jin!

However, when they thought of Shi Jin in front of them, everyone felt that there was nothing to doubt.

Shi Jin would always do many shocking things, as if there was nothing in this world that she could not handle.

“So Fang Tang is the person you signed with Then whats with the recent photos”

“Thats right.

Shi Jin, why dont you explain it for her Did you let Fang Tang accompany some big shot clients so that she can get more resources”

“Also, did Fang Tang undergo plastic surgery Was she too ugly and unsophisticated in the past What drew you to sign her as an artist”

Hearing these insulting words, Fang Tangs face couldnt help turning red.

Even though she had already learned how to manage her expression, she still couldnt tolerate being splashed with so much dirty water in public.

“First of all, what Im going to say is that all those pictures are photoshopped.

The pixelation of the face and body is different.

Heres a comparison.”

After Shi Jin finished speaking, the big screen behind her turned on.

On it were the pictures that were widely circulated.

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