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Chapter 618 Various Morals (1)

Every effort received positive feedback.

It was fundamentally different from her previous work.

“However, while youre recording the songs, we have to keep it a secret for now.

Were going to use it as a surprise for the fans.”


After that, Shi Jin and Fang Tang got into Fu Jiangs car.

Together with Yao Jiahong, they moved to another place and discussed the modern dramaLove You in Time that Shi Jin had bought from Boss Xie back then.

They discussed the timing of the broadcast and the various aspects of publicity.

Right now, Fang Tang was a popular artiste in Time Corporation.

How to use this drama to stabilize Fang Tangs popularity, consolidate her fans, and get more loyal subscribers to Time TV was a matter of utmost importance.

The three of them chatted until it was late before they left.

“Love You in Time” was also in the midst of planning and would be broadcast as scheduled.

This was a modern fashion related show, a romantic and beautiful love story.

Naturally, it was also one of the main contributors to the viewership ratings market.

Boss Xies production was as good as ever.

Back then, when he was filming, he couldnt pass the reviews because of Fang Yunxis obstruction.

This time, Shi Jin brought it to the capital for approval.

Fang Yunxi couldnt extend her hand that long, so naturally, she couldnt control it.

She had long received approval in the capital and it was broadcasted exclusively by Time TV.

Hearing this news, Fang Yunxi was completely enraged.

She sat in her office and faced her financial report.

The more she read, the angrier she became.

At this moment, her father called her.

“Yunxi, whats going on with Fang Tangs two productions Why are they broadcasting on Time TV”

“They were suppressed previously, so they were sold.”

“Why was it suppressed, and why was it sold directly Weve invested in these two dramas, but we havent earned any profits yet.

Give me an explanation!”

“Dad, this is a market issue.

Im afraid I cant give you an explanation.”

“Then tell the shareholders yourself.

During this period of time, the shareholders have been looking for me to ask about this matter.

Now that Fang Tang is famous, she could have led our familys management company and also allowed our project to advance.

However, now that she has become famous, it has become something that has nothing to do with us.

How do you want me to explain this to the shareholders”

Fang Yunxi also had a headache.

The price of Fang Tang becoming popular was finally exposed.

If she could answer to the shareholders, she wouldnt be so anxious.

“Yunxi, tell me honestly, did you deliberately suppress Fang Tangs drama” Father Fang finally asked.

“I didnt.

The reasons for those things are complicated.

Its not something I can control


“Okay, I believe you, but you have to come up with a convincing argument.”

After hanging up the call, Fang Yunxi held her phone and looked a little gloomy.

Someone pushed the door open and walked in.

She looked up and saw Peng Guanlin walking in with a cup of coffee.

Fang Yunxi forced a smile.

“Youre here”

“I came to visit you.

I heard that youve been busy with work recently.”

“Its not too bad.” Fang Yunxi pinched the space between her eyebrows.

“There are always different things to do every day.”


Peng Guanlin placed the cup of coffee in front of her.

“Take a break.”

“Thank you.” Fang Yunxi took the coffee and took two big mouthfuls to suppress the frustration in her heart.

“I heard that you were the one who suppressed Fang Tangs two dramas”

Fang Yunxi put down her coffee cup.

“You heard So you came to question me”.

“Yunxi, thats not what I meant.” Peng Guanlin chose his words carefully.

“But you also know that after I left Fang Tang, she only had herself and her mother.

I dont understand the rules of the entertainment industry, but if something happens, give Fang Tang a chance and freedom.”

“I even returned the contract to her.

What else can I do If I really wanted to suppress her, I wouldnt have sold both shows.

I cant control peoples destiny.

Do you understand”

Fang Yunxis expression was sincere, and Peng Guanlin was unwilling to judge her maliciously.

He softly said, “I believe that you would not do such a thing.”

“Guanlin, if I really wanted to suppress her, I wouldnt have given her the resources for those two dramas.

Now that shes with Shi Jin, shes already very popular and has a bright future.

Even if I wanted to interfere, I wouldnt be able to do anything.

Theres no benefit or harm between Fang Tang and me.

If you continue to question me because of her, Ill be heartbroken.”

“Im sorry.” Peng Guanlin didnt want to doubt her.

It was just that right now, the outside world was spreading rumors, and there were people gossiping everywhere.

He had also heard quite a few rumors, which was why this conversation was happening.

“Its alright now.

I want to be alone for a while.”

After Peng Guanlin left, Fang Yunxi realized that Fang Tangs popularity had brought more negative comments to her.

She immediately called her assistant and Fang Tangs former manager to her office.


“Fang Tang, you will return to the capital in two days.

I will give you two days off.

You should spend some time with your mother,” Yao Jiahong reminded Fang Tang as they left Hong Kong.

“Alright, thank you Brother Yao.”

Shi Jin smiled at the side and said, “I have to accompany Grandfather to pay respects to the ancestors.

I dont have time to accompany you.

Ill give you two days of freedom.”


Fang Tang asked, “Are you not in Hong Kong these two days”

“I might be going to the countryside.

If theres anything, you can handle it yourself.”


Ill wait for you to come back.

I promised that Ill have dinner with you.”

“You dont have to wait…” Shi Jin was still thinking about what Fu Xiuyuan said the last time.

No matter who Fang Tang was, she must not let him see her.

Fu Xiuyuan was more free these few days and spent more time with Shi Jin.

Shi Jin had deliberately stopped mentioning Fang Tang in front of him.

Fang Tang was a little disappointed that she might not be able to eat with Shi Jin.

However, thinking that there was still a lot of time in the future and it would be the same the next time they met, the regret in her heart faded a little.

When she returned home, she ate with her mother.

It was rare for her to have the time to relax and chat with her mother while watching television and browsing Weibo.

However, as she scrolled, she realized something was wrong.

A marketing account released a series of very revealing photos that were connected to her name.

Some even wrote, “Recently, the actress with the surname Fang who became famous because of a certain fantasy drama is willing to give it her all.

If there are men in the industry who like her, she will definitely take the initiative to approach them.

For the sake of resources, she will do anything.

The photos that are circulated are also shocking.”

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