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Chapter 616 What does Mrs.

Fu Want (1)

The mother-daughter pair spent the entire night in deep discussion, filled with hope for the future.

The next day, Shi Jin sent Fang Tang to the airport.

After confirming that she had memorized Yao Jiahongs contact details, she watched as she boarded the plane.

When Fang Tang arrived in the capital, Yao Jiahong would pick her up and plan her career.

“Dont worry, Ive already found an assistant for Fang Tang.

Once shes here, her work will be on track,” Yao Jiahong sent a message.

“Also, Time TV has gone through an internal test.

Theres basically no problem at the moment, so the platform can go online tonight.

The publicity and advertisements have been laid out.

Currently, the number of members for the internal test has already reached a six-figure number.

Things are going well.”

“Alright,” Shi Jin replied.

“Dont be stingy with spending money on the technicians.

They are the ones who we can rely on the most.”

“Not only did we not save on them, but we also did not save on the broadband traffic, servers, and other hardware indicators.

When you see the accounts, you will know how much money you have been spending recently.” “You can only earn if you can spend,” Shi Jin replied.

At night, Time TV came online.

Shi Jin received many messages from her friends.

She stayed by her computer and logged in to watch.

Butler Kang even activated everyone in the house to download Time TV on their computers.

The scene was pretty funny.

Right now, Time TV was focused on the series that Yao Jiahong had bought the rights to.

With Shi Jins support, he didnt care about the cost when he bought the show.

He only looked at the content, so the quality of the first batch of shows that were released was quite good.

When Shi Jin logged onto the platform and saw the number of downloads and viewership on the Time TV app, she had a rough idea of what was going on and her mind calmed down.

Fu Xiuyuan took a glass of milk and placed it beside her hand.

“Judging from the graphs, the data is not bad”

“Its not bad.

Its mainly because the quality of the first batch of dramas is good.

The servers are not bad.

They can take on so many users at the same time.”

Fu Xiuyuan nodded his head.

“From what Ive seen, the other apps still have some issues with lagging.

Time TV doesnt have such a problem.”

“We used the best servers,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“The hardware and software were all chosen from the best.

I spent money like running water.

The money in my account is really depleting fast.”

“Does this mean that I have a chance to continue investing” Fu Xiuyuan stood behind her and bent down, his breath right beside her ear.

“So, what do you plan to invest in, Mr.

Fu” Shi Jin tilted his head, his eyes seductive.

“Whatever Mrs.

Fu wants.” His voice was very low, and when his voice echoed in her ears, there was a hint of charm in his husky voice.

As for what he invested in, no one knew.

They only knew that Shi Jin really woke up late the next day.


After Time TV was released, its viewership and downloads rose steadily.

Yao Jiahong took the opportunity to launch the period drama Nine Continent Token, Fang Tangs drama which had been suppressed for nearly three years.

At this time, it was just in time for the television drama markets fantasy genre to be very popular.

The public had a strong need for such beautiful and moving stories.

Fang Tang looked fresh, but very sweet.

She was not a standard beauty, but she was very good-looking.

She was very lively in the show, and the actor who was filming with her was also very charismatic.

Both of them were not popular, but were very hardworking.

When they were filming, they had a very good chemistry.

The audience could feel the undercurrents in their relationship and it was full of tension.

The entire main production team was also very diligent.

Although the budget was not very high and their investment was considered below average among the works of the same period, they had already tried their best to build up the atmosphere.

They were very diligent and laid the foundation for the entire story.

It was precisely because the quality of this drama was not bad that Fang Yunxi would think of ways to suppress it even if it did not earn money.

Back then, Father Fang had indeed given her this resource because he felt too guilty towards Fang Tang.

From the looks of it, Father Fang still had some humanity.

“Nine Continents Token” had a steady foundation.

After it started broadcasting, it became a popular piece of work, triggering a lot of attention and discussion.

At the same time that the number of viewers increased exponentially, it also brought a huge crowd and new members to Time TV.

Time TV and Nine Continents Token complemented each other and entered the eyes of the public.

“Shi Jin, there are already a few television stations that are asking us if we can give them a portion of the broadcast rights forNine Continents Token.

I didnt expect that after buying the exclusive broadcast rights back then, we can actually make a huge profit now.”

“Lets stream it to the finale first.

Theres no need to distribute it now.”

“Thats my intention too.

Actually, even if we dont distribute it, well still make a profit.

There are a lot of people contacting Fang Tang to collaborate now.

The business resources and new scripts are all stuffed into her work email.

Fang Tang is completely popular now.”

When Shi Jin first saw this drama, she had this premonition, but at that time, she did not dare to guarantee anything.

Fang Tangs acting skills were not very outstanding, but she treasured every opportunity.

Hence, in the two dramas that Shi Jin had bought, her acting skills were very suitable for the characters.

It could be seen that she had spent a lot of effort on them.

Reality proved that Shi Jins foresight was right.

Fang Tangs drama was indeed able to withstand the viewership ratings.

“Brother Yao, help her choose a good script.

Dont let her popularity fade with time.

We can put aside the short commercial endorsements for now.

The important thing is the future works.”

Yao Jiahong knew that Shi Jin was clear-headed and knew how to make choices.

He did his best to plan for Fang Tang and said, “I understand.

During this period of time, she has been studying the scripts.

We will choose a good role together.”


After Shi Jin put down the phone, she took a look at the report Yao Jiahong had sent over.

Just the dramaNine Continents Token alone had helped Time TV complete half a years worth of performance indicators.

Needless to say, Yao Jiahongs other television dramas were not bad either.

Although they were not as popular as Nine Continents Token, they were still quite popular.

Shi Jin flipped through the other reports.

The accounts showed that the commercial endorsements Fang Tang received had also brought a considerable amount of income to the company.

Of course, Shi Jin was not strict about Fang Tangs income.

The share of the contract she signed was the same as the share of the contract between Shi Jin and the company.

In a short period of time, Fang Tang got rid of her previous predicament and became famous.


Fang Yunxi had predicted that Fang Tang would become famous.

After all, when she was in the company, a manager saw Fang Tang and wanted to sign her.

Of course, because of Fang Yunxis obstruction, that was unsuccessful, and Fang Tang was given to a manager arranged by Fang Yunxi.

However, Fang Yunxi didnt expect Fang Tang and Nine Continents Token to become so popular under Yao Jiahongs manipulation.

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