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Chapter 615 An Indelible Dark History (1)

This way, Fang Tang would have an indelible dark history in her acting career.

Even if she had any future developments, it would be difficult to clear her name this time.

She did not expect to be stopped by Shi Jin.

“Oh, that was a contract that was negotiated a long time ago.

It was all handled by Fang Tangs manager.

Since you guys are not filming anymore, now that Fang Tang is yours, you will definitely have to pay for the breach of contract.

What has it got to do with me” Fang Yunxi did not want to spend a single cent on Fang Tang.

“Is that so However, I saw that the contract was signed last night after you agreed to give me Fang Tangs contract,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Since Miss Fang is busy and forgetful, I dont mind reminding you that your contract has already touched my interests.

“That was the collaboration we agreed on previously.

It was just coincidentally signed last night,” Fang Yunxi said.

“Its none of my business and I cant be bothered.”

“Very well, Miss Fang.” There was a smile in Shi Jins voice.

Fang Yunxi heard Shi Jin talking to Fu Jiang.

“Fu Jiang, check Fang Tangs fathers phone number and Peng Guanlins phone number for me.”

“Shi Jin, what are you doing” Fang Yunxi panicked.


“Its nothing, Miss Fang.

If youre unwilling to compensate me, Ill look for your father or your fiancé to settle it.” “Shi Jin, how dare you!” Fang Yunxi was furious.

In front of her father, she had always been an obedient girl, sensible and capable.

She was the designated successor.

Ans in front of her fiancé, Peng Guanlin, she was always gentle and generous.

If they found out that she had signed Fang Tang for such a role, although she could push the blame to her manager, she would not be able to hide the rubbish roles and resources she had given Fang Tang in the past.

In the eyes of Father Fang and Peng Guanlin, Fang Tang was an artist who couldnt become popular no matter how many resources she had been given.

She relied entirely on the Fang family and Fang Yunxi.

How would Fang Yunxi dare to let them know that Fang Tangs resources were inferior to a nobody

“Miss Fang, you know how I am.

Im not afraid of anything in the world.

I dare to do anything.” After saying that, Shi Jin hung up the phone and took Father Fangs phone number from Fu Jiang.

She started to dial.

However, before she could even finish dialing, Fang Yunxi called.

“Shi Jin, wait!” Fang Yunxi sounded anxious.

“Miss Fang, I dont lack anything, but time.

If you delay any longer, Ill have nothing to say to you.”

“Ill give you the money, okay Find a place and Ill send it to you right away.”

“Alright, Fu Jiang, you can set a place.”

Fu Jiang mentioned the name of a nearby cafe and drove Shi Jin there.

Fang Yunxi rushed over very quickly.

When she saw Shi Jin, she felt a little resentful, but she didnt dare to give her any attitude.

She sat down and said in a soft tone, “Shi Jin, I know that you are friends with Fang Tang and are willing to help her, but there were many misunderstandings between us in the past.

Theres no need for you to hold it against me.”

“Yes, so what about the penalty”

“Here.” Fang Yunxi pushed the check over, but did not let go of it.

“Shi Jin, why do you have to help Fang Tang She has nothing to begin with, so it doesnt matter if she loses anything.

As your friend, she wont bring you any benefits other than being a burden.

As for me… I dont mind becoming your friend.

Although the Fang family is not a rich family, we have some connections in Hong Kong.

I will not be stingy when I can help you.”

She believed that she had some charisma.

If Shi Jin was willing to change her mind now, she wouldnt mind putting in a few good words for her in front of Qin Fanya.

The corners of Shi Jins lips curled up and there was a hint of a smile in her eyes.

“Theres no need.

Xiuyuan can help me with those things.”

Fang Yunxi: “…”

She could not compare to Fu Xiuyuan.

She was silent for a moment before saying, “Arent you afraid that Ill tell Old Master Fu what youve done”

“Oh, tell him then.” Shi Jin took out her phone, dialed Old Master Fus number and passed it to Fang Yunxi.

Fang Yunxi panicked.

“Shi Jin, hang up!”

The call was answered.

Old Master Fus voice came from inside.

“Shi Jin, whats the matter”

It sounded serious.

“Its not a big deal.

I was just signing a few small artists.

Grandpa, do you think there are any problems”

There was laughter from Old Master Fus side.

He was no longer as stern as before and was very tolerant.

“If you want to sign, then sign them.

Its just for fun.

Whats the problem”

“Alright, thank you, Grandpa.” Shi Jin put her phone away.

Looking at Fang Yunxis dumbfounded expression, she laughed and said, “Oh, are you going to tell Fu Xiuyuan Do you want me to call Fu Xiuyuan and ask too”

Fang Yunxi let go of the check.

“No need.

Ill give you the check.

Whether Fang Tang lives or dies in the future has nothing to do with


How could she have expected Old Master Fu to speak up for Shi Jin This was too unbelievable.

She might dare to say something bad about Shi Jin in front of Old Master Fu, but she would never dare to provoke Fu Xiuyuan.

“Oh right, Miss Fang, youd better delete all the ugly photos of Fang Tang you took in the past.


Fang Yunxi had indeed taken many ugly pictures of Fang Tang in the past.

Even the publicity photos that she asked the photographer to take for Fang Tang were not any better.

“Ill delete them all,” Fang Yunxi promised through gritted teeth.


Thank you, Miss Fang.

Its a pleasure working with you.” Shi Jin revealed a rare smile.

Fang Yunxi gritted her teeth in anger.

Her eyes were filled with venom, but there was nothing she could do to Shi Jin.

After Shi Jin left, she held back her anger and called her manager.

“Delete all the photos you can find of Fang Tang.”




Mother Fangs condition had already improved.

When she heard that Fang Tang was going to the capital, she was very supportive.

“Theres no point in staying in a place like Hong Kong for too long.

Its good to go somewhere new.

Moms condition has improved and I can take care of myself now.

Dont worry.”

“Mm.” Fang Tang nodded lightly.

“Do your job well when youre there.

Dont embarrass Shi Jin and dont let her worry.

Its not easy for a young lady like her to do all this.

We cant help much, but we cant create trouble for her either.

Dont be picky.”

“I know, Mom.

Dont you trust your own daughter”

“Be good.

Its all my fault for not giving you a good life and making you suffer all these years.”

“Mom, dont say that.” Fang Tang shook her head.

“It wasnt easy for you to raise me.

Its been hard on you.”

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