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Chapter 614 I Cant Film This (1)

The director said, “This is the role of a prostitute.

Of course we have to shoot a close-up like this.

Your manager said that you can reveal some skin.

Our movie is for 18 and above age groups.

Besides this scene, there will also be a scene where you reveal your chest directly from the front.

Calm down.”

“No, my manager didnt tell me theres such a scene.

I cant film this!”

“Fang Tang, why are you so annoying Didnt I just ask if youre ready” The director was a little angry.

“Whos to blame for your delay”

“Im sorry, director, but I really didnt know there was such a scene.

I cant film this!”

“Motherf*cker!” The director was angry.

“Whats wrong with you”

The others quickly went to persuade the director, but someone also came over to persuade Fang Tang.

“Fang Tang, dont be afraid.

Its not for real.

Itll be a quick scene.

Its not like youll lose out.

This is also for the role and movie service.”


“No buts.” The staff members tone hardened.

“Your manager has already accepted the money, and we are filming according to the schedule.

Even if you have a great reason, you cant waste everyones time.

Quickly prepare yourself!”

Fang Tang stood in the middle of the crowd, angry and embarrassed.

Everyone had lost their patience with her and looked at her reproachfully.

After all, everyone knew how expensive filming was.

The main lead could waste time, but it would be too much for a minor character like her to waste everyones time.

“Do you know how much you need to pay for breaching the contract” someone asked.

Fang Tang immediately jolted awake.

Every time she signed a contract, no matter how small the role was, her manager would specially give her a high penalty fee for breaching the contract.

If she breached the contract, not only would she have to compensate the production team, she would also have to compensate her own agency.

Fang Tang was in despair.

Fang Yunxi was so ruthless to her! However, to her, she had always relied on herself and her mother.

She was completely incomparable to Fang Yunxi, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

In this battle that could not even be called a struggle, she was born to lose.

Fang Tang clutched the corner of her shirt tightly, her fingers turning white from her pinching.

“Alright, get someone to get her ready.

Well start filming immediately.” The director wasnt in the mood to pay attention to the mood of a 38th-tier minor character, so he directly announced the start of filming.

“Wait!” A cold voice sounded.

Everyone looked towards the door.

They saw a beautiful young lady with a cold aura walking over.

Someone recognized her.

“Shi Jin”

“What is Shi Jin doing here”

The director knew Shi Jin and had a good impression of her.

When he saw her coming over, he greeted her warmly, “Shi Jin, why are you looking for us”

“Im here to take my people away.” Shi Jin walked to Fang Tang and saw that her face was pale and drained of color.

She already knew how frightened she was by the situation earlier.

“Dont worry, itll be fine.”

Fang Tang relaxed as Shi Jin held her hand.

It was as if everything could be settled as long as Shi Jin was around.

The director smiled and said, “Shi Jin, dont joke around.

Someone recommended this small-time actress.

Shes still filming.

Dont waste everyones time.”

“Im not joking.

This is her contract.

She no longer belongs to the original company and belongs to the Time Corporation.” Shi Jin took out the contract.

Someone immediately took it and passed it to the director.

The director took a glance and Shi Jin said, “Im sure youve seen it for yourself.

Fang Tang is my artist now.

I dont want her to take on roles she doesnt like.

Director, please find someone else.”

“Alright, pay the breach of contract.” The director did not want to make enemies with Shi Jin.

“You can find the legal department to settle it.

Assistant, find someone else to play this role.”

Shi Jin held Fang Tangs hand and left immediately.

“Shi Jin, did you really get my contract How much did you spend”

“I won it back without spending any money,” Shi Jin said.

“However, I didnt expect Fang Yunxi to give me your contract, but still dare to sign two parts in this production that you dont want to film.”

“You won it back” Fang Tang was a little surprised.

“You know about racing, right”

Fang Tang was even more surprised.

“Ive heard of it, but Ive never seen it before.

But I know that Fang Yunxi is quite good at racing.

You actually beat her!”

She had to admit that she had a whole new level of respect for Shi Jin.

This was too much!

Shi Jin went to the legal department to compensate Fang Tang.

The people from the legal department knew Shi Jin, so they didnt make things difficult for her.

They only asked for the penalty fee according to the contract and terminated the contract between the production team and Fang Tang according to the procedures before giving it to Shi Jin.

Fang Tangs heart was beating wildly.

Now, she no longer had to watch Fang Yunxis expression and do things.

She had never enjoyed such a relaxed and carefree feeling ever since she got involved with Fang Yunxi.

Now, to a certain extent, she was completely free.

“Fang Tang, now that youve signed with my company, you might not be able to stay in Hong Kong forever.

You have to come back to the capital with me.”

“No problem!” Fang Tang agreed without hesitation.

It didnt matter where she lived.

Previously, she agreed to sign a contract with Fang Yunxi because she wanted to earn more money to treat her mother.

Now that she had regained her freedom and her mothers health was improving by the day, she had planned to find a place to start over and stay away from Fang Yunxi… and Peng Guanlin.

Why not the capital

“You go back first.

I still have something to do.” Shi Jin asked Fu Jiang to stop the car and dropped Fang Tang off at the subway entrance.

After Fang Tang got off the car, Fu Jiang asked, “Young Madam, where are we going now”

“To find Fang Yunxi.”

Shi Jin was the one who paid for Fang Tangs breach of contract.

There was no reason for Shi Jin to spend her own money.

Fang Yunxi should be the one paying for her own actions.

When she received Shi Jins call, Fang Yunxis tone was rather rude.

“Shi Jin, havent we settled our scores Theres no need for us to meet, right”

“There might not be a need to meet, but you have to pay for Fang Tangs breach of contract.”

“What penalty I dont know about it.”

“In that case, Ill kindly remind Miss Fang about that movie Fang Tang was supposed to film today.

She needs to play the role of a woman at the bottom of society, so I told her not to film it anymore.

Its quite rare for a nobody from the 38th tier to have a compensation fee of up to seven digits.

Ive helped Fang Tang pay for it, so Miss Fang must return the compensation to me as soon as possible.”

Fang Yunxi was silent for a moment.

Obviously, she had wanted to take advantage of the situation and make Fang Tang film that highly revealing scene of the prostitute.

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