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Chapter 613 Why Are You Tearing That (1)

Butler Kang, who was beside him, immediately responded with a smile, “Young Madam is already very capable, theres no doubt about that.

With Young Masters taste, he can definitely judge people correctly.”

“Thats true.

Xiuyuan, that child, has had good taste since he was young.” Old Master Fu was older, and he loved to listen to others put in good words.

“If you like it, there are still a few cars in the garage.

Use them all.” Old Master Fu glanced at Shi Jin and said.

“Okay, Grandpa.”

As they were talking, someone led Kang Fei


He seemed to be recovering well.

However, he had not learned how to conduct himself in the past ten years, so he looked rather childish and naive.

The moment he entered, he called out to Old Master Fu, “Grandpa!”

After taking a few glances at Shi Jin, he ran over and shouted, “Sis!”

Butler Kang hurriedly pulled him over.

“Dont call her that.

Thats Young Madam.”

“But shes my Sis.

She even plucked leaves for me to play with previously,” Kang Fei blinked and said.

Old Master Fu smiled.

“Let the child say what he wants.

Its nothing.

Come, Kang Fei, sit beside me.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.

Grandpa, have some tea and fruits.” Kang Fei was still a child and was currently learning from his tutor.

Although his behavior was childish, his eyes were clear and his actions were appropriate.

If not for the hardships he had gone through over the years, he would have been a mature child who should be studying in university.

Butler Kang looked at the scene in front of him.

He was really grateful for Shi Jin.

If Shi Jin hadnt returned this time, he would never have been so happy and gratified.

“Young Madam.” Butler Kang walked in front of Shi Jin.

“The police have already investigated the matter regarding Kang Fei.

It was indeed done by Butler Meng Guang.

He was jealous that my wife liked me and married me, so he held a grudge against our family of three.

After my wife passed away after giving birth, he helped me take care of Kang Fei while tampering with Kang Fei, causing Kang Fei to live so many years without any intelligence.

I want to thank


Butler Kang knew that no matter how much he thanked her, it would be meaningless, but no matter what, he would always be grateful to Shi Jin.

“Since its been investigated, thats great.

Now that Kang Fei is better, Butler Kang, dont take it to heart.”

Butler Kang wiped away his tears and nodded.

He remembered this gratitude in his heart.

“By the way, Young Madam, Miss Jiang sent a document over.” Butler Kang regained his working attitude and handed a document to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took over the document and opened it.

She took out the document.

It was about Fang Tangs contract with the Fang familys management company.

Although Fang Yunxi was unwilling, she was forced by Jiang Nings people.

She couldnt refuse and took out the document.

Shi Jinxin flipped through it and could tell that other than the two dramas where she was the main lead, the rest of Fang Tangs work was rubbish.

It was time-consuming and her income was low.

The company and manager had a commission of 80%, while Fang Tang was only earning a little money.

When she flipped to the last page, she frowned.

“Butler Kang, help me prepare the car.”

Shi Jin did not want to waste time.

Although Butler Kang had already gone to prepare the car, she still followed him to the underground garage.

Before she could get close, she heard the sound of tools lightly colliding.

It sounded like someone was fixing a car.

“Over there…” Shi Jin felt that the figure on the other side seemed familiar.

“Its Young Master,” Butler Kang said hurriedly.

“He woke up early in the morning and was fiddling with the car that you got someone to send back yesterday.

Young Master used to like to do this, but he hasnt touched it for many years and refused to let anyone help.” Shi Jin walked towards Fu Xiuyuan.

He was handling the car that Jiang Ning had given to Shi Jin yesterday.

The screws and parts were scattered all over the floor.

Fu Xiuyuan was wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up.

He was installing the parts one by one.

“Xiuyuan” Shi Jin walked to his side and bent down.

“Why didnt you sleep a little longer” Fu Xiuyuan looked up at her, but his hands did not stop moving.

His forehead was covered in sweat so Shi Jin took out a tissue to wipe his sweat.

The mans brows relaxed and his hands paused for a moment before he continued working

“Already had enough sleep.

I thought you went to the office.”

Shi Jin could tell that he was handling some unnecessary parts of the car.

Jiang Ning was willing to spend money on the car, but most of the money was not spent properly.

When Shi Jin was driving the car, she felt that it was a pity.

Fu Xiuyuan could also tell that there was something wrong with the car.

Not only did he unload the unnecessary parts, he also reloaded the other parts.

“Safety is the most important thing.

Jiang Nings car… is really not that good.” Fu Xiuyuan was not satisfied with the car, but since it was chosen by Shi Jin, he naturally would not object.

Shi Jin could tell that he was worried.

He was angry yesterday not only because she had used him as a bet, but also because she was racing.

It was indeed dangerous.

At the thought of this, Shi Jin leaned closer to Fu Xiuyuan.

When Fu Xiuyuan turned his head over, the distance between the two of them was close enough for their lips to touch.

The underground garage was a little dark, but there was light in their eyes.

The moment they touched each other, they would shine.



Fang Tang was on set.

Her job had always been arranged by her manager.

She had no say in how her manager arranged it.

Her father did not want to see her at all.

Apart from pitying her and giving her two main roles, he completely ignored her.

She had been on set the entire day yesterday and had no idea about Shi Jins bet.

All she knew was that the sooner she finished her job, the sooner she could get the money.

Even if it was just an extra job, it didnt


“Fang Tang, get ready.

The shoot is about to start,” the director shouted.

“Okay, Im ready.”

This character was still a supporting character, with about five or six lines.

Fang Tang had already memorized them by heart.

“I added a character for you at the last minute.

There arent any lines, but there is some body language.

Go change your clothes.”


As an artist with zero popularity, Fang Tang had no choice.

It was common for one person to play several roles in the production team.

Anyway, each character might not even have one line.

The audience could not even tell if it was her.

After changing, the director started filming.

A male actor walked over and acted with her.

“Here, tear her clothes apart and pounce on her… After tearing her clothes apart, Ill take a close-up shot.

Remember, tear her undergarments as well,” the director instructed

“Wait, Director, why do you want to tear that, and even do a close up” Fang Tang was a little flustered.

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