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Chapter 611 Prove Her Innocence (1)

The person from the bank said, “If you dont accept it, I wont be able to report to my superiors.”

Fu Jiang said to Shi Jin, “Young Madam, theres no problem.

You can accept it.”

Only then did Shi Jin accept the red packet.

Fu Jiang also gave her the money she had won.

Shi Jin took the money back, but did not take the money that was won.

“Take it and treat everyone to some drinks.”

“Young Madam, this is too much…”

“Thats one of the rules I have here.

A gentlemans love for money is justified, and a gentlemans wealth is earned.

Those who see it get a share.”

Fu Jiang could no longer refuse.

He smiled generously and said, “Then Ill thank Young Madam on behalf of all my brothers.”

Jiang Ning smiled and said, “Then the money I win will also be shared to those who witness it.

Lets go and eat!”

“No, Im going home.”

“So soon Its still early,” Jiang Ning pleaded.

“Do you think the bet I just made is worth explaining to the person who was part of the bet” Shi Jin asked with a smile.

Jiang Ning nodded.

She thought of Fu Xiuyuan and couldnt help feeling a chill run down her spine.

“Its worth it, it must be worth it.

Go back first, then.

Ill treat you to a meal next time.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Okay, Ill keep that in mind.”

She got into Fu Jiangs car and Fu Neng walked over.

Fu Neng didnt look very happy.

Today, he was here to support Qin Fanya, so he naturally wouldnt be happy.

He looked at Shi Jin with a complicated expression.

Shi Jin ignored him.

After Fu Jiang opened the car door for her, she got into the car.

However, Fu Neng took a few more glances at her.

There was suspicion in his eyes.

He was probably questioning whether the person driving the car was Shi Jin herself.

Shi Jin ignored him and remained silent.

“Fu Jiang, I asked you to bet on Miss Qin.

Since you lost tonight, I will treat you to a drink.” Fu Neng sat in the front passenger seat and said to Fu Jiang.

Fu Jiang shook his head.

“I didnt bet on Miss Qin.

I bet on Young Madam.”

Fu Neng: “…”

Fu Jiang was suddenly in a good mood.

The corners of Shi Jins lips twitched, revealing a small smile.

As he was thinking, Fu Jiang suddenly said, “I think theres a car following us…”

He immediately turned the steering wheel and drove towards a safe lane.

Fu Neng immediately became alert.

Shi Jin could not help but frown.

Fu Neng suddenly said, “It should be Young Masters car.”

Shi Jins alarm went off.

Fu Xiuyuan had come at this time… Could it be that someone was quick to speak and told him about the bet

She facepalmed.

Initially, she had thought that she would explain this matter to him personally.

Once a third person spoke, there would definitely be an uncontrollable situation.

That was why she was in such a hurry to rush back.

She hadnt even taken off her professional racing uniform.

However, she had never expected him to come personally.

“Fu Jiang, pull over.”

“Okay.” Fu Jiang followed Shi Jins instructions and stopped the car, but just in case, he got out of the car first and observed the situation in the back car carefully.

The car behind also stopped.

Seeing that it was indeed Fu Xiuyuan who came out of the car, Fu Jiang was relieved.

However, Shi Jin felt a cold murderous intent from Fu Xiuyuans eyes.

It had been a long time since she had felt such a murderous aura.

Shi Jin knew that she had really gone too far this time!

She got out of the car immediately and walked towards Fu Xiuyuan.

The malevolent aura around the man did not diminish.

In an instant, Shi Jin felt as though she had seen the past Fu Xiuyuan, who had never changed.

The driver who was driving the car for Fu Xiuyuan was very perceptive.

He came out of the car and ran to Fu Jiangs side, standing with him to avoid being accidentally injured by Fu Xiuyuans murderous aura.

Shi Jin had already rushed in front of Fu Xiuyuan.

She looked into his eyes, which were as dark as a cold lake.

They were trapped in this atmosphere.

“Hubby, I can explain!” Shi Jin raised her hand.

In front of him, her beautiful and cold face suddenly turned soft and adorable.

However, the actions that could normally instantly resolve Fu Xiuyuans anger did not appease Fu Xiuyuan immediately.

Even Fu Jiang and the rest were worried for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Do you want to hear my explanation”

The man pursed his thin lips, his eyes cold.

“If you dont listen, Im leaving.” Shi Jin pretended to let go of him.

She was about to turn around when Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

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