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Chapter 610 Victory (2)

In just a few seconds, almost everyone stood up.

The host screamed at the top of his lungs.

“The problem placed in front of Shi Jin is almost impossible to solve.

She either has to hit it or she has to hit the edge of the road to avoid it.

However, no matter what, her speed will slow down.

On the other hand, the car behind her has already seen the situation clearly and wont have a problem like hers.

The only way for Shi Jin to maintain her advantage now is if she were driving a plane.”

Just when everyone was afraid to look, Shi Jins car suddenly leaped high into the air.

With a beautiful parabola, it leaped over the obstacle and landed steadily on the ground.

It maintained its speed and continued to speed forward.

In just a few seconds, she performed such a difficult and beautiful move.

The audience burst into applause and laughter.

This scene was captured by the camera and played repeatedly on the big screen.

“Shi Jin did it! Its as if she was really flying a plane! Awesome! I have to say, RESPECT!”

The host shouted excitedly.

Because of the problem with the obstacle, Qin Fanya and the other drivers had no choice, but to slow down.

No one did the same thing as Shi Jin.

Therefore, although everyone avoided the obstacles, the speed of the cas slowed down.

When Qin Fanya regained her speed, the difference between her and Shi Jin could be described as a huge chasm.

At that time, Shi Jin sped to the finish line, stopping the car steadily.

It was only then that Qin Fanyas car reached the finish line in second place.

“Shi Jin, Shi Jin, Shi Jin!” Many people shouted Shi Jins name.

Those who didnt place their bets or those who placed small bets werent very concerned about the results of the competition.

They were all true fans of racing.

Compared to winning a small sum of money, watching an exciting competition was their common goal.

Shi Jin waved at the crowd before taking off her helmet.

Under the helmet was a calm, cool, and bright face.

The sound of shutters was heard.

Qin Fanya sat in the car, her hands gripping the steering wheel tightly as she recalled everything she had investigated about Shi Jin.

She had thought that she understood her opponent well enough, but it seemed like it was still a joke.

After a long while, Qin Fanya let go of the steering wheel and took off her helmet before walking towards Shi Jin.

She didnt want to smile, but she maintained her smile.

“Congratulations, Shi Jin.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jins tone remained cold.

Even though she was smiling, it did not reach her eyes.

Fang Yunxi ran over hurriedly.

When she saw Qin Fanya, she wanted to say something, but hesitated.

She had already done what she could, but she still couldnt stop Shi Jin.

She didnt know what Qin Fanya was thinking.

Jiang Ning and the rest rushed to the terminal and hugged Shi Jin.

“Wow, youre really the best girl in the world!”

Fang Yunxis assistant walked over with a pale face.

She had bet a lot of money on impulse just now, but now she had lost so much that she didnt even have the mood to talk.

“Lets go.” Qin Fanya was holding her helmet and her tone was emotionless.

However, Fang Yunxi knew that in this battle tonight, Qin Fanyas divinity would definitely be shattered.

The admiration for her in Hong Kong would diminish.

And the person who encouraged the battle was her.

She didnt know how Qin Fanya would view her after this.

She followed Qin Fanya in trepidation.

“Miss Qin, Miss Fang, please wait.” Shi Jins voice sounded behind them.

The two of them had no choice, but to stop.

“Our bet hasnt been cleared yet,” said Shi Jin.

“Dont be in a hurry to leave.”

Jiang Ning ran over.

“Thats right.

Fang Yunxi, get your assistant to delete the video just now.

Also, bring over Fang Tangs contract.”

Fang Yunxi bit her lips and gave her assistant a look.

The assistant had no choice, but to say, “Fang Tangs contract will definitely be sent over.

I wont keep the video either.

Ill delete it now.”

To think that she had spent so much time editing the video and added a lot of special effects.

She even went to add clips of Shi Jin crying from other films to make it more entertaining.

Now, it was all for naught.

Jiang Ning refused to let it go.

She called her own bodyguard and watched as Fang Yunxis assistant deleted the video before following Fang Yunxi to get Fang Tangs contract.

Qin Fanya and Fang Yunxi then left.

“Sis, youre amazing! I didnt know you could race! Its a waste to keep my car here.

Ill give it to you!” Jiang Ning said with jealousy and admiration.

Shi Jin did not reject it.

“Alright, this car is quite good.

Ill accept it.”

“I like people like you.” Jiang Ning was generous.

She hated it when the other party stood on ceremony.

Shi Jin accepted it immediately, which was to her liking

“By the way, I really made a killing tonight!” She recalled that she had placed a heavy bet on Shi Jin and could not help feeling happy.

This time, it would at least increase by several times.

Fu Jiang was also very happy.

“Ive also benefited from Young Madam.”

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Thats good.”

Just as they were talking, the banker came over and handed Shi Jin a red packet with a smile.

“Miss Shi, this is a red packet from our boss.”

It was obvious that since Shi Jin had sniped Qin Ya tonight, it caused the banker to profit greatly.

“I cant accept this.” Shi Jin didnt want to have anything to do with the people in this industry.

“This is nothing.

Its just a prize.

In our industry, we all have to give big red packets to the dark horses.”

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