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Chapter 61: We Have Every Right to Decide On Our Destiny

Everyone was trying to figure out Shi Jins strategy.

“I think she will pick Little Lion who came in 22nd.”

“Maybe not.

The guy who came in 21st isnt a great performer either.”

“Its really up to Little Stone now! I am so curious about who she will challenge!”

Fu Heyan glanced at the screen casually.

Shi Jin had already gone on stage.

Deng Yufei took the microphone and apologized to Shi Jin solemnly, “I am so sorry, Little Stone.

I didnt mean to stumble onto you earlier.

It was a complete accident.

I hope you didnt get hurt and it wont affect your performance.”

No one was able to see Shi Jins eyes and expression behind the mask as she held the microphone.

Her voice sounded clear and magnetic as she said, “I dont mind people seeing my face.

Fortunately, I did not end up breaking the rules of the program by showing my face.”

She genuinely did not show her true face since it was covered by her scar.

Everyone smiled knowingly and could not help feeling sad.

She continued, “I want to tell everyone, especially the girls watching me perform.

Regardless of our appearance, we deserve to be chosen and loved.

We should have self-love and self-respect.

We deserve to lead brilliant lives and have a right to choose our paths.

We have every right to decide on our destiny!”

The moment she said this, a lot of anti-fans scolded her for talking big and making a desperate move to save her dignity.

However, a lot of other girls genuinely felt encouraged from hearing this.

Plenty of people had looked down on them for being fat, ugly, or short.

People kept holding them hostage using modern standards of beauty and demanding they eat moderately and lose weight.

The moment they did not succeed, they would get accused of being lazy and undisciplined.

It felt as though only girls taller than 165 centimeters who weighed less than 50 kilograms were worthy of having a good life.

A lot of girls felt sad living in this world and even ended up feeling depressed.

To begin with, everyone was built with different DNA, so it was sometimes hard to change their bodies.

In an instant, many people started thinking about this and felt inspired by what Shi Jin said.

The host asked, “Then who do you want to challenge”

The contestants at the bottom of the ranking trembled as they awaited her response.

A lot of the audience also made suggestions for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took the microphone and said calmly, “I want to overcome my failures.

Since I was pushed into the elimination zone by Little Raindrop, it would be unfair for me to choose another contestant.

Also, it would be a sign of disrespect against Little Raindrop.

Even if she is my friend, I should pick Little Raindrop.”

Yu Guannan instantly frowned.

Shi Jin had made the wrong pick.

It was too risky for her!

Although Little Raindrop did not perform well twice, it did not mean the same thing would happen every time.

The audience was waiting for a good show.

“What friends They cant be real friends.

How could they”

“Before you start bitching about Little Stone, let me remind you Little Raindrop was the one who wanted to challenge Little Stone first in the previous round.”


Even if things sound pretentious, Little Raindrop was the one who started it.”

“Uh huh.

Little Raindrop wanted to challenge Little Stone even after she was challenged five times in a row.”

Fu Heyan looked at the screen as she said, “That is a great choice!”

She would have done the same and challenged the person who attempted to kick her out of the show!

If not for her long-time feud with Shi Jin, she even wanted to be friends with Shi Jin.

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