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Chapter 609 Victory (1)

Basically, other than Jiang Ning and Fu Jiang, as well as Shi Jins fans who appeared randomly in the crowd, no one else placed their bets on Shi Jin.

Seeing that the competition was almost halfway through, Jiang Ning could not help standing up.

She held onto the railing and shouted, “Come on, Shi Jin, come on!”

Fu Jiang also looked anxious.

It was not because they had invested a lot of money, but because Shi Jins bet was too big.

If this continued, would she really have to give Fu Xiuyuan up The other partys bet was just Fang Tangs contract.

If Shi Jin really lost, she would lose more.

Fang Yunxis assistant sat at the side and began touching up the video that they recorded of Shi Jin just now.

When the competition was over, it would be posted and the entire internet would know what Shi Jin had bet on.

Currently, she didnt dare to offend Master Fu, nor did she dare to offend Shi Jins fans.

Indeed, she couldnt publish it yet.

However, once Shi Jin lost, it wouldnt matter even if she sent it out.

She would be the reasonable one.

Shi Jin sat in the car and was now completely familiar with Jiang Nings car.

She sped up steadily and controlled the speed to a comfortable range.

In everyones eyes, she steadily overtook the cars in front of her.

One, two, three… Even when she encountered bends and obstacles, she controlled her speed very well.

She skillfully avoided, turned, and overtook them again.

Soon, she surpassed Fang Yunxi who was in second place.

Fang Yunxi was shocked and looked at Shi Jins car in disbelief.

It was already shocking enough that Shi Jin knew how to race.

Now that she surpassed her, she was so shocked that she couldnt speak.

However, Shi Jin did not care about this and continued to accelerate steadily.

In front of her was Qin Fanyas car.

A second later, she sped up and overtook Qin Fanya.

“Oh my god! Shi Jin has surpassed her!”

“Shi Jin is temporarily in first place!”

“Shi Jin has surpassed Qin Fanya!”

The host shouted so loudly that his voice cracked.

The fans and onlookers were also shocked, especially those who bet on Qin Fanya.

Was everyone going to lose here today

Immediately, some people complained while others placed their bets on Shi Jin in an attempt to redeem themselves.

Some people were optimistic.

“Shi Jin was just momentarily impressive.

Its impossible for her to maintain this speed.

The racing competition is very unpredictable.”

The scene turned chaotic.

Jiang Nings throat was hoarse from shouting.

“Shi Jin can do it! Go!”

Fu Jiang was a little afraid to watch the competition.

If Master Fu found out that he didnt report what he knew and just watched as Young Madam sold Young Master away, he didnt know what the others would do.

However, he knew that he would definitely die a horrible death.

Qin Fanya sat in the car and did not expect Shi Jin to surpass her.

Moreover, she knew that she was already at the maximum acceleration speed.

If she continued to accelerate, she would definitely not be able to successfully brake when she reached the terminal.

The consequences would be dire.

Qin Fanya had already forgotten how long it had been since she was in such a sorry state.

Ever since she had learned how to race, she had always been the best in this field.

Other than Fu Xiuyuan, she had rarely lost so badly.

All these years, Fu Xiuyuan had never been involved in racing again.

In this competition, Qin Ya had always been an invincible existence.

It was hard to imagine that someone would be able to suppress her.

Seeing that Shi Jin had already left her far behind, Qin Fanya continued to speed up.

She was starting to lose control of the car.

Fang Yunxi also felt Qin Fanya losing control.

At this speed, it was easy for something to happen to Qin Fanya.

However, Shi Jins car was still stable.

It was time for Fang Yunxi to do something.

After confirming that all the safety measures were in place, she turned the car around and crashed into an obstacle.

The obstacles were scattered all over the track.

It blocked the bend closest to Shi Jin.

Such a bend was already very dangerous, and when the car was charging, it was almost impossible to avoid this obstacle.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched this scene.

Jiang Ning was furious.

“Whats wrong with Fang Yunxi Did she do it on purpose”

Fu Jiang was also sweating.

“Her car was indeed out of control just now.

In order to control herself, she had no choice, but to crash into an obstacle.

Its hard to say that she did it on purpose.

But… Young Madams side is really in trouble.”

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