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Chapter 608 I Volunteered to compete (2)

Shi Jin said, “Alright, Ill say it again.”

Fang Yunxi immediately recorded this.

The outfit that Jiang Ning had found for Shi Jin was sent over as well.

While Shi Jin was changing, Qin Fanya appeared on the track.

Her neatness was pleasing to the eye, and the crowd was shouting her name.

The host also received the news and informed, “The A-rank competition is about to begin.

We have a new member, Shi Jin.

Hence, we shall anticipate the competition between Shi Jin and Qin Fanya.” “Shi Jin Which Shi Jin” Many people in the audience asked.

“I just went backstage.

I heard its that Shi Jin from the entertainment industry.”

“How is that possible Does Shi Jin know how to race She must be crazy.

Although this competition is called an amateur competition, the racers are all pretty professional.

Why would she interfere”

“Could it be something related to publicity” “Im very fond of Shi Jins looks and songs, but its best if you dont get involved in something you cant handle.

If you get injured, everyone will be embarrassed.”

“Yes, yes.

Lets go back and record music.

Our daughter is not suitable for such activities.”

As everyone was talking, Shi Jin appeared at the entrance.

She was wearing a professional racing uniform with a belt that outlined her waistline.

Although it was a sports attire, it made her look even more slender and graceful.

Her valiant and charming figure was especially charming.

When everyone saw Qin Fanya, they already felt that she had an impressive temperament and figure, but when they saw Shi Jin, they realized that the beautiful words should be used to describe Shi Jin.

“Its really Shi Jin!”

“Am I crazy or is she crazy!”

“Why am I looking forward to it”

The host continued, “Alright, now Shi Jin is already standing beside her car.

Eh, the car shes using is actually the car that Jiang Ning just used.

Everyone knows that Jiang Nings car is pretty great, but it is not as good as Qin Fanyas.

After all, Jiang Ning likes to pile money on equipment, but her professionalism is slightly inferior.

So, who do you think will win todays competition”

Fu Jiang and Jiang Ning sat on the stage, looking helpless.

Some people were betting on the result.

Such competitions were often followed by a lot of people who made bets on the winner.

In Hong Kong, where the gambling industry was legalized, it was considered a good bet.

“Alright, place your bets.

Shi Jins odds of losing are very high today.” The higher the odds of losing, the more it showed that this person was not favored by everyone, but if she won, the person who bet on her would win a higher bonus.

Fang Yunxis assistant and the others all placed their bets on Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanyas odds of losing were very low.

After all, she always won.

Everyone knew she would win, so there were many people betting on her.

It didnt matter if the person who bet on her earned a little less.

After all, this was a deal that was guaranteed to be profitable.

Jiang Ning reached out and pressed the betting button.

“Im betting on Shi Jin!”

“Alright, Miss Jiang.

How much will you bet”

“Five million.” Jiang Ning reached out and slapped the cheque on the persons hand.

Her generosity was breathtaking.

However, her heroic spirit made many people feel that she was really too stupid.

If you bet five million on Shi Jin, wouldnt you lose so badly that even your pants will be lost

Fang Yunxis assistant sat at the side and found it funny.

“Miss Jiang, are you really planning to make a loss today” “The money is mine.

You can be envious or jealous, but theres no need to pity me.

I have plenty of money!” Jiang Ning retorted.

Fang Yunxis assistants shut up.

You think youre amazing because youre rich

…Yes, being rich is amazing.

Hence, Jiang Ning added, “Add another five million yuan.

If I lose, Ill just buy two less purses this month.”

The banker was naturally happy that someone had offered such a price.

He immediately accepted the money and gave her the receipt.

Fang Yunxis assistant also handed over a small check.

“Ill add a little more for Qin Fanya.”

It was a business that was sure to earn and not lose.

Any more would be a win.

The assistant was not worried that the money would go to waste.

At the side, Fu Jiang silently handed over a check.

“This is for Miss Shi too.”

“Fu Jiang, are you sure” Jiang Ning asked.

She didnt care about it herself, she just wanted to be happy.

However, Fu Jiangs money might really go down the drain.

“Im sure.

This is the money that Miss Shi gave me to place bets,” Fu Jiang said.

“By the way, Ill add some of my own money.

Treat it as me losing money to cheer her up.”.

“Alright, youre a sentimental person.

I like it.” Jiang Ning patted his shoulder.

Fang Yunxis assistant sighed.

The other young masters and daughters of the other families also found this farce funny.

The competition officially began.

Shi Jin got into Jiang Nings car.

Just as everyone had said, Jiang Nings car was well-equipped.

She gave it a try.

All the functions and configurations could be said to be top-notch.

It was just that some configurations were really not necessary and did not have much practical value.

However, it felt pretty good to drive it.

Following the referees command, ten cars flew out.

Qin Fanya was the first to make the first move.

The moment she stepped on the gas, she was firmly in the first place position.

Fang Yunxi followed closely behind.

Shi Jin landed at number 6 or 7.

“Right now, Qin Fanya is number one for sure.

She has always been number one for many years.

Its so reassuring.

It seems like if she continues, she will definitely be the champion today.

How exciting!”

As the host introduced and the situation stabilized, more and more people placed their bets on Qin Fanya.

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