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Chapter 607 I Volunteered to compete (1)

“Fu Jiang, you can be my witness.

I went up voluntarily.

I will bear the risk myself.” Shi Jin called Fu Jiang over.

Everyone knew that Fu Jiang was Fu Xiuyuans trusted aide and was highly regarded by Fu Xiuyuan.

He also had a lot of authority and wouldnt lie.

“But Young Madam…” Seeing that she was about to attend this dangerous event, Fu Jiang was worried and tried to stop her.

He was really worried that he would not be able to survive if Young Madam were to get hurt.

“No buts.

I know what Im doing.” Shi Jin interrupted him.

Her tone was not harsh, but it was firm.

“Alright then.

Ill be your witness.” Fu Jiang had no choice but to agree.

Shi Jin comforted him.

“Dont worry, I promise not to lose a single hair.”

When Qin Fanya saw how shameless Shi Jin was, she couldnt help laughing in her heart.

However, since she took the initiative to send herself to her, it couldnt be considered as her bullying her.

Fang Yunxi also secretly shook her head.

Were the people in the entertainment industry really all naive and innocent Other than beauty, what else could they have

Jiang Ning could only say, “Then Ill get someone to prepare a fitting outfit for you.”

Shi Jin nodded with a smile and said, “Then lets add a bet.

Miss Qin, are you willing to increase the stakes with me”

“Do as you please.” There was nothing Qin Fanya could not afford to lose.

“How about this If I win against Miss Qin, I want something from Miss Fang.”

Fang Yunxi was puzzled.

“Something from me”

“If I win, Miss Fang will transfer Fang Tangs contract to me for free.

How about that”

This request sounded a little strange, but Fang Yunxi knew that Shi Jin and Fang Tang had a good relationship.

She had long known that Shi Jin had such intentions, so she was not surprised.

She was just surprised that Shi Jin had made such a request during the competition.

She made it seem like she could win.

Fang Yunxi replied nonchalantly, “Sure, as long as you win against Fanya, how can I not agree However, since Ive already given you such a big bet, what are you going to give me Fanya is the little princess of Hong Kong.

What she has, you may not have.

What she doesnt have, you dont have either.

Can you come up with anything satisfactory If you cant, Shi Jin, dont blame me for being impolite.

If you cant come up with the appropriate bet, I advise you not to participate in the competition.”

Fang Yunxi still did not want to give Fang Tang her full contract, so she used this to shut Shi Jin up.

She wanted to see what Shi Jin could come up with.

Unless what Shi Jin took out was really valuable, she would reject it at any time.

“How about this, if I lose, Ill give Fu Xiuyuan to Miss Qin” Shi Jin said calmly.

Her words were earth-shattering.

Fu Jiang was so scared that his ears turned white.

How could she say that He already had a premonition about Master Fus expression when he heard this.

Qin Fanya was also slightly stunned.

What trick was Shi Jin playing She was even willing to give up Fu Xiuyuan.

Was this confidence or arrogance Or was she up to something

Qin Fanya thought about it for a moment and knew that this was a deal that was sure to be profitable.

She nodded and said, “Since Shi Jin really wants to participate in the competition, Im definitely willing to give her this chance.

Go on.”

When she heard that Shi Jin actually made such a bet, Fang Yunxis attitude changed from hesitation to determination.

Fang Yunxi immediately said, “How about this, lets record the bet.

After all, this is a big matter.

What if someone goes back on their word”

She knew that Qin Fanya wouldnt lose, but the probability of Shi Jin losing was close to 100%.

Hence, Qin Fanya was the one who had the upper hand.

She was afraid that Shi Jin would deny it so she had to be sure.

This bet made Fang Yunxis heart tremble over and over again.

She followed Qin Fanya because she was not only a famous genius in Hong Kong, but also because she had a bright future.

Qin Fanya was the best marriage partner in everyones eyes.

When she got married in the future, she would be the most respected young madam in Hong Kong.

Now that Shi Jin was willing to let Fu Xiuyuan go, Fang Yunxi could almost see Qin Fanyas bright future shining on her.

Qin Fanya glanced at Shi Jin.

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