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Chapter 606 My Luck! (2)

Fang Yunxis face turned pale.

Those two cars belonged to her people.

They were there to help her get a good ranking.

Of course, their main goal was to make Jiang Ning suffer a crushing defeat.

To outsiders, it was a meaningless struggle, but to Fang Yunxi, it was especially important.

The Fang family was not well-to-do, and Father Fangs actions of abandoning his wife were often despised by the wealthy families.

Fang Yunxis status in the circle was not high, so she valued the reputation she could gain from social events more than others.

She had relied on these methods to become one of Qin Fanyas most trusted best friends.

Those two cars deliberately slid out of the race track to stop Jiang Nings car.

They couldnt afford to be investigated at all.

The tire tracks, car marks, and even the steering wheel records could all be completely uncovered by the professional team.

Jiang Ning only reacted after hearing Shi Jins words.

“Fang Yunxi, you tricked me Did you arrange those two cars”

“No, thats impossible!” Fang Yunxi denied immediately.

She was shocked.

How could Shi Jin tell

Those two cars were driven by retired professional drivers.

Whether it was their actions or the fact that they drove out of the track to intercept Jiang Ning, they were all very professional.

Ordinary people would not be able to tell.

“Jiang Ning, dont listen to Shi Jins nonsense.

How could I have made such an arrangement Dont you know that if a car leaves the runway, the car will be destroyed and people might die! How could anyone listen to me and not even want their lives” Fang Yunxi held back her guilt and explained.

She thought to herself that the two racers would probably handle the rest of the matters well.

She didnt have to worry too much and felt more relaxed.

However, at this stage, Fang Yunxi did not have much confidence to waste time with Shi Jin and Jiang Ning.

“Forget it, Ill delete this video.” Fang Yunxi did not dare to continue fighting.

She took out her phone and deleted the video.

“Ill return the car to you.

I wont hold it against you anymore.

I was just joking with you just now.”

“Fang Yunxi, I dont want the car.

I have to investigate this matter thoroughly! Otherwise, Im not going to play with you!” Although Jiang Ning was frank and did not like to guess other peoples intentions, Shi Jins words were already said.

If she still allowed Fang Yunxi to trick her, she would really be a fool!

As the little princess of the Jiang family, she was a little innocent, but not a real fool.

“Jiang Ning, Ive already let it go, why are you still so pushing” Fang Yunxi compromised step by step.

“Fang Yunxi, I definitely wont let this go!” “Fine, then go investigate,” Fang Yunxi said and left with her assistant.

“Wait.” Shi Jin stopped her.

Shi Jins voice had always had an irresistible charm.

Fang Yunxi did not want to say more, but she had no choice but to turn around.

“Shi Jin, what do you want now”

“I want to participate in your next competition.”

“The next round is an A-rank competition.

Those who are not qualified cannot enter the competition!” Fang Yunxi said as she sized up Shi Jin.

“You Forget it!”

“Does Qin Fanya not dare to compete with


“Whats there to be afraid of” Seeing that Shi Jin wanted to embarrass herself in public, Fang Yunxi immediately asked her assistant to ask Qin Fanya for her opinion.

Qin Fanya was puzzled when she heard Shi Jins request.

“Why would she suddenly think of competing” Fang Yunxis assistant said, “Perhaps Miss Fang angered Jiang Ning and made her unhappy.

Shi Jin seems to be quite close to Jiang Ning recently.

She probably wants to please Jiang Ning.”

Qin Fanya thought for a moment.

“Its not like we cant let her participate in the competition.

Its an A-rank competition.

As long as I say the word, I can naturally add someone in.

However, Shi Jin has an important status.

If shes injured, I wont be able to explain myself to the Fu family…”

“I will pass these words to Shi Jin and get her to promise me personally.

Whether she gets injured or not is her own business, it has nothing to do with anyone else.” Fang Yunxis assistant was also a smart person who knew what Qin Fanya meant.

Qin Fanya nodded.

“Thats good.

But… can Shi Jin really drive a racecar”

Fang Yunxis assistant also expressed doubt.

Recently, Qin Fanya had gone through Shi Jins entire life and analyzed all the things that she had been criticized and praised for.

She had viewed every single one of her works, interviews, and videos.

None of these could prove that Shi Jin could drive or race.

She wouldnt have the time to learn.

“Since Shi Jin wants to humiliate herself, Ill give her a chance.” Qin Fanya picked up her helmet and walked out.

Shi Jin and Jiang Ning were still standing together with Fang Yunxi.

The atmosphere was a little tense.

Jiang Ning lowered her voice and said, “Sis, are you really going to compete But… are you sure you can do it”

“Ill try.” It was true she hadnt driven in a long time.

It might be unfamiliar at first, but driving was a muscle memory.

Once she was in the car, a lot of things came together.

“Try” Jiang Ning felt a headache when she heard that word.

This wasnt some kind of small exercise that she could just try out.

“Sis, do you want to reconsider” “Ive already thought about it.” Shi Jin gave her a look that told her not to worry.

Her gaze was too confident.

Jiang Ning really didnt know what else to say.

Qin Fanya strode over.

Fang Yunxis assistant hurriedly said, “Miss Qin said that Shi Jin is very welcome to participate in everyones activities.

Its just that racing is actually quite dangerous.

No one can guarantee each others safety on the competition grounds.

The risk is still a little high.

If something really happens, no one can say for sure.”

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