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Chapter 605 My Luck! (1)

Shi Jin asked calmly, “Do you really think shes just unlucky” Fu Jiang: “…”

He could tell, but he did not dare to say it.

“Were the previous competitions like this” Shi Jin asked.

“Miss Jiangs luck is always slightly worse in every competition.”

Shi Jin understood why Jiang Ning kept losing.

She was a frank, sincere, and unguarded person, and she was generally unwilling to use malice to judge others.

Fang Yunxi had used these methods to rope in cannon fodder to resist Jiang Ning, so Jiang Ning really didnt think too much about these things.

Shi Jin shook her head.

This child was too well protected by her family.

Very quickly, the competition ended.

Jiang Ning did not enter the top five, and Fang Yunxi happened to be in fifth place.

When Jiang Ning returned, Shi Jin was already waiting for her.

She was a little crestfallen.

“My luck is terrible!”

“Maybe its not bad luck…” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“That means my skills arent good enough!” Jiang Ning was even more dejected.

“Youre driving well enough.

You dont have to blame yourself.”

“Sigh, Ill accept your consolation.” Jiang Ning revealed two rows of white teeth.

“Alright, I feel much better now.”

However, obviously, she still felt that Shi Jin was only saying this to console her.

Shi Jin said softly, “When you made the first turn, you controlled your speed very well.

Not only did you maintain your original speed, but you also ensured the safety of yourself and the car.

At the fifth turn, in order not to affect the safety of the car behind you, you even increased your speed.

This point is also reasonable enough.

To be able to do this, not only does it require great driving skills and temperament, it also requires great ability.

Jiang Ning, no one can do it better than you.

If not for those two accidents, you would have at least entered the top three.”

As for Fang Yunxi, it was impossible for her to be in the top five.

Jiang Nings eyes widened.

So Shi Jin had been watching the match attentively, and she could really see through her intentions and abilities!

She was instantly comforted and reconciled with her earlier unhappiness.

“Sis, yes, thats what I thought at that time.

I also controlled the car that way! You know me too well! Im fine.

Although I lost the competition, Im fine now.”

“Jiang Ning…” Fang Yunxi walked over.

“Why are you so happy after losing”

“Yeah, Im happy.” Jiang Ning smiled and said, “Isnt it just a competition Am I supposed to stop living my life after losing” “Alright, what about the bet earlier”

Jiang Ning threw the car keys to Fang Yunxi.

“The car is yours.

I dont care about this.”

“And shouting three times that Im better than you” Fang Yunxi took the key and refused to give up.

Jiang Nings expression changed slightly.

She could ignore money and other things.

However, she was still unhappy that she had to embarrass herself in public.

However, Jiang Ning wasnt a sore loser.

She clapped her hands and said, “Okay, okay, okay.

Whats the big deal Where do you want me to go to shout”

“Go ahead and shout.

Just shout from here.”

“Fang Yunxi is better than Jiang Ning.

Fang Yunxi is better than Jiang Ning.

Fang Yunxi is better than Jiang Ning.

Jiang Ning is willing to admit defeat.” Jiang Ning finished reciting in one breath.

Fang Yunxi said to her assistant, “Put it on the big screen and play it on loop.” “Fang Yunxi, what are you doing” Jiang Ning was angry now.

“Didnt we agree to shout three times”

“Yeah, its only three times.

I didnt ask you to shout more.”

“But if you put it on the big screen, I will shout


“This is my business.

It has nothing to do with you anymore.”

“Fang Yunxi! Youre too much!” Jiang Ning was furious.

However, Fang Yunxi did not give up.

“This is the bet you lost to me.

I will let it go.

What are you going to do with me”


“Miss Fang,” Shi Jin said from the side.

“I heard your bet clearly just now.

It was indeed Jiang Ning who shouted three times.

What you did was too much.”

“This doesnt seem to have anything to do with you, does it Shes shouting these words for me to hear.

I can put them where I want, wherever I want.”

“Then do you think its honorable that you got someone to destroy the car and drive it out of the track to stop Jiang Ning”

Fang Yunxi subconsciously retorted, “I didnt! Why would I do that!”

“Do you dare to let a professional team check” Shi Jin asked.

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