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Chapter 604 Cant Even Beat Me (2)

“If you lose, shout three times in front of everyone that Jiang Ning is better than Fang Yunxi! If I lose, I will shout your name!” Jiang Ning said.

The daughters of rich families loved their pride the most.

This bet was considered big.

“Alright, Ill add to the bet.

If you win, Ill give you my car as well.” Fang Yunxi clearly didnt think much of Jiang Ning.

“Okay, you said it.” “Of course.

Otherwise, Im afraid that if you win, youll be offending Fanya with your childish car.”

In other words, she would definitely win.

Jiang Ning was furious, but when she thought about how she would lose to Fang Yunxi every time, she felt helpless.

“Oh right, did Shi Jin come today to watch the competition” Fang Yunxi turned to Shi Jin and asked.

“What else” Jiang Ning answered on Shi Jins behalf.

“Oh, Shi Jin shouldnt be familiar with racing, right Do you know the rules of racing How about this Ill get my assistant to find someone to explain it to you.

Otherwise, youll be bored if you stay here alone, unable to understand anything.”

Jiang Ning said angrily, “Its none of your business! I will take care of Shi Jin.

You should go and prepare your things!” “Have fun then!” Fang Yunxi left.

Jiang Ning was still angry.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Youve used all your strength on anger.

How are you going to compete later”

“Fang Yunxi is just too arrogant.

Shes using her superior skills to trample on me every time.

Whats so great about her!”

“Since you know that she wants to step on you, you cant be angry anymore.

Save some energy for a showdown with her.”

Jiang Ning nodded.

“Then Ill go check the


“Be careful.”

“Its fine.

All of our cars are ery safe.

Safety first.”

After Jiang Ning left, Shi Jin asked Fu Jiang, “Is Jiang Nings driving skills much worse than Fang Yunxis”

“Thats not the case.

Miss Jiang is a straightforward person and doesnt have any ulterior motives.

As for Miss Fang, she likes to play around, so its natural that Miss Jiang cant compare to Miss Fang.” Fu Jiang said it very tactfully, but Shi Jin understood.

“How will they compete”

“Generally speaking, the competition is divided into two rounds.

One round is B-rank, which is Miss Jiang, Miss Fang and the others.

The other round is A-rank.

The top five in B-rank can participate in A-rank competitions.

The participants in A-rank are the top three in the previous competitions.

They are qualified to participate in each A-rank competition.”

Shi Jin roughly understood, so Fang Yunxi and Jiang Ning could not be said to be very powerful.

They were just little chicks pecking at each other.

“Among all these people, the most powerful one is Miss Qin.

Shes basically unrivaled all these years.

Even those young masters who love to race cars cant beat her.

However, she hasnt participated in competitions for a long time.”

As for why she participated this time, anyone with discerning eyes would know that it was because Fu Xiuyuan had returned.

However, Fu Xiuyuan had long stopped playing these games.

Fu Jiang didnt bring this up, but said, “Just because Miss Qin is participating in this competition, almost everyone came.

Many young masters and young misses are trying their best to defeat her and gain her favor.”

Shi Jin looked at the racing cars.

There were lights and posters of Qin Fanya everywhere.

Other than her true fans, there were also people in neat formations cheering for her.

It should be the work of some rich young masters who wanted to get Qin Fanyas attention.

Thinking about Qin Fanyas capabilities and talent, this was not surprising.

She was indeed the ideal partner for a marriage between wealthy families and was also the dream of countless men.

“It looks like Qin Fanya is really impressive.”

“Thats a far cry from our Young Master,” Fu Jiang said.

“I have sufficient reason to suspect that Young Master is tired of these competitions because he feels that this competition is too boring, that being invincible is too lonely.” Shi Jin smiled and said, “You are right.

He is a person who is born with a strong desire to conquer.

He would never do anything meaningless.”

“I knew it.” Fu Jiang looked outside the stage.

“The competition has started.

Young Madam, let me accompany you to the VIP area.”

She followed Fu Jiang to the VIP section and sat down.

The competition officially began.

In the B-rank competition, other than Fang Yunxi and Jiang Ning, there were other competitors of this level.

There were dozens of people.

They had to be divided into several groups to accommodate so many people.

Following the start of the competition, the excitement climaxed.

There were enthusiastic cheers everywhere.

Fu Jiang explained to Shi Jin, “The car that Miss Fang is driving is one that Qin Fanya didnt want anymore and gave to her, so the performance is very good.

In this aspect, she already had the upper hand.

However, Miss Jiangs car is also not bad.

It was modified by a professional team, so the two of them are actually on par in terms of equipment.

As for the others, they also have their own strengths.”

Shi Jin was focused on the match and did not pay much attention to Fu Jiangs commentary.

She could tell that Jiang Nings skills were not bad.

The few turns and speed control she made were all outstanding.

She quickly took the lead.

Fang Yunxi followed closely behind.

From the looks of it, their skills were about the same.

In fact, Jiang Ning was even more stable.

However, very quickly, when Jiang Ning was in the lead, other cars lost control and flew out of their own racetracks to crash into Jiang Ning, forcing Jiang Ning to slow down.

Once she slowed down, Fang Yunxi was in the lead.

Soon, Jiang Ning took the lead again.

Another car had an accident.

Coincidentally, the safety seat that was thrown out blocked Jiang Ning, forcing her to change her direction again.

“Miss Jiangs luck is indeed terrible…” Fu Jiang could not help sweating for her.

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