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Chapter 603 Cant Even Beat Me (1)

She came every time and waited every time, but she never saw the person she was waiting for.

“Ill go prepare.” Qin Fanya didnt say anything else and went into the room.

Fang Yunxi could not help sighing.




Shi Jin came in Fu Jiangs car and Fu Neng accompanied them.

When he heard that Qin Fanya was going to compete today, Fu Neng revealed a trace of obvious joy.

“Fu Jiang, you can accompany Miss Shi when we arrive later,” Fu Neng said.

“Sure, I didnt have any expectations of you anyway.” Fu Jiang drove steadily.

“If you want to watch Miss Qin race, you can go over.” “Its been a long time since Miss Qin appeared on the track.

Being able to see her this time is indeed a feast for the eyes.”

Fu Jiang nodded.

“Indeed, its been a long time since Ive seen Miss Qin race.

Previously, I thought that she wouldnt be participating.

I didnt expect her to attend this time.”

Seeing that Shi Jin had not said anything, he took the initiative to introduce her.

“Young Madam, these are all dangerous activities.

If you dont like them, you can just watch them in the VIP area.”

“Yes.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Grandfather asked you to send me the car.

Did you send it”

“Its already on the way, Young Madam.” Fu Jiang smiled and said, “If you want to play later, Ill get someone to clear a racetrack for


Even though the racing track was full of twists and turns, as long as it was not a competition, there was no danger if Shi Jin only drove around for fun.

The real danger was when the racing started.

Fu Neng took a glance at Shi Jin through the rearview mirror.

She was pretty, but she looked too delicate, like a rose that was born in a greenhouse.

She was bright and moving, but her soul was lacking.

Only a cool girl like Miss Qin would be able to enjoy such an event.

“Theres no need to specially clear a track for me.

I might not even compete.” Shi Jin didnt have much interest in these things.

Initially, she was only there to take a look.

Fu Jiang smiled and nodded.


As long as youre happy.”

Fu Neng said, “Its good that Miss Shi wont compete.

Otherwise, we wont be able to answer to Old Master and Young Master.”

“Young Madam, were here.” Fu Jiang parked the car and came to open the door.

After Fu Neng bade goodbye, he went straight to the place where the Qin family was to support Qin Fanya.

“Sis! Sis!”

The moment Shi Jin got out of the car, she saw Jiang Ning waving at her.

Fu Jiang was a little surprised.

He had been driving to pick up Shi Jin every day.

How did he not know that Shi Jin was on such good terms with the Jiang familys daughter

Shi Jin walked towards Jiang Ning.

Jiang Ning had already changed into her racing uniform.

Her little face was flushed with excitement as she said to her, “Im about to go compete! You have to cheer for me later!”

“Okay, you can do it! Ill watch you from the VIP area!”

Jiang Ning nodded.

“Alright, alright! Ive prepared for a long time this time.

Im about to compete, and Im a little excited.”

“Who are you competing with” Shi Jin asked casually.

“Of course its with me.” Fang Yunxi walked over.

“Jiang Ning, are you ready” Seeing Fang Yunxi, Jiang Ning couldnt help but shrug.

“Of course Im ready!”

“Thats great.

I dont want to win against you anymore.

Its meaningless to win constantly.”

Jiang Ning frowned.

“How do you know that you will still win today Ive already practiced during this period!”

“Oh, you make it sound like I didnt practice.” Fang Yunxi rebutted Jiang Ning ruthlessly.

“But theres still a difference between your idea of practicing and mine.”

Although the Fang family was not as powerful as the Jiang family, Fang Yunxi had Qin Fanya backing her, so she naturally had something to rely on.

Besides, Jiang Ning had never cared about her family matters.

She was just a spoiled princess.

Fang Yunxi, on the other hand, had actual control of the company at home.

When the two of them interacted privately, Fang Yunxi would inevitably be a little arrogant in front of Jiang Ning.

“You!” Jiang Ning shouted angrily, but she couldnt refute her.

“You said you wanted to challenge Fanya, but speaking of which, if you cant even defeat me, whats the use of challenging Fanya”

Jiang Ning indeed wanted to challenge Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanya suppressed her in every aspect and had always beaten her, but it was just as Fang Yunxi had said.

Be it in terms of medical skills or racing, she couldnt compare at all.

Fang Yunxi tapped her helmet and said, “Win against me first.

Jiang Ning, what do you want to bet on today”

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