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Chapter 602 I Admire You (2)


After Shi Jin and Fang Tang had their meal, they still had time.

Hence, they made an appointment with the photographer for Fang Tangs photoshoot.

During the shoot, Shi Jin realized that although she looked timid usually, her performance was actually quite good.

The European-style simple clothes suited her very well.

After two hours of filming, the quality of the photos was very good.

This was the first time Fang Tang saw herself looking so confident and energetic in pictures.

In the past, her manager had also scheduled photoshoots for her, but every photo could be considered a dark history.

“Shi Jin, youre helping me now, but these photos are useless even if they are posted on social media.

I still have a few years left in the contract with Fang Yunxi.

When I signed the contract back then, I was young and ignorant.

The amount of compensation I had to pay for the breach of contract was something I would never be able to pay in my entire life.

Therefore, its impossible for me to have other chances…”

“Indeed, you still have a few more years to complete your contract.

If you continue to stay at her side, youll be in your early thirties by the time youre done with your contract.

For female artistes, your golden age will be over soon and youll only be a bystander,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Fang Tang lowered her head.

These were all mistakes she had made in the past, but she had personally signed the contract.

Back then, she had no choice, but to raise money to treat her mother.

No one could be blamed.

“However, you still have a choice.

As long as theres a chance, Ill help you talk to Fang Yunxi about terminating your contract.”

“But… she wont listen to you.

If the price is too high, I dont want to trouble you either.

If you pay too much for me, Ill feel burdened.” Fang Tang shook her head and said, “Id rather stay like this than owe you too much.”

“What nonsense are you talking about If I really sign you, it must be because I think highly of your ability to earn money.

When that time comes, if you really end up working under me, dont blame me for giving you too much work and tiring you out.”

“Im not afraid of hard work, as long as I can work.”

“Thats good.” Shi Jin smiled and said, “Ill take it that youve agreed.”

Only then did Fang Tang realize that she had fallen into Shi Jins trap, but why did it feel so



Shi Jin did not take the initiative to look for Fang Yunxi because she knew that Fang Yunxi would definitely look for her first.

As expected, Butler Kang walked towards Shi Jin with an invitation letter and said softly, “Young Madam, this is an invitation from Miss Fang Yunxi of the Fang family to invite you to an amateur racing event.”

“Mm, who else will be there”

“Actually, this is a very common event held by the rich heirs of Hong Kong.

Many people will gather here every time.

It is a great opportunity to blend in with the rich heirs of Hong Kong.

Fang Yunxi is hosting this event.”

“Does everyone who go have to participate”

“Thats not the case.

Its up to you.

You can also watch the competition.”

“Who has good skills”.

“In terms of skills, Miss Qin is the best.”

Old Master Fu, who was sitting at the side, said, “This child, Fanya, has been smart since she was young.

Her racing skills are also top-notch.

This child doesnt lose to anyone in anything she does.”

Shi Jin could hear the admiration in his voice.

She could tell that Old Master Fu had always been approving of Qin Fanya.

“Butler Kang, tell Miss Fang that Ill be there.” “Alright, Young Madam.

Are you going to watch the competition or…”

“Lets watch the competition first,” said Shi


Old Master Fu looked at her.

“If youre willing to compete, we have good racing cars at home.

In the past, Xiuyuan loved racing before he got caught up in work.

There are many good racing cars at home.”

“Then Ill choose one just in case.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Be careful,” Old Master Fu warned.


Although it was said that it was an amateur race, there were many professional and retired racers who participated in it.

Their professionalism was not low at all.

However, professional competitions had a lot of rules and regulations.

Therefore, these rich heirs of Hong Kong would rather hold an amateur race than face too many restrictions.

Fang Yunxi had accompanied Qin Fanya here a while ago.

When they saw Qin Fanyas figure, countless signs were raised.

Her name was shining on them.

She was quite famous in the racing industry.

Every time she participated in a competition, fans would come to watch.

Also, she had a lot of medical fans and was treated like a celebrity in Hong Kong.

Seeing her wearing a helmet and professional racing uniform, there was a commotion.

Someone shouted her name, “Fanya, Fanya!”

Qin Fanya waved her hand elegantly at everyone.

The crowd responded to her with even more fervent responses.

The screams were endless.

Fang Yunxi followed suit.

She had changed into her professional racing attire and was hugging her helmet.

She walked to Qin Fanyas side and said, “Fanya, you look really dashing today!” “Is everything ready” Qin Fanya asked.

“Almost everyone is here except for Shi Jin,” Fang Yunxi said.

“But I dont think that silly girl will come.

Isnt she waiting to be slapped in the face by coming to such an occasion”

Qin Fanya smiled and said calmly, “Will Brother Xiuyuan come”

“Im not sure about that.

I sent him the invitation letter, but he didnt respond.” Fang Yunxi didnt dare to ask.

Qin Fanyas eyes flashed with loneliness.

Speaking of which, she had learned how to race because Fu Xiuyuan liked to race and had always participated in the amateur competitions held by everyone, but by the time she learned how to race, Fu Xiuyuan came less often.

After he got to know Shi Jin, it seemed like he never came to these competitions again.

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