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Chapter 601 I Admire You (1)

Shi Jin saw that he was a smart person and could see through her plan with one look.

He was indeed very capable.

She nodded and said, “I wont hide it from you.

Its true.”

“Its smart to invest in video streaming platforms now!” Boss Xie raised his thumb.

“I admire you!”

“Thank you.”

Boss Xies attitude towards Shi Jin had changed.

Although the current development of online streaming platforms was still mediocre, such courage was hard to come by.

He said to Fang Tang, “Miss Fang, I apologize for my rudeness earlier.” Fang Tang hurriedly stood up.

“Its fine, its fine.”

Boss Xie said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, since the contract has been signed, let me treat you guys to this meal.

There will be opportunities to work together in the future.”

“Thank you for your kind intentions, but I plan to have a meal with my friends today.

Ill treat Boss Xie next time.”

“Okay, next time then.” Boss Xie personally sent Shi Jin out.

Although he had a lot of shortcomings, he liked straightforward people.

After chatting with Shi Jin tonight, he found that he really admired her.

Shi Jin and Fang Tang returned to their private room.

Fang Tang asked in a low voice, “Shi Jin, are you sure you wont lose money from buying it”

“I never do business that makes me lose money.” Shi Jin winked.

Fang Tangs heart started pounding again.

How could there be such a cute girl She was bright, generous, charming and decisive.

“Can we order now” Shi Jin reminded her when she saw her unblinking eyes.

“Yes, yes.

Order the dishes.” Fang Tang quickly took the menu.

Shi Jin passed her the clothes she had bought.

“This is for you.”

“How can I…”

“I bought it according to your size.

Even if you dont wear it, I cant wear it either.”

Fang Tang had no choice, but to take it.

It was a style she had never tried before, but she believed that she would look good in it.

“Take some selfies and upload them on social media sites.

You can set it so that only you can view it.

Ill make an appointment with a photographer and come over to take pictures for you.

When the time comes, you can post all of them and set them to private view.

When the time is appropriate, release them for public view.”

“Okay, okay.” Fang Tang accepted her suggestion.

Shi Jin gestured to the clothes and said, “They really suit you.

You look a little timid on the outside, but you are very tenacious deep down.

These clothes can make your style more unique.”

Fang Tangs eyes were slightly red.

Everyone could see her weakness and her concession.

Only Shi Jin saw her tenacity and persistence.

Indeed, all these years, she had been using her tenacity and persistence to shoulder the responsibility of her family.

Her cowardice and concession were all compromises to her life.

Now that Shi Jin had given her a chance to become stronger, she would not let her down!


“Youre saying that Shi Jin bought Fang Tangs show from Boss Xie”

When the news reached Fang Yunxi, she was extremely displeased.

Her father had previously given Fang Tang two shows on purpose.

When she found out, Fang Tang had already signed a contract and started filming.

She had to maintain her image as a sensible and understanding person, so naturally, she could not go overboard.

Besides, she didnt want to offend the producer, so she could only forget about it.

However, she still tried to stop the first television drama from broadcasting.

She also tried her best to stop the second drama.

After all, if Fang Tang became popular after the broadcast and boosted her popularity, she would not be able to control her anymore.

She would never let Fang Tang have such a chance, but now, the first drama had been bought by someone, and the second drama had been bought by Shi Jin.

There was no need to mention the first one.

However, Fang Yunxi was furious when she thought about how Shi Jin had bought the second one.

“Shi Jin must have done it on purpose.

She must be using Fang Tang to suppress me!”

The assistant said, “I think this Shi Jin is a troublemaker.

These matters have nothing to do with her.

Why must she interfere”

Fang Yunxi recalled that she had indeed gone against Shi Jin for Qin Fanyas sake and knew what was going on.

Even if Shi Jin did not help Fang Tang, with the grudge between Qin Fanya and Shi Jin, Fang Yunxi would eventually fall out with Shi Jin.

After all, she was already on Qin Fanyas side and there was no way out.

“Keep an eye on Fang Tang.

Dont give her the chance to get other resources.

Feed her some trashy resources and shut everyone up.”


“Got it.

Ill inform her manager.”

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