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600 Ill Take You to Him

When they arrived at the mall, Shi Jin went straight to the European fashion boutique mentioned by the stylist, intending to buy some outfits for Fang Tang.

Shi Jin could see Fang Tangs potential and her acting skills.

Just like what Yao Jiahong said, she had the intention to sign Fang Tang.

In her previous life, she had never heard of Fang Tang.

It was obvious that she was a nobody.

In this life, Shi Jin had already done many things that made use of what she knew in her previous life to bring about convenience.

Fang Tang was the first actress that she had used her own eyes to discover.

It meant a lot to Shi Jin.

In order to verify her own judgment and to let Fang Tang develop better, she didnt mind doing more things.

Shi Jin finished shopping and carried them into the car.

On the way, she received a message from Fang Tang.

“Im going to get my pay.

I should arrive around the same time as you.” “Alright, take your time.

Theres no rush.”

Shi Jin calculated the time.

It might take half an hour to reach the restaurant.

Fu Jiang drove steadily and brought Shi Jin to the restaurant at the agreed time.

Shi Jin came to the private room and pushed the door open.

She saw that Fang Tang had already entered.

She was wearing her usual outfit today and looked neat and tidy.

However, her complexion did not look too good and there were traces of her crying.

“Fang Tang” Shi Jin walked over and sat down beside her.

“Shi Jin, youre here.

Come, lets order.” Fang Tang immediately brought the menu over.

She lowered her head to look at the menu, obviously trying to avoid Shi Jins gaze.

When Shi Jin took the menu, Fang Tang could not help, but look over.

Shi Jin could see that her eyes were red and swollen.

“Whats wrong”


The smoke in this hotpot restaurant makes me want to cry.”

“You didnt get paid” Shi Jin asked.

Fang Tang could not hide it anymore.

She bit her lips to prevent herself from crying.

“Tell me what happened.”

“That Boss Xie said that this television series definitely cant be broadcasted.

He has to suppress it.

He didnt even earn any money himself, so he has to owe me for a period of time.

Im angry, but I cant argue with him… I just called my manager.

My manager said that she would help me settle this, but her attitude is obviously perfunctory.”

Lets not talk about this time.

In the past, when had her manager helped her solve problems As a manager, other than splitting the money, she never cared about other matters.

As for Boss Xie, he said that he owed her money, but he didnt even give her a time where he would pay her.

She wasnt like the others, who didnt lack money.

Her mothers life, hospitalization, and medicine all required money.

However, Boss Xie didnt say a word and got someone to kick her out.

Shi Jin understood and asked, “Whats the name of the producer who owes you money”

“Xie Ming, Boss Xie, I saw him eating next door too.” Fang Tang saw that Shi Jin was about to stand up and immediately grabbed her wrist.

“Forget it, Shi Jin.

That Boss Xie is a producer with a lot of connections.

If I offend him, I wont be so lucky to be the main character in the future.

My dad also got someone to tell me that this is all he can help me with.

In the future, whether or not I can get any good resources or act will all depend on myself.

If I offend someone again, I wont have to act anymore.”

“Then do you trust me” Shi Jin asked.

Fang Tang looked up and saw the determination and confidence in Shi Jins eyes.

Fang Tang nodded subconsciously.

“Of course I trust you.”

“Just trust me.

Where is Boss Xie eating” Shi Jin asked.

Fang Tang felt that Shi Jin had a strange magical power.

When she asked a question, she answered subconsciously, “In Room 32A next door.”

“Ill take you to him.”


Room 32A.

Boss Xie was having a meal with someone.

He was both an investor and a producer.

He had a lot of connections and was very capable.

However, the drama that they had recently invested in had finished filming and was about to reach its climax.

They were unable to sell it to the television station because it wasnt approved.

Although it wasnt a big deal, it was enough to make him angry.

That ungrateful female lead actually dared to ask him for the money!

Boss Xie immediately ordered his men to chase her out.

At that moment, his assistant was drinking with him, trying to persuade him, “Boss Xie, its okay if this project is suppressed.

We still have other projects.”

“I think it was dragged down by that jinx.

Wasnt her previous drama also suppressed and unable to be broadcasted I shouldnt have given her the opportunity on account of her father!”

“Forget it, forget it.

Boss Xie, shes just a small celebrity.

Theres no need to be angry over her.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone knocked on the door.

The assistant quickly got up to open the door.

When the door opened, the person standing in front of him was so stunning that the assistant held his breath.

It took him a long time to react.

“Shi… Shi Jin”

“Its me.” Shi Jin walked in with Fang Tang.

It was also Boss Xies first time seeing the real Shi Jin.

He couldnt help but stand up.

He had seen many artistes in person.

Some of them were not as good looking as on television.

In real life, they were skinny and shriveled.

However, some of them were really pretty and could be compared to those on television.

However, it was the first time Boss Xie had seen someone as good-looking as Shi Jin in real life.

She was a hundred times better looking in person than on the television.

He immediately stood up with a smile and said, “Shi Jin, how rare.

Please take a seat.”

Shi Jin pulled Fang Tang and sat down.

Fang Tang was very shy.

Boss Xie also saw Fang Tang and understood Shi Jins motive.

He just did not know what kind of relationship Shi Jin had with Fang Tang.

Why did she stand up for her

“Boss Xie, let me talk to you about Fang Tangs salary,” said Shi Jin.

With the beauty in front of him, Boss Xie stopped being rude and said in a genteel manner, “Its not that I dont want to give Fang Tang her remuneration.

Its just that Ive encountered some problems recently.

My funds are tight, so Ill owe her a few days.

Ill give it to her in a few days.”

“Boss Xie, the contract says that today is the final deadline to pay Fang Tang, right Lets just follow the contract.”

Boss Xie took a look at Fang Tang and said, “It should be given to her, but Fang Tang has caused my entire project to fail.

The drama that she filmed doesnt have good viewership ratings.

The drama that she starred in before hasnt been sold yet.

I dont know when it will be aired.

Speaking of which, she was the one who ruined this drama…”

“Boss Xie, thats too harsh.

During the filming, did you say that Fang Tang would be responsible for the loss of your project”

Shi Jin didnt say anything else and focused on the main point.

“This drama cant even pass the review from the higher-ups.

I really dont have money…”

“How about this, Boss Xie, sell this drama to me.

Whether it passes the audit or broadcasts, its all on me.

As for the remuneration, Ill pay Fang Tang.”

Fang Tang was shocked.

“Shi Jin…”

“Dont worry about it.” Shi Jin made a quiet gesture.

Fang Tang blushed and sat down quietly.

Boss Xie was rather surprised.

He had initially thought that Shi Jin was just a pretty face.

However, after these few minutes of interaction, this impression had been shattered.

However, Shi Jin was not doing a losing deal.

She had already understood that the production of this drama was actually not bad.

Without Father Fang, Fang Tang wouldnt have been able to be stuffed into this production.

As for the failure to pass the review, it was all Fang Yunxis doing

Shi Jin wanted to buy a large number of dramas now.

She would naturally not give up on those that were of decent quality.

“Shi Jin, what are you buying it for”

“You dont have to worry about what Im buying it for.

Just tell me if youre going to sell


“I didnt expect you to be such a sentimental person.

To help Fang Tang, you actually did this.

Forget it, I can sell this show to you, but my price is not low.” Boss Xie gave a price.

The so-called not low price was actually completely within Shi Jins budget.

Boss Xie was also overwhelmed because it couldnt pass the review.

In addition, he was a very superstitious person.

He had heard that Fang Tangs other dramas were held back and he had long treated this project as a hot potato and was eager for it to be taken away from his hands.

Therefore, the price he had quoted was actually very reasonable.

After hearing that, Shi Jin asked calmly, “Boss Xie, Im willing to pay this price.”

She did not bargain at all, which surprised Boss Xie.

“Shi Jin, youre such a straightforward person.

Its decided then.

This price is settled.”

“Sure, but Boss Xie, wont you regret it when the drama starts airing”

“Why would I regret it If you can really earn money by broadcasting it, then its your profit.” Boss Xie was rather generous in this aspect.

“Ill earn what I deserve.”

“Alright, Boss Xie, lets sign the contract then.”

Fang Tang and the assistant were very surprised.

This collaboration had gone too far, especially since Shi Jin was just an artiste.

How dare she discuss such a huge contract Was she really not afraid that it would rot in her hands

However, this didnt concern the assistant.

The assistant only wanted to sell the show to get a bonus.

He immediately followed Boss Xies instructions and called the legal department.

There were already templates for the contracts.

They just needed to change some details.

Shi Jin took it and scanned it.

She only edited a few places before signing her name.

When Boss Xie saw her like this, he was secretly impressed.

Speaking of which, Shi Jin was less than half his age.

However, her actions were very straightforward and magnanimous.

She was not timid at all.

With just a glance, she could tell that there were problems with the contract.

The places that she edited were very professional.

Boss Xie had worked with many partners, but this was the first time he admired a young lady who worked with him.

“Shi Jin, to be honest, where are you going to broadcast this show if you buy it From what I know, the television stations are very strict when it comes to buying films nowadays.

There are also a lot of standby shows and they are all waiting to be broadcasted.

You dont know anyone from the television stations, right”

“Ill buy it and broadcast it myself.”

“You plan to create your own video website” Boss Xie guessed her plan and asked in surprise.

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