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Chapter 60: Glad She Has Backbone

Shi Jin lowered her head as she pondered.

Gu Qinghua was so worried that she was on the brink of tears.

Since Shi Jin did not talk about it, she did not dare to disturb Shi Jin.

Yu Guannan threw a temper.

“What is going on Why do things like this keep happening to Shi Jin”

The production team might not care about Shi Jins opinion, but they were certainly concerned when Yu Guannan got angry.

Someone from the production team was sent to calm him down.

“I am so sorry, Shi Jin.

My high heel shoes were too slippery,” apologized Deng Yufei cautiously.

However, it was impossible to ignore the smugness in her eyes.

Shi Jin glanced at her before she smiled and said, “Oh really Then I suggest you stand firmly from now on.”

“Have you decided who to challenge” asked Deng Yufei.

All the contestants who ranked between 15th to 22nd trembled.

In theory, they were her best options.

Any other day, they would not feel threatened about getting challenged by Shi Jin.

However, Shi Jin had already gotten challenged five times but was in great shape.

Also, she knew everyones songs very well and had great vocal delivery.

Everyone had instinctively started to see her as a tough opponent.

Despite exposing Shi Jins horrifying scar, Deng Yufei only managed to surpass her by a hundred votes.

It was a close win.

None of them were confident about outdoing Shi Jin.

Shi Jin did not decide right away and simply said, “I havent decided yet.”

Yu Guannan walked over and pulled Shi Jin aside and whispered, “Shi Jin, you have to pick a safe bet.

Otherwise, you will get kicked out.

Ye He who came in 20th and Situ Hao who came in 22nd do not perform consistently.

Why dont you pick one of them”

Both these contestants came from other teams.

Yu Guannan was genuinely making sound suggestions for Shi Jin.

She nodded and said, “I will think about it.”

Yu Guannan felt assured after seeing how much she had improved and the great performance she had put up.


The nurse noticed Fu Heyans hate towards Little Stone and pulled her phone away from Fu Heyan.

“Bring that over.” Fu Heyan could not help reaching her head a little closer.

Other contestants had challenged Shi Jin five times in a row and she could not help feeling resentful.

“Do these people have no ethics How could the five of them have the cheek to pit themselves against Little Stone”

The nurse asked softly, “Didnt you hate Little Stone”

“This has nothing to do with whether I like her.

I just dont like seeing people gang up to bully a woman.”

She took her phone and sent Song Fan a text message right away: [What has your boss been doing Did he do anything to help Shi Jin to get more votes]

[Miss Shi told us to stay out of it] Song Fan replied quickly.

[I am glad she has a backbone.]

[But Mr Fu… is throwing a temper tantrum while watching the show.] Song Fan was in a spot.

Shi Jin kept telling them to stay out of the program.

However, Fu Xiuyuan was giving off a dangerous aura.

[I am pissed off too.] Fu Heyan replied: [If Shi Jin cant even take care of evil people like her, she can forget about being a part of the Fu clan!]

Even if Shi Jin did, it would not change Fu Heyans opinion of her.

Her hate for Shi Jin had yet to disappear.

“Miss Fu, Little Stone is going on stage!” said the nurse.

Fu Heyan watched as Shi Jin went on stage.

A lot of people were commenting about Shi Jins ugly looks, but a lot of people spoke up for her as well.

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