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Chapter 599 Find a way to Buy It

“Its just that the industry is in a mess.

We still have to find out more before we can let Fang Tang go.

You know that Fang Tang has always been timid and clumsy with her words.

Im just afraid that if she goes, not only will she fail, but she will also offend others.

That would be terrible.”

Peng Guanlin thought of Fang Tangs stubborn personality and felt that Fang Yunxis words made sense.

He nodded and said, “Lets see what her manager has planned.”

“I think so too.” Fang Yunxi immediately nodded, but that was not what she was thinking internally.

When Fang Tang first came to look for her father, Fang Yunxi didnt have a good impression of this half-sister of hers.

However, her father had arranged for her to treat Fang Tang well, so she had no choice, but to put on an act.

At that time, Father Fang wanted Fang Tang to go to the Fang family business for an internship, but Fang Yunxi did not want her to go to the company at all.

If she entered the company and really learned her skills, and even roped in the senior shareholders, it would be extremely disadvantageous for her.

Therefore, Fang Yunxi had an idea and arranged for Fang Tang to be an artiste at a company under her management.

This way, not only would she be able to resolve Father Fangs request, but she would also be able to make proper arrangements for Fang Tang, leaving her with nothing to say.

She even asked Fang Tang to sign a ten-year contract as soon as she signed.

Everything had to be arranged by the company.

As such, everyone said that Fang Yunxi was generous, sensible, and treated her sister well.

However, in reality, Fang Tangs activities, styling, filming, and all other aspects were very bad.

She had been in the entertainment industry for several years, but she had not been able to make a name in the entertainment industry.

When others talked about it, they would only think that she was incapable and not hardworking, but no one would talk about Fang Yunxi.

“Yunxi, youre really good to Fang Tang.

Thank you for your hard work,” Peng Guanlin said lovingly.

“After all, Ive gotten the love that she couldnt ask for.

And for Fathers sake, its only right for me to take care of her.” Fang Yunxi smiled and said, “As long as you can understand my painstaking efforts, Ill be content no matter what I do.”

“How could I not understand” Peng Guanlin said lovingly.

“Alright, Im going to the washroom to touch up my makeup.

Wait for me.” “Go on.”

Fang Yunxi went straight to the washroom and took out her phone to call Fang Tangs manager.

“Shi Jin might want Fang Tang to collaborate with her.

Dont agree.”

“Understood.” The manager was well aware.

How could she let Fang Tang enter the eyes of more people Wouldnt that be giving her a chance Impossible! Never.

After Fang Yunxi left, Fang Tang quickly said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, you dont have to protect me in front of Fang Yunxi.

Ill handle my own matters.

Fang Yunxi isnt someone easy to deal with.”

“Do you think shes targeting you specifically”

Fang Tang recalled the relationship between Fang Yunxi and Qin Fanya, as well as the entanglement between them.

She understood that Fang Yunxi probably did not like Shi Jin either.

“Then she will find a way to deal with you.

You have to be careful,” Fang Tang said quickly.

“Dont worry.” Shi Jin did not take Fang Yunxi seriously.

“Do you have your own social media account”


My manager found it troublesome and didnt manage my social media account, but the contract stipulates that I cant speak ill of the company in my social media account.” “I wouldnt dare to let you badmouth the company in public.” Shi Jin tilted her head and looked at her.

“Give me a few photos.

I have some use for them.”

“Okay.” Fang Tang did not ask her what she was going to do with it and just gave it to her.

After Shi Jin received it, she saved it and said, “Ive seen the television series you filmed before.

Your qualifications are not bad.”

Fang Tang lowered her head in embarrassment.

“They are all low-class dramas.

I dont have much experience.” It was indeed low-class.

Shi Jin had gone through a lot to find it on the search engine.

Not only were the scripts terrible, but Fang Tangs character was also terrible.

Even for such a character, she only had a few lines.

It could be seen that Fang Yunxi had spared no effort in arranging all sorts of rubbish jobs for her.

Luckily, Fang Tang was actually quite good at acting and managed to hold it in.

“Have you acted in any television dramas with major roles before”

“There are two.

One has been filmed for two years, but it hasnt been broadcasted.

The other has just wrapped up,” Fang Tang said in embarrassment.

“But it doesnt matter.

I dont want to be popular.

I just want to get paid so that my mother can live a better life.

These two movies were obtained from my father when my mother was sick.

Although he didnt see me, he still gave me such resources.

That way, Id have money to treat my mother.”

It could be seen that she was very easily satisfied.

Although this kind of television drama was very ordinary, she was very happy to receive the money.

Shi Jin nodded.

“Alright, its good that you have such a mentality.”

“Its all about earning money anyway.

I was willing to sign with Fang Yunxi because I wanted a chance to earn money.”

Shi Jin searched for the two television dramas that she was starring in.

Indeed, one of them was suppressed for some unknown reason.

The other movie had just wrapped up filming and the broadcasting status was still unknown.

She sent Yao Jiahong a message to ask him about the situation of these two dramas.

Very soon, Yao Jiahong replied, “The first drama should have been deliberately suppressed by Fang Yunxi.

The quality of this drama is quite good.

She deliberately asked someone to sell it to the television station at a high price, but it didnt sell in the end.

Now, its in her hands.

The Fang family is also a big family and business.

Father Fang was willing to invest in Fang Tang, but Fang Yunxi is willing to sacrifice money for the drama to fail.”

“Since the quality is not bad, think of a way to buy this one.”

“No problem.

Fang Yunxi doesnt want to make money.

There are plenty of people who want to make money.

Now is the time for us to expand our online video portal.

One more film is one more film.”

“At the same time, show these photos to the design department and come up with ideas for her makeup and style.” Shi Jin sent Fang Tangs photos over.

Yao Jiahong was a sharp-eyed person.

“Is this the artist you like She looks pretty good, but her style is too terrible.”

“If it wasnt terrible, I wouldnt need you to get someone to restyle her.”

“Ill get someone to handle it immediately.

Its hard to see an artiste whos as pure as a little white flower.

Shi Jin, if she can sign with us, I have a few resources to give her.” “Ill tell you more if I can sign her.”

Shi Jin had to deal with Fang Yunxi first.

“Shi Jin, if youre busy, I wont disturb you anymore.

Ill go over and sit for a while,” Fang Tang said softly when she saw that she had been working “Its okay, Im done.” Shi Jin put her phone away.

“Then Ill treat you to a meal tomorrow night.

Tomorrow afternoon, Ill be able to receive the remuneration for the drama that just wrapped up filming.

Its a few hundred thousand.” Fang Tang revealed a happy smile.

This was the biggest sum of money she had ever earned.

“Sure, Ill contact you then.”

“Okay, okay.

What do you like to eat Ill make a reservation earlier.” “Lets have hotpot.”

“Okay!” Fang Tang quickly memorized it in her heart.

When she went back, she would secretly check on what Shi Jin liked to eat online.


Shi Jin returned home after attending the event.

Old Master Fu was sipping his tea when he saw her.

He asked, “You went to attend an event, have you met all the family friends in Hong Kong”

“Not all of them, Grandfather.”

“Hmm, I heard that youre quite close with people from the Fang family”

Butler Kang wanted to remind Shi Jin, but since Old Master Fu had noticed his actions, he couldnt say what he wanted to say.

Shi Jin nodded.

“Yes, I know Fang Tang.

We made plans for dinner.”

Butler Kang heaved a sigh of relief.

Old Master Fu said lightly, “Thats good.

In Hong Kong, you have to go out and make more friends.

If you need anything, just let Butler Kang handle it.”

“Okay, Grandpa.” Shi Jin nodded.

As she walked upstairs, Butler Kang came forward with a glass of warm milk.

“Young Madam.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin took it.

“Its great that Young Madam is closer to Fang Tang.

Old Master likes Fang Tang more and doesnt like Fang Yunxi much.”

“Really I heard that Fang Tang lives outside the Fang family and has no status.”

“Nevertheless, in the old masters heart, Fang Tang is still the legitimate daughter of the Fang family, and Fang Yunxis identity is inevitably dishonest.”

Shi Jin said indifferently, “Doesnt grandpa find it strange Father Fang is the one who made the mistake, and his children are innocent.

Although I dont like Fang Yunxi either, its quite amazing that theres such a difference just because of one identity.”

Butler Kang lowered his head and said: “Young Madam is right.

However, the old mans opinion is not entirely unreasonable.

In Hong Kong, status is a very important thing.

It is better to have a legitimate wife.”

“I understand.”


Only then did Butler Kang retreat.

He secretly felt that Shi Jins style of doing things was really similar to Old Master Fus when he was young.

He dared to love and hate, and was not restrained by the rules.



The next day, Shi Jin went to meet Fang Tang.

Fu Jiang drove her there.

On the way, Shi Jin received Yao Jiahongs suggestions regarding Fang Tangs styling.

The stylists suggestion was to allow Fang Tang to wear a simple and elegant European style and neutralize the overly gentle feeling of her facial features, creating some unique valiance.

There had to be a focus on the makeup as well, to highlight the red lips and skin color.

There was no need to focus on the rest.

Shi Jin understood and said to Fu Jiang, “Go to the mall.”

Fu Jiang immediately turned around and walked towards the shopping mall.

When he saw that Shi Jin was no longer busy, he said, “Young Madam, the medicine that you got to soak my feet last time was really amazing.

Recently, the wind and rain havent affected my legs at all.

What kind of magical medicine is this”

“If you think its useful, Ill give you two more sets later.” Shi Jin could tell that his leg was much better now.

Previously, he was still limping, but now, he was walking very smoothly.

“Alright, Young Madam.

Thank you very much, Young Madam.” Fu Jiang was happy to accept


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