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Chapter 598 Luck

However, with the development of society, the internet became an inseparable part of the masses lives, and the internet soon crushed television stations.

However, in todays society, online broadcasting was clearly not the mainstream method.

Liu Ning hesitated.

“This… I really havent thought about it.

Our TV series has a huge investment and the content is very exciting.

If we send it to the internet…”

He was afraid that it would affect his reputation as a film producer.

“Think about it first.

Either way, you must finish filming it first.”

“Shi Jin, which platform do you plan to introduce me to” Liu Ning did not know which platform was better.

Although there were many online platforms now, they werent big enough.

Producers with good works didnt really care about those online platforms.

“In a couple of days, Ill introduce you.”

After Shi Jin hung up on Liu Ning, she quickly called Yao Jiahong.

“Brother Yao, hows the situation on the online video streaming platform that I asked you to set up”

“After what you said earlier, I got someone to set up a project department.

Its already in its infancy and will be released soon.

However, Shi Jin, those who are doing online video streaming platforms are all incurring losses.

Are you sure you want to go online”

“Im sure,” Shi Jin said.

Actually, she had already thought about it when she established Time Corporation.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have asked Yao Jiahong to build a platform directly.

This world was changing day by day, and the development of technology would crush everything.

Shi Jin didnt want to be controlled by others like Liu Ning.

Since she was so determined, Yao Jiahong had no objections.

This was his trust and loyalty towards Shi Jin.

“In that case, I will continue to build the platform here.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Also, buy the copyrights of some shows.

When they are released in the future, we can broadcast them.” “Understood.” Yao Jiahong understood.

Since Shi Jin had already made up her mind and left enough funds to ensure that this matter would go smoothly, he naturally couldnt interfere with her work.




After Shi Jin was done with Yao Jiahongs matter, she dressed up as Si Jin and went to visit Fang Tangs mother.

Fang Tang was very happy to see her.

“My mom has been much better recently.

Your medicine is really effective.”

“If its useful, then continue using it.

Actually, your mothers illness, other than the fact that her body is weak and cannot be replenished, is mainly a psychological factor.

You have to comfort her more often.”

“Yes.” Fang Tang lowered her head.

“I just have to resolve this matter.

I dont know what to do for the time being.

Ever since she and my dad… Im sorry, I shouldnt have mentioned my personal matters to you.”

“Its okay.

Maybe I cant help you with anything, but if you talk about it, it might reduce a lot of the pain.”

Shi Jins gentleness and magnanimity boosted Fang Tangs spirits.

She said in a low voice, “In the past, when the family was in a particularly difficult situation, it was always Mom who supported the family.

No matter how hard it was or how tired she was, she would not say anything, but later on, in order to revive his career, Dad chose to marry a rich young lady.

After that, he never saw us again.

My mom may not be too attached to his feelings, nor may she be hurt by love for the rest of her life.

However, she must have had a hard time calming her heart.

She had sacrificed so much, yet she only got such a miserable outcome.”

Shi Jin understood what she meant by feelings.

Most of the time, people did not rely on those feelings.

It was just a pity for the sacrifices they had made.

“However, my dads career is getting bigger and bigger.

His daughter is also more capable and successful than me, while I have achieved nothing and have nothing to show for it.

My mom can only feel more and more disappointed in me,” Fang Tang said softly.

“You have many opportunities in the entertainment industry.

One day, you will get what you deserve.”

“I hope so.

I also want my mom to be proud and want my dad to regret abandoning us, but Im still a good-for-nothing.

I can only act in the TV series that Fang Yunxi introduced to me.

I hate them, but I have to rely on them.”

Shi Jin opened her arms and gave Fang Tang a hug.

Fang Tang was a little shy and surprised, but she was still hugged by Shi Jin.

Her heart was beating very fast as she was enveloped by warmth and encouragement.

It was as if she had accumulated the strength to move forward.

Even after Shi Jin gave her the medicine and left, she still could not calm down.




In order to purchase the rights of the television series for the online video platform, Shi Jin did not reject an event in Hong Kong.

That night, she walked into the event wearing a simple dress.

In an instant, the surrounding people gathered to greet her and ask about her well-being.

When the people around her finally dispersed, Fang Tang walked towards her.

“Shi Jin, youre here too I thought you wouldnt attend such events.”

“I happened to be free, so I came over to take a look.” Shi Jin saw that she was wearing clothes that obviously did not match her style and asked, “Which agency are you in”

“The Fang familys own management agency.”

Shi Jin finally understood why she said she hated the Fang family last time, but had to rely on them for survival.

However, it could also be seen that the Fang familys management company really did not care about her.

Fang Tangs face was very soft and clean, somewhat plain but very malleable.

She was attending an event today, but she was wearing a dark patterned shirt and jeans, which did not match her personal temperament at all.

Fang Tang knew it herself.

She subconsciously looked down at her makeup.

However, her manager had arranged it for her, so she had no choice.

Shi Jin thought about it, but did not say anything.

She passed the wine glass to her.

As they were talking, a voice interrupted them.

“Fang Tang, what are you doing here”.

Hearing Fang Yunxis voice, Fang Tang immediately looked over and saw Fang Yunxi with her arm hooked onto a young mans walking over.

Fang Yunxi spotted Shi Jin immediately and smiled.

“Oh, its Shi Jin.

I was wondering who it was.

Hello, Shi Jin.”

“Guanlin, let me introduce you.

This is Shi Jin, an actor.” Fang Yunxi said to the young man beside him, “Shi Jin, this is my fiancé, Peng Guanlin.”

Fang Tang subconsciously lowered her head when she saw Peng Guanlin.

Especially when she heard the wordfiancé, her fingers fidgeted uneasily.

Peng Guanlin looked at her and wanted to say something, but stopped himself.

He said to Shi Jin, “Hello, Miss Shi.”

Shi Jin took in their expressions and knew what was going on.

“Fang Tang, how do you know Shi Jin” Fang Yunxi asked.

“We met at an event, so we know each other,” Shi Jin said first.

“Oh, I see.

I thought… Fang Tang wanted to jump ship.

Fang Tang, dont forget that your contract is with the Fang family.

Youve signed it for a full ten years.

Its still a long time before the contract expires.” Fang Yunxi smiled and said, “You cant jump ship.

If you jump ship, those who dont know might think that Im purposely ostracizing you and chasing you out of the Fang family.

Dad has always asked me to take care of you, so you must stay in the Fang familys company.” She then looked at Peng Guanlin.

“Guanlin, dont you think so The entertainment industry has always been chaotic, and its a big dye vat.

Im really worried about letting Fang Tang go to another company.

I cant explain it to Dad, so I let Fang Tang stay in our own company.

Were family, so we can take care of each other.”

Shi Jin glanced at Fang Tangs clothes indifferently and said, “Miss Fang, you really took good care of Fang Tang.” Fang Yunxi hated it when Shi Jin was like this.

She was too smart and saw everything clearly.

She laughed dryly.

“Thats for sure.

I was the one who matched the team and manager for Fang Tang.

If she becomes successful, Dad and I will be happy too.”

“In that case, Miss Fang, do you mind if I work with Fang Tang in the future” Shi Jin smiled and said.

Fang Tang immediately raised her head and looked at Shi Jin in surprise.

She didnt know if Shi Jin was joking or standing up for her.

Either way, it was unnecessary.

The Fang family was powerful and influential in Hong Kong.

Although they were not as powerful as the Fu family, they were still influential.

Shi Jin was just a newcomer.

Even if she had Fu Xiuyuans support, he would not be able to support her all the time.

Fang Tang shook her head and said, “Shi Jin, dont…”

Shi Jin gave her a comforting look.

Fang Yunxi immediately felt threatened.

Because she was close to Qin Fanya, she knew Shi Jin very well.

She knew that she had been very popular for the past two years and could do anything.

It could be said that she was surrounded by luck.

The artistes who could work with her were all extremely lucky and would basically become famous.

If Fang Tang really worked with her, she might become popular very quickly… In that case, Fang Tang would not be under her control.

“Im sorry, Shi Jin.

Fang Tangs work has been arranged by her manager and team.

Its useless even if I dont mind.

It depends on their internal arrangements.

I dont know if the schedule can be changed.”

“Miss Fang means that if the schedule is acceptable, you dont mind her working with me.

I understand.

I will invite Fang Tang in the future.”

Fang Yunxi didnt mean it that way, but Shi Jin went along with it.

In front of Peng Guanlin, Fang Yunxi couldnt object directly.

She could only maintain her smile.

“Excuse me, Miss Fang.” Shi Jin held her wine glass and left with Fang Tang.

After they left, Peng Guanlin said, “If Shi Jin is really willing to work with Fang Tang, its not impossible.

Shi Jin has good connections in the industry and she has Master Fu backing her up.

She has a lot of room for development.”

“Actually, thats what I think too.

If its something that could help Fang Tang, what reason is there to reject it” Fang Yunxi smiled sweetly.

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