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Chapter 597 Dont Be Too Confident

Upon hearing this, Fu Xiuyuan glanced at her, clearly not wanting her to be implicated.

However, Butler Kang had already looked at Shi Jin anxiously.

“Young Madam, please help me contact your doctor friend.

No matter what it takes, I can do it! Young Madam, please!”

When he finished speaking, he saw Fu Xiuyuans troubled expression and hurriedly said, “Young Master, Young Master, please!” How could Old Master Fu not see through Fu Xiuyuans thoughts He knew that Fu Xiuyuan just couldnt bear to see Shi Jin go through so much trouble to handle these matters.

He coughed lightly and said, “Xiuyuan, Butler Kang has been with me for decades.

You should give him face.”

Fu Xiuyuan took another deep look at Shi Jin.

After confirming that she really wanted to save him, his expression softened.

Only then did Shi Jin purse her lips and smile.

“I will contact my friend as soon as possible to treat Kang Fei, but Butler Kang, Kang Fei has been injured for more than ten years.

No matter who it is, they will not be able to recover his intelligence directly.

They can only slowly correct it.

You must be mentally prepared.”

“I know, I know,” Butler Kang quickly said.

“I dont expect him to become an elite of society or a genius.

As long as he can take care of himself, Ill be satisfied.”

“Alright, Ill contact my doctor friend as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, thank you,” Butler Kang hurriedly said.

Old Master Fu didnt ask which doctor friend it was, but he had a whole new level of respect for Shi Jin.

Whether it was todays incident or being able to help Kang Fei, it had far exceeded Old Master Fus expectations of her.

Now, Old Master Fu finally felt that she had something worthy enough to stand in front of Fu Xiuyuan.

After Butler Kang left, Old Master Fu said slowly, “You did well today.”

“Thank you for your compliment, Grandpa.” Shi Jin smiled confidently.

“Dont be overly confident.

Youve seen what happened today.

There are all sorts of things happening in every big family.

All kinds of scheming.

The human heart is not so easy to grasp.”

“Thats right, so I will treat people the way they treat me.”

Old Master Fu laughed.


However, this naivety could also be considered as a clear stream amidst these schemes and plots.

He said with a straight face, “Its good that you have such thoughts, but there are many things that cant be judged easily.

Sometimes, you have to be ruthless when necessary.”

“Grandpa, leave it to me when its time to be ruthless,” Fu Xiuyuan said calmly.

Old Master Fu glanced at him.

“Alright, what you did today is not without benefits.

Butler Kang is a person who knows how to repay favors.

His understanding and management of the Fu family is enough for you to live a peaceful life for a few years.

It can also be considered good karma that Shi Jin has accumulated for herself.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Thank you for your guidance, Grandpa.”

Old Master Fu waved his hand.

“Alright, go and rest.”

He picked up his teacup and took a sip, a satisfied smile appearing on his face.

“Grandpa, what tea are you drinking” Shi Jin went up to take a look and asked.

“Oh, this is specially made by Fanya for me.

It tastes good and can help me sleep.”

“Grandpa, this tea does smell good, but its not anything good.

Theres no difference between drinking it or not.”

“You child! I just praised you a little and youre already being unreasonable!” Old Master Fu rebuked.

“Its none of your business.

I like to drink it myself.”

Since he said so, Shi Jin did not care anymore and followed Fu Xiuyuan upstairs.

Butler Kang took a few steps forward and said in a low voice, “Young Madam, Old Master has given Miss Qin all the tea that you gave him.

He usually drinks Miss Qins tea specially.

Because Old Masters stomach is not good, he doesnt sleep well at night.

Miss Qin is a doctor and specially made tea that treats his illness.”

The meaning behind his words was clear.

He was advising Shi Jin not to go against Old Master Fu.

There was no need to go against him.

“I understand.

Thank you.”

Butler Kang nodded and left.

Fu Xiuyuan watched Butler Kang leave and said, “It looks like Butler Kang has really started to do his best for you.”

The Fu Family was a large family with a hundred years of history in Hong Kong.

The family had complicated relationships inside and complicated relationships with outsiders.

If Shi Jin had Butler Kangs help, she would be able to live a carefree life as a young madam without any trouble.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Grandpa said that I managed to accumulate good karma with Butler Kang.

What do you think”

“I dont think so.” Fu Xiuyuan looked down at her.

“Youre smarter than he thinks.”

“Indeed not.

Ever since I came to Hong Kong, I have been keeping an eye on the members of the Fu Family.

Obviously, Butler Kang is a very useful talent.

He is capable and doesnt have many selfish motives.

He is very useful.

Therefore, ever since I met Kang Fei, I have been collecting his medical records in an attempt to get Butler Kang on my side.

I just didnt expect Butler Meng to step in and push Butler Kang to me.”

Shi Jin had never been idle in this house.

She understood all aspects of the family.

She looked at Fu Xiuyuan.

There was not a trace of surprise in the mans eyes, as if he had already seen through her actions.

“Do you think Im too scheming” “I dont.

Ill just think its been too hard on you.” There was an obvious twinge of affection in the depths of his eyes.

“And Ill think of how much you love me by doing all this to fit into my family.”

Shi Jins lips curled into a smile.

Her efforts were seen and understood by him.

It was truly a blissful thing.

“This temporary effort is for a lifetime of ease.

If I cant even handle Butler Kang, I will have a harder time living in the Fu Family.

As you can see, Butler Kang is sincerely trying to help us.

Grandpa said that we dont have to worry about Hong Kong for the next few years.”

Fu Xiuyuan held her hand and brought it to his lips.

His breath touched the back of her hand.

The next day, Shi Jin disguised herself as Si Jin and operated on Kang Fei.

After the surgery, she explained to Butler Kang in detail, “Someone must have punctured Kang Feis cerebral vessels with tiny icicles when he was young, causing problems in his brain.

However, you guys couldnt find any foreign objects in his brain, and you couldnt even find the cause of the illness.

Now that Ive sutured his damaged blood vessels, it shouldnt be a big problem after recuperation.”

Butler Kang thanked her profusely.

“Thank you, Doctor Si.

Thank you.”

“Let him rest well in the hospital.

The other doctors will take care of him.

Well do a follow-up examination after he recovers.

It shouldnt be a big problem.”

That night, Kang Fei woke up.

Although he still looked a little silly, it was obvious that his eyes were no longer empty and lifeless.

They had become spirited.

Butler Kang instantly knew that there was hope.

There was hope.

The doctor from the hospital told him, “The main purpose of the therapy is to give the patient all kinds of basic knowledge in life and build a world that he can recognize.”

Butler Kang immediately did as instructed and hired a young teacher and a psychological counselor.

He was never stingy with spending money on Kang Fei.


At the Fu residence.

Old Master Fu was delighted to hear that Kang Fei had woken up so quickly and recovered so well.

“Shi Jin, is your friend really that good” Old Master Fu couldnt help asking.


“Thats indeed not bad.” Old Master Fu nodded.

“Youre also a medical student.

Learn more from them.”

Shi Jin nodded.

After dealing with Butler Kang and gaining Old Master Fus trust, she had already accomplished more than half of her purpose in Hong Kong

The remaining half was very simple, just to accompany Fu Xiuyuan.

And while shes at it, finish some of her own work.

Liu Ning sent a message: “The new movie that Im in charge of is about to be released.

If its convenient for you, help me promote it on Weibo.”

“Alright, send me the general content so I can organize the promotional slogan.”

“Why would I ask you to organize it Ill get someone to organize it and send it to you.

You just need to help me polish it.” “By the way, Producer Liu, werent you preparing for your drama Hows the situation” Liu Ning did not reply.

Instead, a call from him came.

“Sigh, that new television drama has already been prepared and filmed, but the television station said that they dont think its a good idea.

Even if they can film it, they probably wont buy it.

You also know that the television stations are all big shots, all of them are very arrogant.

They have the right to speak, if they say they wont buy it, they wont buy i Although I have already prepared and filmed half of it, I still dont know where the future lies.”

Shi Jin remembered that the current situation was indeed like this.

All the dramas produced by producers had to rely on the television stations.

This was because only if the television stations were willing to buy and broadcast it, would the television dramas produced be meaningful.

Therefore, it was true that the television station was the boss.

“What do you plan to do now”

“Lets finish filming first and see if there are any television stations willing to accept a show with this theme.”

“This theme just shows the plight of women in marriage.

Its not too out of line,” Shi Jin said.

“How do they want you to change it”

Liu Ning sighed.

“To put it bluntly, it still involves the internal power struggle of the television station.

The director of the purchase department I knew previously left his job.

I cant say anything about the new director, so this TV drama might have to be delayed.”

“Producer Liu, are you planning to broadcast it online”

Internet broadcasting was considered a very popular method in the future.

In the years after Shi Jins previous life, television stations gradually declined and internet broadcasting gradually rose.

In the beginning, most of the dramas that were broadcasted online were looked down upon by people.

They were crudely produced works with no guarantee of quality.

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