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Chapter 596 Just To Help Me

Even what had happened back then had caused him so much resentment.

“Meng Guang, you…”

“Theres no need for you to do that.

For you to treat me like this, I am merely using the same method to repay you.”

Old Master Fu said angrily, “So you framed Kang Fei and wanted something to happen between him and Shi Jin to achieve the goal of hurting Butler Kang and me”

“I can only replace Kang Yi when hes gone.

Havent you always said that Im your right-hand man But if you leave all your important matters to Kang Yi, how am I your right-hand man”

“What did Shi Jin do wrong then, for you to treat her like this!” Old Master Fu said angrily.

Butler Meng remained silent.

She did not do anything wrong.

Perhaps she was wrong because she was not the Young Madam he liked.

He had already served several masters who did not value him.

He only wanted to find a master who could truly see his capabilities.

What wrong did he do He was just using her a little.

“How can you be worthy of the Fu familys trust in you!” Old Master Fu clutched his heart in anger.

“Do you trust me Do you really trust me Would you install surveillance cameras on Kang Fei If you really trust me, would Young Master pretend to cooperate to let me enter this trap and be caught red-handed You have never trusted me!” Butler Meng sounded as if all his mistakes were caused by someone else and had nothing to do with him.


Old Master Fu couldnt help shaking his head.

He had really misjudged him, raising such a scheming person by his side.

Fortunately, nothing happened today.

If something really did happen, he really couldnt explain it to Fu Xiuyuan.

“Xiuyuan, Ive let you down.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at him calmly.

Because Shi Jin was safe by his side, his anger had dissipated.

Before, he was just acting with Shi Jin, but his emotions were all real.

The calmness now was also real.

“I was wrong about Meng Guang.” Old Master Fu was heartbroken.

“No wonder you had to cooperate with Shi Jin to show me Meng Guangs true colors.”

He was too confident in his abilities.

If Shi Jin had exposed Butler Mengs true colors today, he might not have believed it.

However, Old Master Fu was deeply convinced once this evidence was out.

He was also shocked.

The weariness on his face was real.

“Call the police.

Get someone to take Meng Guang away.” Old Master Fus aged voice sounded weak.

Butler Meng lowered his head and looked like he was accepting his punishment.

Fu Jiang immediately called the police.

Butler Meng suddenly fell to the ground.

His face was pale, as if he had been severely injured.

“Whats wrong with him” Old Master Fu asked.

Butler Kang looked at his hands suspiciously.

“I didnt use that much force just now…”

It was not that he did not want to hit him hard, but he was too angry and did not have the strength to do so.

Fu Xiuyuan said, “I kicked him just now.

His ribs are probably broken.

He wont die.”

Hearing this, Butler Meng struggled and glared at Fu Xiuyuan.


Butler Kang touched himself.

He had suffered a kick too, but he seemed fine Shi Jin smiled.

“Butler Kang, of course youre fine.

When Xiuyuan and I were setting up this trap, we knew that you werent a bad person.

He was considerate towards you.”

Butler Meng spat out a mouthful of blood and became even angrier.

He did not expect that he had been in this trap all along and had been fooled by them.

Old Master Fu was so angry that he almost laughed.

So he was also the one who was kept in the dark.

The new generation surpassed the old..

Butler Meng suddenly laughed out loud and said, “Even if the police come, you cant do anything to me.

I did give Kang Fei some medicine, but that medicine doesnt only have one effect.

Other than making men reveal their true nature, that medicine can also effectively relieve epilepsy.

Kang Fei is a fool.

He had epilepsy to begin with.

I gave him the medicine because of my relationship with Butler Kang.

How can it be considered a problem So what if I got the surveillance camera footage I didnt mean to harm you.

Even if the police came, theres no evidence to convict me.”

He was like a person on the verge of death, grabbing onto a life-saving straw, he suddenly had hope.

Old Master Fu looked at him as if he was looking at a pitiful worm.

He shook his head and said, “Meng Guang, youve been with me for so many years.

Dont you understand what Im capable of Old Kang, Meng Guang has been managing the Fu familys internal accounts for so many years.

It shouldnt be difficult to find some problems with him, right”

“Corruption, embezzlement, and intentional harm to the servants at home are all possible, Old Master.

In prison, I can also find somefriends for him and take good care of him.” Butler Kangs expression suddenly turned cold, and every word carried a murderous aura.

Kang Fei was his lifeline.

He was just starting to retaliate.

Butler Mengs eyes flashed and sweat dripped down his face again.

All these years, Old Master Fu had been too lenient with him, causing him to forget his identity and think that he could do whatever he wanted in this house.

Whether it was Old Master Fu or Fu Xiuyuan, they had always been people who were strong-willed and merciless.

He said in horror, “Old Master, dont… I know I was wrong.

I was wrong.

Please dont.”

However, at this moment, no one was listening to him anymore.

Fu Jiang had already called the police and dragged him out.

His pleading voice gradually faded away.

Old Master Fu looked in the direction that Butler Meng had been taken away and couldnt help shaking his head secretly.

Butler Meng was really too stupid.

He had schemed against Butler Kang, but how could he touch Shi Jin

Usually, Old Master Fu didnt care about the small conflicts between Butler Meng, Butler Kang, and the rest.

It was inevitable that there would be conflicts in the hearts of people, but to involve the Fu family, especially such an important person, no one would be able to protect Butler Meng.


Back in the living room.

Butler Kang brought some tea for Old Master Fu.

“Old Master, have some water first.

Its been hard on you tonight because of Kang Fei.”

“Alright, go take a look at Kang Fei.

I dont need you here anymore.”

“Yes.” Butler Kang did not leave immediately after saying that.

Instead, he walked to Shi Jin and said, “Young Madam, its all thanks to your help this time.

If not, Kang Fei would really be in trouble.

His IQ isnt high and hes just a child.

I didnt expect Butler Meng to use him to hurt you.

Fortunately, youre smart and alert, allowing us to escape this disaster.”

“Youre welcome, but I wasnt trying to help you.

Im just trying to help myself,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Butler Kang nodded his head gently and raised his head to look at Shi Jin seriously.

He should have known long ago that a woman who could catch the young masters eye was not as simple as she looked.

Now, he truly understood Shi Jins status and ability in this family.

He naturally knew what to do in the future.

“No matter what, its Young Madam who helped us.

We should be grateful,” Butler Kang said respectfully.

“Butler Kang, I have something to tell you,” said Shi Jin.

“Young Madam, please go ahead.” “Was Kang Fei like this since he was young, or did he become like this when he grew up”

Butler Kang was actually unwilling to talk about his sons intelligence.

He had always protected Kang Fei well and hired someone to take care of him.

However, now that it was Shi Jin who asked, he did not hold any grudges and said, “Its like this.

After Kang Fei was born, there was no problem at first.

It was just that he had a high fever later on.

After he was rescued, he became like this.

Later on, we also sought medical treatment many times, but there was no improvement, so…”

“With Kang Feis condition, I have a friend who is a doctor.

After she saw him, she told me that his condition is most likely caused by someone intentionally.”

“Intentionally” Butler Kang was shocked.

“Yes, he doesnt have any obvious pathological features.

On the contrary, the blood vessels in his brain have traces of postnatal damage.”

When Butler Kang heard this, he was shocked and furious.

“Could it be Butler Meng”.

Shi Jin did not respond to him.

She also did not know about the feud between them.

She had only given Kang Fei a simple check when she first met him in the courtyard.

It was also because of this that she was more guarded against Butler Meng.

As for the truth of what happened back then, the person involved should investigate it himself.

Butler Kang gradually came back to his senses and was extremely angry.

“It must be him.

Ive been following the Old Master all my life, and I dont have any enemies.

The only thing I have is that Im not on good terms with Butler Meng.

When we were young, we had a good relationship.

Later on, we both fell in love with the same lady and worked the same job.

Gradually, we had competition, and our relationship was no longer the same as before.

However, it was actually quite good all along, but now, I know how much he hates me in his heart.

He hates me so much that he would only stop after he destroys us.

If it wasnt him, I really wouldnt be able to think of another person.”

Old Master Fu asked Shi Jin, “Can your doctor friend confirm that it was postnatal injury”

“Yes,” Shi Jin said firmly.

Hearing her words, Old Master Fu could basically confirm that it was Butler Meng.

When Butler Kangs wife passed away, Butler Meng originally took good care of Kang Fei and spent a lot of effort.

Although the two of them had competitions and arguments, in everyones eyes, they were still good friends and partners.

Butler Kangs pupils dilated.

It was obvious that he was trying his best to suppress the pain, but he could not do so no matter what.

Old Master Fu immediately called his bodyguard over and instructed him to ask Butler Meng about this in detail.

Looking back, Old Master Fu saw Butler Kangs expression and couldnt bear to see him like this.

He really didnt expect that a fight between two people would implicate an innocent child and cause him to become like this.

Shi Jin said softly, “However, my doctor friend should be able to find a way to treat Kang Feis condition.”

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