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Chapter 595 Murder

Fu Xiuyuan immediately strode towards the back.

Old Master Fu hurriedly followed.

Seeing Fu Xiuyuans expression, he knew that something bad had happened.

Butler Kang and Butler Meng did not have time to care about their injuries and quickly followed.

No one in the house dared to make a sound.

The atmosphere was so quiet that it was suffocating.

They could only hear hurried footsteps heading in that direction.

When they arrived at the place the servant was talking about, it was a very quiet place in the backyard where people rarely walked.

“Old Master, Young Master, dont go over first.

Ill get someone to take a look.” Butler Meng walked to the front and stopped them.

“Maybe… its more convenient for me to get a maid to take a look.”

He said this as if he was sure that Kang Fei had done something to Shi Jin.

Old Master Fu stopped in his tracks and so did Fu Xiuyuan.

“Xiuyuan, send someone to take a look.” Old Master Fu was a smart person.

He was afraid that something unacceptable would happen under such circumstances.

Butler Meng waved his hand and called a maid over.

“Go over there and take a look.”

Butler Kangs heart sank to the bottom.

This was what he was most afraid of.

His silly son was indeed good in all aspects, but he was helpless when it came to intelligence.

If he really offended Young Madam, he did not know what to do.

He and his son would be completely ruined this time.

He suddenly stared at Butler Meng coldly and asked, “Butler Meng, are you sure that this has nothing to do with you”

“Me Its your son.

What does that have to do with me” Butler Meng shook his head.

“Butler Kang, dont slander me like this, alright”

“Kang Fei was perfectly fine at home.

Why did he suddenly come over Butler Meng, you…”

“Enough!” Old Master Fu stopped them and said coldly, “Those who want to argue, get out!”

Both of them fell silent.

The maid calmed herself down and walked over, afraid that she would see something she shouldnt.

She hurriedly scanned her surroundings with the flashlight and exclaimed in surprise, “Young Madam is alright!”

Hearing her voice, the others quickly turned on the lights.

The lights illuminated the most hidden corner of the backyard.

Then, everyone saw Kang Fei lying on the ground, unconscious.

Shi Jin was squatting by the side, trying to save him.

“This…” Butler Meng was shocked.

He did not expect this to happen.

“Shi Jin!” Fu Xiuyuan strode over to her side and helped her stand up.

“Im fine.” Shi Jin shook her head and looked at Butler Meng sharply.

Butler Meng quickly said, “Kang Fei is here, I dont know if theres any problem! Why dont we call the ambulance first!”

“No need to call an ambulance.

Let him lie down.”

“What if something goes wrong” Butler Meng asked.

“Butler Kang only has one son.” “I said, let him lie down.” Butler Meng stopped talking.

Seeing that his son was fine and had not done anything outrageous, Butler Kang had lost his nervousness.

Since Shi Jin had told him to lie down, Butler Kang had no objections.

Old Master Fu asked, “So, what exactly happened”

“When I came back today, Kang Fei attacked me and chased me all the way here.

He must have been drugged, thats why hes like this,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Hes not a bad person.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have done such a thing.”

Old Master Fu immediately knew what the drug was.

Although his attitude toward his granddaughter-in-law, Shi Jin, was just lukewarm, he could not tolerate someone using such a method to ruin the Fu familys reputation.

He immediately said, “Call the police and investigate this matter thoroughly!”

When Butler Meng heard this, he took a step back, but his expression remained calm.

“Grandpa, you dont have to call the police for now.

I think I know who drugged him.”

“Who is it” Old Master Fu asked.

“After todays incident, the most unusual person should be the one who drugged him,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Old Master Fu immediately looked at Butler Meng, who tried to explain himself.

“Old Master, dont look at me like that.

I dont know anything.” “Do you really not know anything When Kang Fei and I went missing, you were the first one to look at the surveillance cameras.

However, there was something wrong with the surveillance cameras in the backyard.

Were you not suspicious at all So you only saw me and Kang Fei return home, but you didnt even check the surveillance cameras in the backyard.

Dont you find it strange” Shi Jin asked.

Butler Meng shook his head.

“I was too busy and worried, thats why I forgot to look over here.

Old Master and Young Master have always been the strictest.

If even they didnt think of it, how could I”

“Then, when you found out that Kang Fei and I were in the backyard, you stopped everyone from coming over and only asked a maid to come over to take a look.

Butler Meng, what kind of scene did you think would happen that no one but a maid can see What exactly was the scene that you had planned” Shi Jin continued asking.

Her voice was calm, but to Butler Meng, it sounded aggressive.

“I, I… I just feel that Kang Fei is a fool.

He might do something…” “Then, did Kang Fei have such a past record Would he be rude to girls” Shi Jin seized the loophole in his words and interrogated him.

Sweat trickled down Butler Mengs forehead as he wiped it away.

“I, I just…”

“You just drugged Kang Fei and asked him to come and look for me.

Youre trying to destroy the relationship between us, arent you”

“Young Madam, youre killing me by saying that! Ive never had such thoughts before, and I wouldnt dare to have such thoughts! My loyalty to the Fu family can be verified by heaven and earth.

How could I do such a thing Old Master, Young Master, Butler Kang, Ive really never thought of doing such a thing!”

“Whether it is or not, there will naturally be evidence to prove it.” Shi Jin picked up the glass bottle in his hand.

It contained blood.

“This is the blood that was just extracted from Kang Feis body.

We will know once we check if he was drugged.”

Butler Mengs expression changed slightly.

“Butler Meng, you didnt expect me to draw his blood, did you Some drugs can be metabolized four hours after they are administered.

You wont be able to find any traces of it even if you investigate further.

Thats why I drew his blood in advance.

Well be able to find out if he has any drugs in his body and what they are.”

Fu Jiang, who was waiting by the side, immediately went forward and carefully received the glass bottle.

Butler Meng said, “Who drugged Kang Fei How vicious! Young Madam, you cant say that I did it just because of this, can you Only those who have a feud with Butler Kang or those who have a feud with you would do such a thing.

Ive worked in the Fu family for so many years and still want to continue working here.

How could I do such a thing Im innocent!” Butler Kang chimed in, “Thats right.

How could Old Meng do that Hes the same as me.

Hes been working for Old Master for a long time.

Young Madam, why dont we call the police and settle this matter”

“We cant be sure who it is now, but…” Shi Jin bent down and plucked a button from Kang Feis shirt, holding it in her hand.

No one understood what she was doing.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Guess what this is”

Fu Xiuyuan said, “Its the pinhole camera I gave you last time.

Its for you to play with.” “Yes, its a pinhole camera.

Its very fun.

The last time I was playing in the yard, Kang Fei saw it and insisted on playing with it.

I gave him a few of them and asked him to put them on the buttons of his shirt to play with.” Shi Jin smiled as she played with the pinhole camera.

She indifferently said, “I wonder what kind of scene this will capture”

“Well know when we play the recording.” Fu Xiuyuan reached out and took it.

At this point, Butler Meng could no longer keep a straight face.

Sweat trickled down his face.

“You, you…”

“Youre right.

Xiuyuan knows about all these things.

He couldnt find me on purpose just now.

I was just in the backyard.

Otherwise, how is it possible that he couldnt reach me on the phone Butler Meng, even without this pinhole camera, there are too many things that youve revealed just now.

Its just that with this thing, it wont be easy for you to quibble anymore.”

Butler Kang didnt expect that it was really done by Butler Meng.

He rushed over and grabbed Butler Mengs collar.

“Meng Guang, the Old Master and Young Master have treated you well.

Ive always treated you as a brother.

How could you do such a thing What did Kang Fei do wrong, and what did Young Madam do wrong Youre so ambitious, youre really evil!”

Butler Kang threw a few punches at Butler Meng.

No one stepped forward to stop the fight.

They all felt that Butler Meng deserved a beating.

When Old Master Fu heard this, his heart ached.

“Meng Guang, why did you do this”

With a look from Fu Xiuyuan, someone finally stepped forward to pull Butler Kang and Butler Meng apart.

Old Master Fu seemed to have aged a decade.

“Both of you have followed me for decades.

In the Fu family, both of you are my right-hand men.

Meng Guang, tell me, why did you do such a thing I trusted you so much, why did you let me down”

Butler Meng was covered in blood and injuries.

He wiped his face and didnt hide it anymore.

His voice was a little shrill.

“Youve always trusted me Kang Yi and I have always done the same thing.

We treated you exactly the same, but youve always trusted him more, put him in an important position, and left everything to him.

Even back then, when we fell in love with the same woman, you were more in favor of letting her be with Kang Yi! How can I be considered your right-hand man”

Old Master Fu looked at him in shock.

He had always thought that he had the same attitude towards these two, but he didnt expect that Butler Meng would think this way.

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