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Chapter 594 Making Things Difficult

When Old Madam Jiang saw the situation, she said to Shi Jin, “Jiner, what do you think It doesnt matter if you cant take a look.

Doctors are categorized differently.

They cant treat all illnesses just by holding a scalpel.” Shi Jin smiled faintly.

“Grandma, this illness is especially easy to treat.

Its just that people did not find the right method.

I have a medicine here that can guarantee that he will recover immediately after taking it.”

“Is that so Hurry up and give it a try.” Old Madam Jiangs interest was piqued.

She really wanted to see it for herself.

She also wanted people to see how amazing the girl she acknowledged was.

Fang Yunxi was stunned.

Shi Jin actually said such big words!

She didnt really check the bodyguards leg just now.

She just lowered her head to take a look.

Where did her confidence come from Moreover, there was nothing wrong with the bodyguards leg.

How could she treat it

Fang Yunxi crossed her arms and looked at Shi Jin.

“Doctor Si, are you sure”

Shi Jin ignored her and took out a small pill.

Fang Yunxi snorted.

Fine, since she was willing to embarrass herself, she wanted to see how she could treat her!

These bodyguards had gone through special training.

If he said he wouldnt move, he really wouldnt move.

If he didnt stand up, could Shi Jin make him stand up

Shi Jin reached out to pinch the bodyguards mouth open and poured a pill into his mouth.

The bodyguard was stunned.

He was very skilled.

If he hadnt allowed it, no one would have been able to get close to him, let alone open his mouth.

However, the truth was the truth.

The seemingly weak Doctor Si in front of him did it without much effort.

“Alright, you can stand up now,” Shi Jin said softly.



“But I still dont feel anything.

I cant stand


Shi Jin lowered her head, reached for one of his pressure points and pressed it gently.

The bodyguard jumped out of the wheelchair.

Since he suddenly stood up like this, he would definitely fall if he wasnt steady, so he had no choice, but to immediately stand up straight.

To outsiders, it looked like the bodyguard had taken Shi Jins medicine and was given a massage by her.

After which he stood up immediately and steadily.

“Doctor Si must be the reincarnation of Hua Tuo!”

“Amazing, Dr.

Si is too amazing!”

“I finally know why Old Master Jiang was revived by her!”

Some people even walked towards the bodyguards and reached out to touch his leg to see how it was.

“Doctor Si, youre really amazing!” Everyone was amazed, but they couldnt help looking at Shi Jin with admiration.

Jiang Ning felt proud of her.

“Of course, take a look at who my Sister Si is.

Shes just that powerful! The others dont have to be unconvinced.

This is just her basic ability.”

“Everyone, youre flattering me.

I cant cure all kinds of illnesses.

Its just that I happen to be familiar with this illness that Ive just encountered.” Shi Jin would not leave any room for others to criticize her.

Her words were watertight.

However, everyone had already submitted to her and no longer doubted her.

Fang Yunxi glared at the bodyguard.

What was he doing Did Si Jin drug him

The bodyguard lowered his head and did not dare to look at Fang Yunxi, nor did he dare to explain to others.

Could he say that he did not know what had happened either

Fang Yunxi quickly stole a glance at Qin Fanyas expression.

She couldnt tell what was on Qin Fanyas mind and felt a little guilty.

She had initially wanted to embarrass Dr.

Si by doing this, but now, she was in the limelight again.

“However, this gentlemans leg has been injured for years.

Although I helped him stand up today, it has not been completely cured.

You still need to take a few months worth of medicine to fully recover.

Ill prescribe some medicine for you later.

You just need to settle the bill.”

The bodyguard had no choice, but to agree.


Thank you.”

The bodyguard pushed the wheelchair out himself.

Fang Yunxi followed him out and pulled him to a corner.

“What are you doing You dont even know how to pretend.”

“Im sorry, Miss.

I really didnt expect this.

I dont know what method she used to make me stand up.”

Fang Yunxi looked at his honest appearance.

Indeed, he did not seem like someone who would have crooked thoughts.

Since things had already come to this, she could only forget about it.

When she saw Qin Fanya walking out with an unhappy expression, she knew in her heart that those people must be talking about how Si Jins medical skills were outstanding.

Ever since Qin Fanya was born, she had always been proud of her achievements.

Now that the praise had fallen into the hands of the other party, how could she be willing to accept it

Fang Yunxi hurried over and said, “Im sorry, Fanya.

Its all my fault for being so clumsy.” “Forget it, what has it got to do with me” Qin Fanya said calmly, “Its good that they raised her so high.

The higher you stand, the more painful it will be for you to fall.”


After the guests from the Jiang family left, Old Madam Jiang called Shi Jin to the side and asked, “Is there really something wrong with that bodyguards leg”

When Shi Jin heard her question, she knew that she had already guessed it.

These elders had sharp eyes.

They were not people who small tricks could be hidden from.

“Its fake,” she said, “Theres nothing wrong with his leg.

I guess hes just joking with me.” “Then this joke is a little inappropriate.

Ive already said that Fang Yunxi and Qin Fanya are too arrogant and spoiled by their families.

They actually want to embarrass you under such circumstances.”

Jiang Ning added, “Thats right.

Qin Fanya is too unruly.

Ever since she was young, how many praises has she received Cant she take it when youre being praised Shes too jealous.”

Matriarch Jiang said, “Jiner, there are many rich and powerful families in Hong Kong.

Their members are complicated and their hearts are unpredictable.

You should be more careful and protect yourself while you are here.”

“I will, Grandma.”

“Where are you staying now” Old Madam Jiang asked, wanting her to move in with her.

When Jiang Ning heard that, she was afraid that Shi Jins identity would be exposed, so she quickly said, “Grandma, Sister Si is living with her friend.

Its very safe and convenient.

Although I really want her to move into our house to live with me, I think she wont.

You shouldnt force her, right” When Old Madam Jiang heard this, she could only give up.

“Alright, you young people have your own friends and like freedom.

You can do whatever you want.”

Shi Jin left the Jiang residence and took off her wig in the car.

Todays episode did not affect her much.

As for promoting her medical skills to a high position, Shi Jin was never worried.

With her medical skills, she was not afraid of being praised to death.

Because she had disguised herself as Doctor Si, Shi Jin had no bodyguards by her side.

When she returned to the Fu family mansion, it was rather quiet in the mansion that had never lacked servants.

A sense of vigilance arose in her heart as she continued to walk in.

She did not meet anyone in the living room.

Shi Jin frowned slightly.

Suddenly, a black shadow leaped out from behind her and rushed towards her in an extremely rough manner.


At night, the Fu residence was silent.

It was only when the lights suddenly turned on that the empty mansion became lively.

“Have you found them” Old Master Fu asked.

“Old Master, we didnt find Young Madam or Kang Fei.” Butler Meng bowed and said, not daring to look at Old Master Fu or Fu Xiuyuan.

“Who let Kang Fei come again” Fu Xiuyuans voice was unusually cold.

Butler Meng lowered his head.

“Well… Im not sure.”

Old Master Fu snapped, “Get Butler Kang here!”

Butler Kangs face was filled with anxiety.

This afternoon, when Fu Xiuyuan realized that Shi Jin was missing, he arranged for people to search everywhere.

Shortly after, Butler Kang also realized that Kang Fei was missing.

Among everyone, Butler Kang was probably the most anxious.

He had lost his son.

He was more desperate than anyone else.

Standing in front of Old Master Fu, his hands were trembling non-stop.

“Butler Kang, tell me, why did Kang Fei come here again” Old Master Fu sounded very serious.

“I… Im sorry, Old Master.

I… I dont know why either.” Butler Kang could not explain himself, but ever since the previous incident, he had never thought of bringing Kang Fei over.

How could he have the guts

However, the truth was that Kang Fei and Young Madam were both missing.

Just thinking about the possibility made Butler Kang sweat profusely.

Butler Meng said in a low voice, “Why dont we look around again According to the surveillance cameras today, Young Madam went home in the afternoon and Kang Fei did enter the house.” There were surveillance cameras everywhere in the Fu familys mansion, but there werent any in the room, so they could only see part of the situation, but not the full picture.

“Butler Meng, dont spout nonsense! What do you mean by that” Butler Kang questioned agitatedly.

“Did you think this through”

“I dont dare to spout nonsense.

I only said that because of the surveillance cameras.

Kang Fei is mentally unsound after all, and hes still young and impulsive.

Its possible that he was the one who hurt Young Madam…” Butler Meng stopped talking and did not continue, but these words were enough to ignite Old Master Fu and Fu Xiuyuans anger.

Fu Xiuyuan suddenly stood up and kicked Butler Kang.

Butler Kang fell to the ground in pain, but he did not dare to make a sound.

Before Butler Meng could react, Fu Xiuyuan kicked him as well!

The smugness that had just appeared on his face dissipated immediately because of the pain.

A servant ran in and said nervously, “There seems to be Young Madam and Kang Feis voices in the back garden…”

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