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Chapter 593 Doctor Sis Cure Is Just a Coincidence

“But I heard that Old Master Jiangs illness wasnt treated by Fanya” someone said.

Fang Yunxi immediately said, “Thats right, but before Fanya could do it, the surgery was already done by someone else.

Actually, the initial preparations were all done by Fanya.

Its just that the last step was given to someone else.

When everyone mentioned it, they only remembered other people and couldnt remember Fanyas contributions.”

Hearing Fang Yunxis words, everyone nodded.

“Thats true.

We have always seen Fanyas medical skills.”

“The doctor who performed the surgery wasnt as good as the rumors say, but she seemed to have taken all the credit.”

“Speaking of which, Fanya has already treated us many times.

Does anyone still not believe her”

When Qin Fanya heard these words, she did not reveal anything on her face.

She said, “This is all thanks to everyones appreciation.

I didnt do anything.

Im sorry that I didnt get to operate on Grandpa Jiang this time.

However, I do hope that nobody will need me to operate on them in the future.”

“Fanya is truly a benevolent doctor.

She hopes that no one will fall sick.” Fearing that everyone would not understand the hidden meaning in Qin Fanyas words, Fang Yunxi immediately helped her complete her sentence.

Everyone was smiling and nodding their heads.

Qin Fanya was humble and talented.

They did not know how that doctor with the surname Si could be so highly praised.

If Qin Fanya wanted to do this surgery, the results would probably be better than what Doctor Si achieved.

Everyone started to show their support for Qin Fanya.

It was as if Doctor Si hadnt done anything at all and was just lifting a scalpel.

Jiang Ning was accompanying Shi Jin down the stairs.

From afar, she could hear these people praising Qin Fanya and belittling Shi Jin.

So she immediately headed straight for that spot.

“Miss Jiang, has the Old Master recovered”

“Were all here to visit the Old Master.”

When everyone saw Jiang Ning walk over, they started to make small talk.

“My grandfathers health isnt too bad right now.

Its all thanks to Sister Sis help that my grandfather is safe and sound,” Jiang Ning said immediately.

Everyone couldnt help looking at the young man standing next to her.

No, it was a young woman.

So this was Dr.


Some people were surprised that Dr.

Si was not a boy.

More people thought that this Doctor Si was really good at winning over peoples hearts.

She easily made Jiang Ning address her as Sister Si.

It seemed like after she operated on Old Master Jiang, she had indeed received more than she had given.

Fang Yunxi could tell that Jiang Ning was very close to Doctor Si.

She said, “Yes, its all thanks to Doctor Si this time.

However, we cant erase Fanyas early preparations.”

“No one did.

Our family is very grateful to Dr.

Qin,” Jiang Ning said.

“Sigh, if Dr.

Qin hadnt said that the success rate of her surgery was only 50%, our family wouldnt have dared to ask Sister Si to step in.

Sister Si said that the success rate was 80%, but reality has proven that Sister Si was too humble.

The success rate was 100%.”

“So this is the reason why Doctor Si performed the surgery.”

“That Doctor Si is indeed quite impressive.”

Such comments instantly appeared in the crowd.

Just a moment ago, everyone thought that most of the credit was Qin Fanyas.

It was just that she was too humble.

It was only now that they realized that there was a reason for changing doctors during critical moments.

Fang Yunxi immediately retorted, “Fanya has always been very confident in her work.

Shes just being conservative.

As a doctor, whats wrong with being cautious”

“Yeah, that makes sense too.”

“Fanya has always been a medical genius.

She has been very good since she was young.

This is something that cannot be doubted.”

“Alright, alright.” Old Madam Jiang interrupted everyones discussion.

“Fanya and Jiner are both very good, so theres no need for everyone to compete.

Its all thanks to the two of them that our old man managed to survive.

We are thankful for both of them.”

Old Madam Jiang was a smart person.

In front of everyone, she naturally wouldnt deliberately praise or belittle anyone.

These words were indeed fair and just, so everyone didnt dwell on this topic and didnt continue discussing.

However, when Qin Fanya heard this, she didnt feel good at all.

She had always been praised by others, but this time, Old Madam Jiang not only compared her and Si Jins names, she even called her Jiner.

It was obvious that they were very close.

Her unique position had been broken.

Jiang Ning naturally understood what her grandma meant.

She stuck out her tongue at Qin Fanya and raised her chin to look at her.

Qin Fanya naturally could not argue with her.

She pretended to not see it and found a seat.

Fang Yunxi couldnt help saying, “That fool Jiang Ning really treated Si Jin as a treasure.

The Jiang family was also fooled by her.

No wonder everyone said that the Jiang family would be finished sooner or later.” “Jiang Ning has always been at loggerheads with me.

It wasnt easy for her to find an opportunity to step on my head, so naturally, she will be happy.” Qin Fanya didnt mind and didnt lower herself to Jiang Nings level.

Fang Yunxi smiled.

“Im going out for a while.”

She walked out quickly and called her bodyguard captain over.

She asked him to find a very unfamiliar bodyguard, the kind that never appeared in front of everyone.

Soon, a completely unfamiliar bodyguard appeared in front of Fang Yunxi.

“Help me do something.

Your acting must be realistic.”

“Miss, Ill do whatever you ask me to do.”


Pretend to be a patient whose legs cant walk and let Si Jin take a look at you, but remember, no matter how Si Jin treats you, you just have to say that your legs cant move.

And if it is Fanya who treats you, you just have to stand up.”

The bodyguard immediately said, “Thats simple, I can act.”

Fang Yunxi nodded in satisfaction.

This bodyguard was a retired special forces soldier, so his acting skills were naturally not the best.

However, pretending that he couldnt move his legs shouldnt be difficult.

She wanted to see how capable Si Jin was.

At this moment, there were guests everywhere in the Jiang family.

They were all here to visit Old Master Jiang.

There were many people who came to talk to Qin Fanya.

Fang Yunxi quickly returned to Qin Fanyas side.

A moment later, a bodyguard pushed another bodyguard in.

They walked to Qin Fanyas side and said, “Doctor Qin, please help me.”

Upon seeing this scene, everyone couldnt help but look over.

Although it was a little strange, they werent surprised.


Qin Fanyas medical skills were excellent.

Wherever she went, there would be people who came to seek help from her.

Many people who could not befriend her would also take the chance to appear in front of her in public and ask for her help.

“This…” Qin Fanya looked at the two of them and then at Fang Yunxi.

Fang Yunxi reprimanded them, “What are you guys doing Doctor Qin doesnt just treat random patients.

Why are you all in front of her”

The bodyguard who was pushing the wheelchair said, “Im sorry, Miss.

We dont have a choice either.

This brother of mine had his leg broken previously, so he cant stand up at all now.

Even if we searched the entire hospital for medicine, it would be useless.

I also heard that Doctor Qin is kind-hearted, so I thought of a way to meet her.

Doctor Qin, please help me.”

Fang Yunxi took a step forward and said, “Fanya is very busy.

She doesnt treat all kinds

doctor here today, Doctor Si.

Why dont you go and seek advice from Doctor Si”

When the bodyguard pushing the wheelchair heard that, he immediately walked towards Shi Jin.

Everyone was also enjoying the show.

No one stopped him.

Qin Fanya frowned and glanced at Fang Yunxi.

She could already tell that she was messing around.

Fang Yunxi said in a low voice, “I was just fooling around with that Doctor Si.

Who asked her to steal the limelight everywhere”.

“Be careful, it might bite you in the back.”

“How could that be Ive already told the bodyguard.

No matter what that Doctor Si does, he wont be able to stand up.” Qin Fanya couldnt help shaking her head.

If she were to meet someone like this, she wouldnt be able to do anything either.

She wanted to see how Si Jin would resolve it.

“Doctor Si, please help my brother.”

Jiang Ning felt that there was something fishy about the two of them, but when she saw that Shi Jin had no intention of rejecting them, she helped her ask, “Hows your leg How long has it been Do you feel anything now” The bodyguard in the wheelchair said, “Ive been shot before.

My nerves and bones are broken.

I havent felt anything for three years.

Doctor Si, please help me.” Shi Jin bent down and gently touched his leg.

Jiang Ning frowned and said, “Its so serious.

It looks like theres nothing we can do.

Arent you causing trouble for my Sister Si”

Fang Yunxi walked over and said, “Its not like were causing trouble for Doctor Si.

If other hospitals can treat him, theres no need for us to look for Doctor Si.

However, Doctor Si is so capable, so this is just a small problem, right” “Its too serious.

Sister Si must think carefully, right, Sister Si” Jiang Ning defended Shi Jin.

“Is that so Does Doctor Si have any good ideas Sigh, if Doctor Si doesnt have any ideas, then forget it.

You guys should look for Fanya in a few days.

No, or rather, Fanya can treat him now, right, Fanya” Fang Yunxi said deliberately.

A heated discussion broke out in the surroundings.

“In my opinion, Fanya will definitely be able to treat this situation.”

“Thats right.

Fanya is best at using traditional Chinese medicine to treat all kinds of complicated illnesses.

Its not impossible for her to treat this illness.”

“Looking for Fanya is a smart decision.”

After all, everyone had witnessed Qin Fanyas abilities along the way, so they sided with her even more.

As for Si Jin, although she had performed this surgery, she was still a young and inexperienced person in everyones eyes.

Who knew if this surgery was a coincidence

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