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Chapter 592 Reject Me Personally

“Its fine.

Where is Jiang Ning”

“Shes upstairs.” Mother Jiang hurriedly said, “Doctor Si, Ill have to trouble you to go up and persuade her.

Weve spoiled this child since she was young.”

Shi Jin went upstairs and gently knocked on the door.

“I told you not to bother me.” Jiang Nings voice sounded very willful.

“Its me, Si Jin.”

A hush fell over the room, followed by a flurry of activity as if someone was flipping through something

After a while, the door opened a little.

Jiang Ning popped her head out.

She had light makeup on.


Si.” She rubbed her face.

“Please come


Shi Jin walked in, and Jiang Ning followed beside her nervously.

She found it strange.

She was obviously angry and unhappy, but once Doctor Si came over, she still felt as if she had lost all her emotions.

She could not get angry at that face.

“Doctor Si, why are you here”

“I came to see you.

Also, to explain what happened that day.”

Jiang Ning immediately wrung her hands, lowered her head, and said, “Dont say anymore.

You came to reject me personally, so I dont want to listen to anything.

If I dont listen, I still have hope.

Leave quickly, I dont want to listen anymore.” “Jiang Ning, do you really like me Do you understand me Do you know who I am”

Jiang Ning, who was obsessed with looks, instantly lifted her head and stared at Shi Jins face.

“If I like you, then I like you.

I like you because youre good-looking.

Whats the point of asking so much Besides, Ill have plenty of time to get to know you in the future.

Isnt there a saying that it all begins with looks How do you start without looks”

“You dont even care about my gender” Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and asked.

Her action of raising her eyebrows drew Jiang Nings attention.

She placed her hands over her heart and only reacted after a moment.

“Gender isnt a prob-wait, what gender are you talking about” “Im a girl.”

“Huh” Jiang Ning immediately looked aggrieved.

Her mouth and nose scrunched up.

“That day, in order to reject me, you kissed a man, and now youre lying to me.

Doctor Si, youre hurting my self-esteem…”

Before she could finish speaking, Shi Jin grabbed her hand.

Shi Jin leaned close to her ear.

“Do you want to verify it”

“You want me to touch your… your…” Jiang Nings face instantly turned even redder.

This wasnt too good, right

Wait, could Doctor Si really be a girl

She looked at Shi Jin in surprise.

Shi Jin reached out and took off her wig…

Her head of black hair was revealed.

Her face was both masculine and feminine, but because of her black hair, it naturally outlined her gentle side.

Jiang Nings almond-shaped eyes widened as she looked at her in surprise.

Her face turned even redder, so she wasnt asking her to touch her, but to look at her long hair.

She was stunned when she saw Shi Jin in front of her.

“Shi… Shi Jin”

Si Jin, Shi Jin!

Jiang Ning couldnt help, but scold herself.

“What kind of taste do I have! Ahhhhhhh! So embarrassing!”

“You believe me now”

“No, when I asked Auntie Tang for your WeChat, she didnt tell me if you were a boy or a girl.

After I saw your photo and your person, I started imagining things…” Jiang Ning was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide.

“Maybe Im too cute and handsome,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

With her joking around, Jiang Ning no longer felt so awkward.

Her expression gradually returned to normal.

Shi Jin put the wig back on and said, “Next time, I have to find a slightly longer wig.”

“Oh, oh, okay.” Jiang Ning blushed again.

“Then can I still like you now”

“I dont mind having another fan obsessed with looks.”


Jiang Ning also joked, “Actually, if you ask me if I minded your gender, I might really not mind… However, I really cant compete with Master Fu.

Forget it, I know my limits.”

Jiang Nings awkwardness was almost gone.

When she saw Shi Jin putting on the wig again, she asked, “Do you still have to disguise yourself”

“Otherwise, when patients or their family members see that Im an artist, they wont dare to let me treat them.”

Jiang Ning laughed.

“Thats true.

When Auntie Tang recommended you to me back then, I didnt expect you to be Shi Jin at all.

If you had come with Shi Jins identity back then, not only would my family not trust you, but my head would also be filled with question marks.

If that really happened, my grandfather would…”

She choked on her words.

Shi Jin passed the tissue to her.

Jiang Ning took it shyly and gave her an obedient smile.

“Ill get going then.

Go downstairs and eat something.”

Jiang Ning remembered that she had made a mistake and felt a little embarrassed.

However, on second thought, her family would find out about her mistake sooner or later.

Forget it, she might as well go downstairs with Shi Jin.

Several elders of the Jiang family were sitting on the sofa and chatting about this matter.

She heard the butlers joyful voice.

“Miss and Doctor Si came down together.”

“Doctor Si! Please take a seat!” Old Madam Jiang smiled and greeted him.

Jiang Ning followed behind Shi Jin and said, “Sister Si has already promised me to stay for dinner.”

Sister Si

Father and Mother Jiang exchanged glances.


Si was indeed a girl!

Sigh! This blunder was too big!

If there was anyone to blame, it would be Doctor Si for being so beautiful that her gender was blurred.

Otherwise, everyone would not have made this mistake.

Old Madam Jiang was a little disappointed.

If Dr.

Si was really a boy, he could get together with Jiang Ning.

The Jiang family didnt lack anything.

It was also quite good that their most beloved child could marry someone who didnt do financial or economic things.

What a pity.

“Doctor Si, do you usually work in the capital” Old Madam Jiang let go of the disappointment in her heart and doted on such a young girl.

“Yes, usually.

I came to Hong Kong to meet a friend.

It was a coincidence that I was able to help.” “Then our fate is really deep,” Old Madam Jiang said.” If you are free, come over more often.

If you need anything, tell Ningning.” “I will, Old Madam.”

“You can call me Grandma just like Ningning,” Old Madam Jiang said as she held her hand.

Putting aside the fact that Shi Jin had helped to save her husband, Old Madam Jiang liked her very much.

She loved the girls at home from the bottom of her heart.

That was why Jiang Ning was the most loved at home.

“Okay, Grandma,” Shi Jin said generously.

Old Madam Jiang was elated.

“Aiya, youre such a good child.”

“Sister Si can come over often in the future,” Jiang Ning said with a smile.

“In that case, I wont call you Dr.


Thats too distant.

Since youre Si Jin, Ill call you Jiner.”

Shi Jin did not object.

She was not used to being addressed so intimately, but seeing the sincere love on Old Madam Jiangs face, she could only accept it.

“By the way, Jiner, do you have a boyfriend” Old Madam Jiang asked.

Shi Jin almost choked on her saliva.

Jiang Ning hurriedly said, “Grandma, shes still busy with her career and shes still young.

Dont ask her about this.”

“What do you know, child I just want to introduce a good boyfriend to Jiner.

Grandmas eyes have seen too many things.

My judgment of people cant be said to be completely accurate, but at least Im better than you.

Grandma wont randomly introduce people.

Ill eventually find someone whos worthy of Jiner.”

“Do you dare to introduce Master Fu to Sister Si” Jiang Ning asked.

Old Madam Jiang knocked her on the forehead.

“You child, how can you say that Jiner, dont mind her joking around.

In Hong Kong, as long as you like someone, Grandma can introduce them to you, but only this Master Fu cant be touched.”

Shi Jin pursed her lips and smiled.

Jiang Ning asked deliberately, “Why not Master Fu”

“That child has been independent and opinionated since he was young.

If he likes someone, no one can change his mind.

As for the others, its better not to have that idea.

But Jiner, dont think that that kind of man is good.

That kind of man is hard to please.

We should find someone who will dote on us.”

When Shi Jin heard her words, she knew that she genuinely cared for her.

Old Madam Jiang said a few words and found out that she had no intention of finding a boyfriend at the moment, so she changed the topic.

After a while, many guests came to the Jiang family.

It turned out that someone had heard that Old Master Jiang had been discharged from the hospital and came to visit.

Old Madam Jiang asked Shi Jin to stay for dinner.

Shi Jin had already agreed to it, since it would be rude to leave.

Hence, she had no choice, but to stay.

Knowing that this famous Doctor Si was here, many people came to greet her.

However, Jiang Ning saw that she had no intention to socialize, so she accompanied her upstairs.

Among the people who came to visit, Qin Fanya was there as well.

Fang Yunxi was beside her and they came together.

Qin Fanya did not want to come, but she could not erase the friendship between the two families so she had no choice but to come.

As soon as she walked in, many people greeted her.

“Fanya, youre here.”

“Fanya, long time no see.”

“Doctor Qin, how have you been”

Qin Fanya nodded in a reserved and indifferent manner as a form of greeting.

“I heard that Fanya helped Old Master Jiang a lot when he was sick, right” The news of Old Master Jiangs illness this time had caused a huge commotion.

The outside world was in an uproar for a few days.

Some were worried, some were waiting to see a joke, and some were wondering what would happen to the Jiang family when they were leaderless.

After that, Old Master Jiang, who had been declared incurable, miraculously recovered.

The rumors about Old Master Jiangs illness had spread like wildfire.

“Fanya naturally helped.” Fang Yunxi stood at the side and said, “Fanyas medical skills have always been good.

Many of the seniors health have been taken care of by her.

The tea she gave my grandfather previously, after he drank it, he became so much more energetic.”

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