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Chapter 591 No charge

Before Shi Jin could finish muttering, Fu Xiuyuan pressed her down and kissed her fiercely.

How was she dressed wrongly She was just too perfect, thats why she attracted so many bees and butterflies.

The only thing he could do was to carve more of his mark on her so that fewer people outside would covet her.

Knock knock knock.

Someone knocked on the car window.

Shi Jin pushed Fu Xiuyuan away.

Seeing his slightly deflated gaze, she smiled and planted a kiss on his lips.

Only when his expression was calm did Shi Jin lower the car window.

Shi Jin was not unfamiliar with the person standing outside the car.

It was Fang Tang.

“Doctor Si, Im sorry to disturb you.” Fang Tangs tone was cautious.

“Im really sorry.

I had no choice, but to come and find you.”

“Whats the matter”

“I havent introduced myself yet.

My name is Fang Tang and Im also Master Fus friend.

Although Master Fu might not know who I am, Im still somewhat related to the Fu family.”

Shi Jin was amused by her cautious look.

“Tell me, what is it”

“I heard that Doctor Si has cured Grandpa Jiangs illness and his medical skills are very good.

I have a presumptuous request and would like to ask you to help my mother…”

“Si Jin is busy,” Fu Xiuyuan said coldly.

“Master Fu… Im sorry.” Fang Tang was too anxious to see Doctor Si just now and didnt know that Fu Xiuyuan was there.

Shi Jin placed her palm on the back of Fu Xiuyuans hand to calm him down.

She said to Fang Tang, “Ill give you my WeChat.” She opened Si Jins WeChat and gave it to Fang Tang.

“Ill contact you later.”

Fang Tang was overjoyed.

“Okay, thank you, Doctor Si.”

Closing the car window, Shi Jin glanced at him and crawled over to kiss him again.

Finally, she managed to appease the angry beast.


The next day, Shi Jin had a detailed chat with Fang Tang before she found out that Fang Tangs mother was sick.

She had been receiving treatment, but there was no improvement.

If not for that, Fang Tang would not have followed Jiang Ning just to contact Doctor Si.

Shi Jin found it a little strange.

Wasnt this Fang Tang also the daughter of a wealthy family Why did it seem like she was being pushed aside

While Butler Kang was cleaning up, Shi Jin asked about it casually.

“Are you talking about Fang Tang She is indeed the daughter of the Fang familys first wife.

However, her mother married her father when her father was down and out.

Back then, the Fang family did not look like a wealthy family at all.

Not long after she was born, her father got together with a rich woman in order to make a comeback.

He quickly developed the Fang family again.

However, this first wife and her daughter are not so lucky…”

Shi Jin nodded silently.

No wonder Fang Tang was always so careful when handling matters.

From the looks of it, she wasnt doing very well in the entertainment industry.

So there was such a story behind it.

“Young Madam, there are many rich families in Hong Kong.

As for the Fang family, they are nothing much.

If you want to befriend them, you should find a few families that are worth befriending.

For example, families like the Qin family and the Jiang family.

Some small families might even want to take advantage of you…” After Butler Kang said that, he noticed Shi Jins serious expression and stopped talking

Shi Jin glanced at him.

“Thank you, Butler Kang.”

“I said too much.”

Actually, Shi Jin was not angry.

Although Butler Kangs words were unpleasant, he was indeed thinking on her behalf.

He was much better than Butler Meng.

Since Shi Jin had promised Fang Tang that she would visit her mother, she agreed to meet her that afternoon.

Fang Tang did not expect her to really come, so when she saw her, she was very surprised and her expression was very respectful.

“Doctor Si.”

“Lets go and see your mother.” “This way, Doctor Si.” Fang Tang led Shi Jin into a dilapidated sanatorium.

The walls were mottled and it was obvious that the situation here was terrible.

She blushed and apologized, “Sorry, this place is a little dirty and messy.

I dont have much money, so I cant send my mother to a better place.”

Shi Jin recalled that she had paid for her herbs the last time even though she was clearly in a tight spot.

“How is your mother”

“Its probably because of the aftereffects of giving birth to me, but her body is very weak, and her mental state is also not good…” Fang Tang said in a low voice.

“Shes been taking medicine to recuperate, but her body is very thin.

No matter how I nourish it, theres no improvement.”

Shi Jin nodded and walked in.

Fang Tangs mother was sitting in the yard, basking in the sun.

Although she looked sickly, her clothes were clean and tidy.

Fang Tang had clearly taken good care of her.

Shi Jin walked over and Fang Tang said softly, “Mom, this is Doctor Si, my friend.

Hes here to treat you.”

“Like I said, Im not sick.

You dont have to spend this money anymore.

You can save it for yourself and buy yourself something nice to eat and some nice clothes.”

“Mom, let Doctor Si take a look at you.”


Fang could not persuade her daughter and could only let Shi Jin take her pulse.

However, she kept saying that she was not sick.

Shi Jin realized that there was indeed nothing wrong with her.

However, her body was severely damaged and she was very weak.

She was as thin as a matchstick.

No wonder her mental state was not good.

At the end of the day, her body was too weak.

She still had to recuperate and nourish herself.


Fang, your body is fine, but you need to recuperate,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Thats going to cost a lot of money, isnt it” What she feared most was spending money.

Her daughter had been too busy running around since shed been sick for the past two years.

However, her body was too weak and she could not even take care of herself.

She was a burden to her daughter so she felt very sad.

“Theres no need for that.

Getting the medicine wont cost much.

However, you have to train while taking the medicine.

If your body is too weak, you wont be able to take nourishment.

It will be useless instead.”

“Alright, alright.

Ill definitely do it,” she said as she stood up immediately.

However, she could not stand steadily.

Shi Jin then realized that her arthritis was also very serious.

No wonder her body looked like this.

Hence, she adjusted the prescription and added other drugs.

When she walked out with Fang Tang, Fang Tang said softly, “When I was young, in order to take care of my family, my mother always worked a few jobs.

At night, she even had to go to the beach to go clam digging.

This is how her illness slowly developed.”

“Dont worry, well take care of it slowly.

Shell get better.

Your mother isnt old, so her recovery ability is still there.”

“Thank you so much, Doctor Si.

I dont know how to thank you.

What are your fees like I might not be able to gather the money for you immedaitely, but I will definitely do so over time.”

She knew that Doctor Si was someone who could even cure Old Master Jiang.

A doctor like this must charge high fees, so she had already reserved the necessary fees in her heart.

Shi Jin shook her head.

“No charge.”


“Just take it as returning the money you paid for my herbs.”

With that, Shi Jin walked ahead.

Fang Tang was stunned.

Paid for herbs The only time she had ever paid for someones herbs was Shi Jin.

So, Doctor Si was actually Shi Jin

Si Jin = Shi Jin

She was stunned for a moment before she realized that the Doctor Si in front of her was indeed similar in height and appearance to Shi Jin.

It was just that ordinary people would not easily associate two people of different professions and appearances as the same person.

Fang Tang didnt go forward to confirm again, but she knew in her heart that since Shi Jin had disguised himself as Doctor Si, she must have her reasons.

And since she told her, that meant she trusted her.

She would not spill her secret.

She could not break this trust.


Two days later, Shi Jin received a call from Old Madam Jiang.

“Doctor Si, please help Ningning.” “What is it”

“Ever since she came home from the hotel that day, she hasnt eaten or drunk anything.

She even said things like its fine if you dont like her, but why must you pretend to like men She seems to be possessed.

Doctor Si, I know that Ningning might not be worthy of your liking, but Im really worried about her current state.

Im afraid that something bad might happen to her…” Old Madam Jiang choked on her words.

Shi Jin: “…”

She thought that a rich young lady like Jiang Ning would soon forget about this matter and not take it seriously.

Who knew that she would actually remember it “Then Ill come over.”

“Okay, okay.

Thank you so much, Doctor Si.”


At the Jiang residence.

Jiang Ning locked herself in the room.

They couldnt even send food in.

It was as if she didnt feel anything.

Three days passed in a flash.

“Ningning, just eat something.

There are plenty of good men in the world.

Doctor Si might not be the only one…”

“Im not eating.

Im not eating!”

Old Madam Jiang was anxious.

“Child, why are you so silly”

Jiang Nings parents were also very anxious.

They really didnt know what had gotten into her.

However, they could not blame Doctor Si for this.

He was only there to perform a surgery and did not do anything else.

However, Father Jiang was puzzled.

“But I thought that Doctor Si is a girl”

“Dont talk nonsense.

It should be a boy,” Mother Jiang said.

“How can a girl do something so cleanly and neatly”

“But how can a boy be so beautiful” Father Jiang shook his head and said.

“Well… boys can be pretty too, right” Mother Jiang wavered for a moment, but she still persisted.

“I think there are some boys nowadays who are prettier than girls and


“Doctor Si is here!” The butler rushed over and said, “Sir, Madam, Doctor Si is here.”

“Please come in,” Mother Jiang said anxiously when she saw Shi Jin walking in.

The Jiang family treated Shi Jin very respectfully.

When they saw her coming over, they all stood up to welcome her.

“Doctor Si, I really have to trouble you to come over.

Its just that my daughter…” Mother Jiang was a little embarrassed.

“We were supposed to visit Doctor Si, but now, Doctor Si has to come personally.”

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