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Chapter 590 Jealousy Does Not Differentiate Between Men and Women

“Thank you.” Shi Jin took it.

“Ill get going then.


Shi Jin nodded and walked out.

She saw Jiang Ning standing by the side in a daze, her face red.

“Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Ning saw her and quickly adjusted her smile.

She looked at her face and asked, “There shouldnt be anything wrong with my grandfather, right”

“Theres no problem.

I gave him a detailed checkup.

The doctors here are all very responsible, and their medical skills are very good.

With them accompanying him, Elder Jiang should be fine soon.”

“Doctor Si, you can call me Ningning.

My family calls me Ningning.” “Okay, Ningning.” Seeing that her face was still red, Shi Jin reached out and naturally touched her forehead.

Jiang Ning was stunned.

Although she couldnt control her admiration for Doctor Si and her heart was racing when she saw him, she didnt expect him to be so concerned about her.

Her eyes stopped blinking and she saw that he had moved a little closer.

His palm was not rough like other boys.

When she was closer, she could see the fine hairs on Dr.

Sis face clearly.

His eyelashes were long and beautiful, as if they could directly pierce a persons heart.

“Its not a big problem.” Shi Jin retracted her hand and handed her the unopened bottle of water.

“Drink more water.”

When Shi Jin left, Jiang Ning was still in a daze.

She was really in love! She wondered if Doctor Si had a girlfriend.

Shi Jin had no idea that her short hairstyle would give Jiang Ning such an illusion.

If she had known, she would have chosen short hair that was slightly longer.




At the Fu residence.


Today, it was rare for Fu Xiuyuan to be home, so Old Master Fu was in high spirits.

During the meal, Old Master Fu smiled and said, “Xiuyuan, I heard that your Grandpa Jiang has recovered and will be discharged in a few days.” “Mm, thats good.” Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head to look at Shi Jin.

This way, Shi Jin wouldnt have to go to the hospital.

“Your Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Jiang specially asked me to send a message to thank


Fu Xiuyuan paused his chopsticks.

“Thank me for what”

“You child.

Didnt you go with Dr.

Si when he went to perform the surgery for your Grandpa Jiang Your Grandma Jiang said that everyone was too worried and didnt notice your presence, so she didnt greet you properly and even told you not to take it to heart.

So you know that Dr.


She said that it was no wonder that Dr.

Si was willing to do his best to help.

So hes your friend.” Old Master Fu only found out about this when he went to visit Old Master Jiang today.

His grandson was praised in public and envied by others, so he could not help showing off when he returned.

After saying that, he twirled his beard and said, “I heard that Doctor Sis medical skills are even better than Fanyas.

This is the first time Ive heard of it.

I dont know if its true.”

“The truth is right in front of us.

It must be true,” Fu Xiuyuan said calmly.

“I dont think so… If that Dr.

Si didnt do anything, Fanya would definitely be able to do it too.” Speaking of Qin Fanya, Old Master Fu started to speak more.

“After all, she has been learning medicine since she was young.

Shes a genius.

When she was ten, she…”

Fu Xiuyuan put down his chopsticks.

“Im full.

Shi Jin, accompany me to walk around.”

Shi Jin knew that he wasnt willing to listen to Old Master Fu talk about Qin Fanya.

He might have planned to say that Doctor Si was her and she was Doctor Si, but after being interrupted by Old Master Fu, he was unwilling to say it.

Shi Jin stood up.

“Grandpa, please eat slowly.”

Old Master Fus mood was ruined, and he couldnt help feeling vexed.

“You guys are really… Go, Ill eat alone.”


Before Old Master Jiang was discharged from the hospital, Shi Jin changed into her short hair and went to check on him one last time.

“No problem.

You can be discharged now.”

“Thats great.

Thank you so much, Doctor Si.” Old Madam Jiang and Jiang Ning sent her to the hospital entrance.

Old Madam Jiang could tell that Jiang Ning still had something to say to Shi Jin, so she excused herself and left.

“Doctor Si, our family has prepared a thank you party and would like to invite you to the banquet tomorrow night.” “Ningning, forget about the thank you party.

Youve already thanked me many times.

Theres really no need to trouble yourself again.”

Jiang Ning immediately said: “No, this is what we should do.

It is not a hassle at all.

You have helped our family so much.

If we dont thank you, what will Hong Kong think of our family You must come, okay”

“Alright, Ill definitely be there.” Seeing how sincere she was, Shi Jin did not decline further.

The next night, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan appeared together.

However, she didnt want to expose her identity too much, so she maintained Si Jins appearance and appeared as Fu Xiuyuans friend.

The address that Jiang Ning sent was at a high-end hotel.

Fu Xiuyuan parked his car and received a call.

Shi Jin was waiting for him at the entrance of the hotel.

She had just walked to the entrance of the hotel when a man who looked like the hotel manager walked over.

He bowed and said, “Are you Doctor Si I was arranged by Miss Jiang Ning to pick you up.

Shes waiting for you over there.”

Shi Jin looked inside and saw Jiang Ning dressed up and waving at them.

“Doctor Si, please go in first.”

“My friend is still on the phone over there.

I want to wait until he comes along…”

“Is it that gentleman Doctor Si, dont worry.

Ill call your friend.”

Shi Jin nodded and walked towards Jiang Ning.

She did not see anyone from the Jiang family and only saw Jiang Ning eagerly waiting for her.

Shi Jin felt that something was amiss, but she could not figure out what was wrong.

She had just walked in when she heard the sound of the flowers being pulled apart.

Flowers flew over her head, and rose petals that had fallen out of nowhere fell one after another.

The melodious sound of the piano entered her ears.

And applause broke out all around them.

They were all people with roses in their hands.

When Shi Jin finally realized what was wrong, Jiang Ning was already walking towards her.

She looked at her shyly.

“Doctor Si, can I call you Si Jin”

“Yes, but…”

“Si Jin, can you be my boyfriend I really like you! From the first time I saw you, I was already attracted to you.

Your talent moved me, and your handsome appearance made me infatuated.

Your gentleness towards me also made me unable to part with you,” Jiang Ning said what was on her mind in one breath.

She was afraid that if she did not do it in one go, she would be too embarrassed to say it again.

She held the ninety-nine roses in her hands and looked at Shi Jin fervently, feeling shy and nervous.

Shi Jin: “…”

She had never expected that even though she did not dress as a man intentionally, she would still attract unwanted attention.

Was her hair too short or something

She didnt think there was anything wrong with her dressing.

However, in Jiang Nings eyes, she was handsome.

Although it was hard to tell if she was male or female, when she performed the surgery, she looked clean and neat, just like the boyfriend Jiang Ning wanted.

It was no wonder that she thought Doctor Si was a boy.

“Jiang Ning, Im not who you think I am.

Im sorry, I cant…”


Si, I know your standards will be very high, so I dont expect you to agree to my request right away.

I just want you to give me a chance.

Dont reject me, okay”

Shi Jin had a headache.

“Thats not what I meant.

Youre a very good girl, but I…”

“I dont want you to give me a good person card! You havent even understood me, how do you know that Im a good person or something”

“Jiang Ning, listen to me…” There were people all around.

They were probably invited by Jiang Ning to help.

So it wasnt appropriate for Shi Jin to reveal her true identity so she leaned closer to her ear.

“Actually, I am…”

Before Shi Jin could finish speaking, someone grabbed her waist.

Jiang Ning saw him approaching her and was about to speak in a low voice when he was pulled away.

She looked closely and realized that it was Fu Xiuyuan.

Never mind that it was Fu Xiuyuan, but he actually placed his hand on Dr.

Sis waist!

Jiang Ning came prepared tonight.

She swore to take down Dr.

Si! Therefore, no matter what Doctor Si said to reject her, she would never be discouraged or retreat!

However, when she saw Fu Xiuyuan, she still subconsciously took a step back.

He was too scary, and his eyes looked like they wanted to eat her.

Jiang Ning did not know why he was like this!

Shi Jin had also sensed Fu Xiuyuans anger and jealousy.

Although he was trying his best to change, the fire burning in his heart was similar to the color of the roses that decorated this entire place.

Fu Xiuyuans jealously did not differentiate between men and women, nor did it differentiate based on time and location.

Shi Jin couldnt help, but pity Jiang Ning, this foolish girl with poor judgment.

She couldnt even differentiate between a man and a woman! It was good that Fu Xiuyuan was here.

Shi Jin said to Jiang Ning, “Im really sorry, Jiang Ning.

The person I like is…”

Under Jiang Nings stunned expression, Shi Jin stood on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on Fu Xiuyuans lips.

This way, not only could Jiang Ning realize the truth, but she could also appease the restless Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin really had done her best.

When her kiss landed on Fu Xiuyuans lips, the man was truly comforted.

His brows relaxed and the cold aura he was exuding dissipated.

“You, you guys…” Jiang Ning dragged her skirt and ran out.

“Miss Jiang!” The man who had just led Shi Jin in chased after her.

Shi Jin saw that she had someone to take care of her and thought that there would not be any big problems, so she did not bother about her.

Back in Fu Xiuyuans car, Shi Jin saw that he was still pursing his thin lips and said in a low voice, “What do you think I did wrong to make Jiang Ning think I was a man”

“Its her problem.”

“Then, when I choose to have short hair next time, Ill try to get a new look.

Maybe I should wear a skirt instead of pants Or maybe I should adjust my voice to sound less rough”

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