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Chapter 59: Worshipped Good-Looking People as True Talent

No way Deng Yufei was going to lose! She was not ready to leave the show!

Just as her mind was in chaos, she heard the host saying, “Now that Little Raindrop and Little Stone have given their dazzling performances, their fate is in your hands.

Please cast your votes for your favorite singer! Are you ready In five seconds, you can start to vote! Five, four…”

Deng Yufei was instantly stunned.

Was Shi Jin done singing How did she perform Had her voice cracked Had people hated her singing How did she perform in comparison to her

Deng Yufeis mind went blank as she walked over towards Shi Jin and stood beside her.

Before long, it was time for the audience to vote.

It was Deng Yufeis last chance to stay in the program.

“Three, two…” The hosts voice sounded like a demonic chant.

Deng Yufei suddenly pretended to lose balance and bumped into Shi Jin.

She grabbed Shi Jins mask as she stumbled.

In a matter of seconds, Shi Jin had already adjusted her mask without showing her face.

However, the ghastly contorted scar on her lip was captured on camera.

Even though the cameraman quickly moved away, the audience saw how ugly Shi Jin was.

Everyone saw Shi Jins hideous scar.

Also, some of the audience were filming the show, so they kept replaying the footage to see.

Little Stone had the perfect figure, but ended up so ugly.

All attention turned to Shi Jins face instantly.

“Heavens! Were my eyes playing tricks on me Is Little Stone really that ugly”

“Oh my god! I really cant bear looking at her.”

“Although I feel bad about saying this, the sight of her makes me want to vomit my dinner.”

“How could she sing such a sweet song with looks like that I cant take it.

I really cant take it!”

“You people shouldnt only care about her face.

What about her singing”

“My rationality tells me not to care about her face, but I cant stop myself from feeling repulsed.”

Ultimate Singer-Songwriter wanted to discover new talent for the entertainment industry and claimed their program was not about looks, so they kept marketing it as a part of their program.

However, in todays society, everyone only worshipped good-looking people as true talent.

Even though no one thought about the contestants looks previously, the audience assumed they were at least average looking or even gorgeous enough to be celebrities.

If talent was a piece of chocolate, the wrapper should at least be normal.

The chocolate certainly could not be wrapped with trash!

Little Stone had become “trash” in their eyes.

Even though Deng Yufei messed up her song, she won Shi Jin marginally by a hundred votes.

She would now take over Shi Jins spot in the safe zone!

The host announced the rules sadly, “Since Little Stone has lost the challenge, she will now go into the elimination zone.

However, she has one chance to challenge a contestant in the safe zone.

Little Stone, you will be up next in the second half of the show!”

Shi Jin did not expect Deng Yufei would do this to win.

Shi Jin did not perform as well in her past life, so she did not end up getting challenged repeatedly.

Shi Jin was caught by surprise when Deng Yufei pulled this tasteless stunt.

She had accidentally let down her guard.

She got off the stage calmly without saying an angry word as she contemplated what to do next.

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