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Chapter 589 Too Foolish

An assistant who had appeared out of nowhere handed Shi Jin medical equipment, sterile gloves, and sterile protective clothing.

Her tone was calm and indifferent, as if she was talking about something that could not be any easier.

And her actions were clean and professional.

Everyone was stunned by her and could not help looking at her.

She was too young and looked much younger than Qin Ya.

There was a youthful aura around her and no emotions could be seen on her face.

If one had to say that she had any special features, it could only be one wordgood-looking.

It was hard for people to trust her at her age.

However, judging from her expression and tone, it was hard for anyone to refute her decision.

“My estimated success rate is 80%!” Shi Jin said calmly.

It was too late.

Just waiting for someone to make a decision.

Qin Fanya didnt want to argue anymore.

All she could say was that the Jiang family deserved it.

Jiang Ning had found such a doctor out of nowhere and she didnt even know if he had graduated from university.

She couldnt even tell if he was a man or a woman.

Yet, he was able to change the minds of the Jiang family.

She couldnt be bothered to waste any more energy.

Let them make their own choices.

The other members of the Jiang family didnt dare say anything.

After making such a decision, who could bear the consequences

Old Madam Jiang said, “Doctor Si, sorry to trouble you.”

Shi Jin went forward and took the hospital bed from Qin Fanya and pushed Elder Jiang into the operating theater.

This was the first time in her life that Qin Fanya had been abandoned.

This had probably never happened since she was ten years old.

She laughed at herself, took off her gloves, took off her sterile hospital gown, and left without looking back.

The Jiang family started discussing among themselves.

They wanted to get her to stay, but they did not dare to.

However, if she left, they were afraid that Doctor Si was a liar.

Old Madam Jiang collapsed onto the bench.

“Grandma!” Jiang Ning quickly held her.

“Are you alright” “Ill rest by myself.” Old Madam Jiang closed her eyes.

Jiang Ning shut her mouth and didnt dare speak any further.

She started to feel anxious in her heart.

Was the decision she made today correct Would she lose the life of her grandfather that she respected the most

She did not dare to continue thinking about it.

She knew very well what kind of pressure Grandma was under.


When Shi Jin entered the operating theater, the assisting doctors and nurses looked at her in surprise.

Someone could replace Dr.

Qin to operate on Old Master Jiang Their eyes were filled with disbelief and disapproval.

“I know that everyone is unfamiliar with me, but I hope that everyone can cooperate with me, just like how you usually do surgeries with other chief surgeons,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Her voice had an exceptionally calming charm.

Everyone quieted down and said, “Alright, well cooperate.” “Alright, I will seal the patients meridians first and then perform the surgery.” Shi Jin took out her set of golden needles.

Everyone was shocked again, but they had no choice other than to cooperate.


After Qin Fanya left, she drove straight home.

The butler was surprised to see her.

“Miss, is Old Master Jiangs surgery over”

“No.” Qin Fan snorted coldly.

“From now on, theres no need to inform me of any phone calls from the Jiang family.

I wont see anyone who comes looking for me.”

In reality, with Old Master Jiangs condition, he would be fine even if the surgery took place tomorrow.

The reason why Qin Fanya was so tight on time and said that she had to undergo surgery within ten minutes was to make the Jiang family feel more pressured and give her more leeway.

Therefore, as long as Doctor Si didnt do anything rash, Old Master Jiang would still have a chance to survive until tomorrow.

However, to perform Old Master Jiangs surgery well… that young Doctor Si might as well dream!

Qin Fanya said she had a 50% success rate, and that was not an exaggeration at all!

Qin Fanya could already predict how thoroughly Dr.

Si would be defeated.

At that time, if the Jiang family wanted to look for her again, she would have to ask Old Madam Jiang to invite her personally.

Only after she had spoken nicely would she lower herself to go.

The butler quickly replied, “Yes, Miss.”

He was already used to Qin Fanyas attitude.

As long as someone didnt respect her medical skills, she would be like this.

From the looks of it, the Jiang family had to make Young Mistress angry at this critical juncture! This family was really too foolish!




The surgery was underway.

The members of the Jiang family were tired of waiting and arguing and were ready to leave everything to fate.

In a corner they didnt notice, Fu Xiuyuan was standing in the shadows, quietly waiting for Shi Jin to finish her surgery.

The light in the operating theater flickered for a moment before it went off.

“Grandma!” Seeing that Old Madam Jiang was about to stand up, Jiang Ning immediately helped her up.

The door to the operating theater opened and Shi Jin walked out first.

Old Madam Jiang rushed in front of her and wanted to speak, but when she opened her mouth, there was no sound.

It turned out that her voice was so hoarse that she could not speak.

It was Jiang Ning who spoke first.

“Doctor Si, hows my grandfathers surgery”

“Old Master Jiangs surgery was very successful.

He has been sent to the intensive care unit.

He should be fine when he wakes up in the morning.

However, he still needs to recuperate properly after this.” Shi Jins words were calm and collected, as if to her, it was just a minor surgery.

The members of the Jiang family instantly let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Thats great.

Thank you, Doctor Si.”

“It was a daunting experience, but not a dangerous one.

The Old Master is truly blessed.

Things will turn for the better in the future.”

Jiang Ning was so excited that she could not speak.

She grabbed Shi Jins hand.

“Thank you, Doctor Si.

Thank you.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Its alright now.

Dont worry.”

She took out a small pill and passed it to Old Madam Jiang.

“Old Madam, your worries and fears are too severe.

You are so frightened and tired that you cant even speak right now.

Take this pill and go back to rest more.

Drink more water and you will be fine soon.”

Old Madam Jiang took it.

This time, she did not hesitate and directly put it into her mouth and ate it.

“Ill get going then.” Shi Jin yawned lightly.

It had been a long time since she had stayed up late like this.

“Ill send you out!” Jiang Ning immediately said.

“Theres no need.

Go accompany your family.” After that, Shi Jin walked away from everyone coolly.

Jiang Ning was worried about her grandpa and grandma, so she didnt follow Shi Jin.

On the other hand, the doctor who had cooperated with Shi Jins surgery came over with a look of admiration on his face.

“Doctor Si! I would like to ask you what exactly is going on with those techniques you used just now.

Can I add you on WeChat There are many things that I dont understand and I would like to ask you for guidance.”

This doctor had worked with Qin Fanya before and had idolized her.

However, Qin Fanya had used many techniques that he could understand himself.

He only needed some time to reach that height.

On the other hand, Shi Jin was completely different.

The skills she used had completely surpassed any knowledge he had ever heard of.

If he were to think about it himself, he would not be able to understand it even if he racked his brains.

Instantly, Qin Fanyas divinity had disappeared from his mind.

And all he could think of was Shi Jin.

“Sure.” Shi Jin took out her phone and switched to Si Jins WeChat, letting him add it.

After he added it, he still had questions to ask.

However, when he looked up, he saw Master Fu standing in front of him.

His gaze was cold, like a cold lake that could freeze someone.

“Master, Master Fu…” Fu Xiuyuan held Shi Jins hand.

“Lets go home.”

The two of them walked out together.

The doctor stared at their backs, somewhat dumbfounded.

“Elder Jiangs condition is indeed quite serious, but its not as bad as they said in that he could only undergo surgery tonight.

However, no matter what, after this surgery is completed, there will be too many problems.” Shi Jin explained the situation to him.

“I dont care about his condition.” Fu Xiuyuan held her hand.

“Youve worked hard for so long.” “Its alright.” Shi Jin smiled.


The next morning, Shi Jin received Jiang Nings WeChat message the moment she woke up.

“Doctor Si, my grandfather is already awake.

Ive also brewed some Chinese medicine for him according to what you said.

He seems to be in good spirits now.

The doctor said that its not a big problem.

After a few days of observation in the ICU, he should be able to be transferred to a normal ward.”

“Its just as I expected.

Rest well.

If theres anything, contact me anytime.”

“Okay, Doctor Si.

Thank you so much this time.

If not for you, I really dont know what to do.” “Your grandfathers problem is indeed tricky, but its not time for him to lose all hope.

Even if it wasnt for me, if it were another doctor, the situation wouldnt be so serious.”

“Doctor Si, youre too humble!”

Shi Jin was telling the truth.

When Jiang Ning sent Old Master Jiangs medical record to her earlier, she had looked through it in detail.

Therefore, when she went over last night, although she was anxious, she did not rush over.

What Qin Fanya said about having to undergo surgery within ten minutes seemed a little exaggerated to Shi Jin.




Qin Fanya had already had her breakfast and was sitting in the living room.


There were no calls from the Jiang family.

However, she had blacklisted all the Jiang familys phone numbers.

This was the price for not trusting her.

She had a feeling that someone from the Jiang family would arrive soon.

The butler had the same premonition as well.

He had been waiting for the Jiang family to beg the young mistress.

However, when it was almost noon, the Jiang family still did not call or arrange for anyone to come.

“Miss, do you want to prepare lunch” The butler walked over to Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanya frowned.


“Butler, Miss, there are people from the Jiang family outside,” a servant walked in and said.

Qin Fanyas brows relaxed as she revealed a smile.

“Just say that Im not around and let them go back.”

“Yes, Miss.” The butler smiled and said, “Miss, the Jiang family might be really anxious.”

“Let them be.” Qin Fanya was unconcerned.

Who did they think she was No one in Hong Kong would dare to insult her like that!

A moment later, the servant entered.

The butler asked, “Wheres the Jiang family”

“According to Misss instructions, weve already sent them back,” the servant said.

Qin Fanya snorted.

The butler said, “These people are too insincere.

The next time they come, just say that Miss is still not here and ignore them.”

“Okay, but the Jiang family left something behind.

They said that Miss left it at the hospital last night and they were sending it over now.”

The maid handed him a box.

The butler took it and passed it to Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanya said, “Open it.” The butler smiled and said, “The Jiang family is quite sensible.

They knew that they wouldnt be able to get Miss to help them for no reason, so they sent the gifts over first.”

As he spoke, he opened the box.

Qin Fans gaze landed on the box and her smile slowly froze.

It turned out that the gift inside was not a gift, but a bracelet of Qin Fanyas.

She was preparing for surgery last night, so she took off the bracelet and placed it beside her.

So when she left in a hurry she did not take the bracelet with her.

Now that the Jiang family had returned the item, there was nothing else to say.

Evidently, they had no intention of continuing to invite Qin Fanya.

A look of disbelief appeared on Qin Fanyas face.

“Butler, go to the hospital and see whats going on.

No, Ill go myself.”

Qin Fanya stood up and immediately walked towards the door.



In the hospital.

The Jiang family went back to rest.

Only Jiang Ning stayed behind to accompany Old Master Jiang.

Although Shi Jin said that Old Master Jiang still needed some time to rest before he could fully recover, when he woke up, he could already get up to drink medicine.


Although he was still skinny and pale, his mental state was clearly better.

“Grandfather, when youre feeling better, well invite Doctor Si over as a guest.

Let me tell you, hes really amazing.” Jiang Ning told Grandfather Jiang everything that happened last night.

Old Master Jiang also clicked his tongue in wonder.

“Young people these days are really amazing.

The new generation surpasses the old.

Amazing, amazing.”

“Of course hes amazing.

Most importantly, hes very handsome.”

Old Master Jiang looked at his granddaughter and couldnt help smiling.

“So, you really like that Doctor Si”

“Im not talking to you anymore.

Doctor Si said that you need to lie down and rest more.

Come, let me help you lie down.”

After taking care of her grandfather, Jiang Ning arrived at the ward and saw Qin Fanya walking over.

Qin Fanya had always been the benchmark for everyone to learn from, so Jiang Ning was often compared to her by others.

Jiang Ning was a little annoyed when she saw her, but today, she went up to her happily.


Qin, youre here”

Qin Fanya saw her expression and guessed that Old Master Jiang should be fine.

She was puzzled.

Where did this young man come from He could actually perform Old Master Jiangs surgery so well

She thought that she would only have a 50% chance of success if she completed this surgery, but that Doctor Si was actually able to lift something heavy as though it was light and had completed it with confidence.

“I left in a hurry last night and didnt wait for Grandfather Jiang to finish his surgery.

As a junior, I should visit him.

How is Grandfather Jiang now”

“Oh, theres no need to visit.

Grandpa is in the intensive care unit.

He cant allow many people to visit him.

I only need to tell you that Grandpa is doing well now.

Doctor Sis medical skills are very good.

He completed the surgery without much effort.

Also, let me tell you, before that, he had only seen Grandpas medical record.

He had never seen Grandpa at all.

His medical skills are amazing! Doctor Si is younger than you, but I think his medical skills are much better than yours.”

What Qin Fanya was most proud of was her medical skills and the title of a talented lady, so hearing these words, she felt very uncomfortable.

However, it was already like this, and she couldnt change it.

She said, “Since Grandpa Jiang is still resting, I wont disturb you anymore.

Please help me send my blessings.”

“Alright, take care.” Jiang Ning waved.

She had just sent Qin Fanya off when she saw Shi Jin walking over from a distance.

She had short hair and her expression was calm and cold.

She was dressed in clean clothes.


Si!” Jiang Ning rushed over and looked at her warmly.

“Didnt you say you werent coming today”

1 wer

“I still felt a little worried and wanted to take a look,” said Shi Jin.

“Ill go in and check.”

“Okay.” Jiang Ning followed beside her, her face red.

“What preparations do you need Ill get someone to prepare it.” “No need.” Shi Jin glanced at her.

“Do you have a cold”

Jiang Ning rubbed her burning face.

She wasnt having a cold.

She just couldnt help blushing when she saw the handsome young man.

Moreover, he was concerned about her!

She wanted to say that she didnt have a cold, but she changed her mind and said, “I think I do have a cold.”

“Okay, you dont have to follow me around.

Go get some rest.

Drink some hot water-even though this sounds like something a jerk would say, its effective.”

Jiang Ning immediately nodded.

“I will definitely drink more.

Doctor Si is not a jerk.

You are a handsome and talented doctor.”

Shi Jin could not help but smile.

This young lady was really quite cute.

Although she was a doctor, she did not manage all patients.

However, after Jiang Ning added her WeChat, she expressed her extreme trust in her.

Sometimes, doctors needed a link between such subtle emotions.

Although it sounded very metaphysical, if a person trusted a doctor, compared to not trusting a doctor, the effects of treatment would often be different in clinical terms.

“Miss Jiang, youre really…” Shi Jin could not think of what to say.

She stared at her beautiful round eyes and said, “…quite cute.”

Jiang Ning was hit hard by her words, and her face flushed red.

She covered her face and ran away.

Shi Jin didnt know what she did to elicit such a reaction, but it was good that Jiang Ning had left.

People with a cold were not suitable to go to the ICU.

Shi Jin found the doctor from last night and went in together to give Old Master Jiang another checkup.

She only came out of the ICU after confirming that there were no major problems.

The doctor had asked Shi Jin many questions on WeChat yesterday.

When he accompanied her out, he bought her a bottle of water.

“Doctor Si, youve worked hard.”

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