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Chapter 588 Thats Not What I Want

Butler Kang thought so too.

He had thought that Shi Jin would want something, but she did not want anything.

“That simple” Old Master Fu asked.

The reason he said it was simple was because he didnt really oppose Shi Jin.

He was the one who had arranged the marriage with Old Master Li.

Even though he disliked Shi Jin, as long as Shi Jin didnt cause trouble, Old Master Fu knew that he would acknowledge her sooner or later.

It was just a probation period now.

They were already married.

What else could they do

“Yes, its that simple.

I actually dont care about your attitude towards me.

Just treat it as the attitude I gave you in the past, and you returned it, but the person who gave you attitude and was caught in the middle of it wasnt me.

Anyway, my skin is thick, and my heart doesnt miss a beat when Im frequently scolded by tens of thousands of people, but Xiuyuan is your grandson, and he cares about your feelings.”

When Shi Jin said this, she was gentle and calm.

However, for some reason, her words had the ability to pierce peoples hearts.

Old Master Fu looked at her seriously.

“Is it that simple”

“Grandpa, what did you think I would want”

Old Master Fu was stunned.

He recalled that the Li Family was also a family that was on the cusp of success.

No, the Li Family had only been defeated for a short period of time, but with Gu Jingyuan and Gu Zehan around, how could they be defeated forever What did Shi Jin lack She did not lack anything.

He smiled and shook his head.

“You should know that sooner or later Ill accept you.” “Its better early than late.” Shi Jin smiled as well.

“I cant bear to see Xiuyuan frown even for a moment.”

Old Master Fu burst into laughter, and Butler Kang followed suit.

“Shi Jin, Shi Jin, I remember that you were eager to leave Xiuyuan.

What are your thoughts now”

“Grandpa, peoples eyes can be blinded by clouds for a moment, but they wont be blinded forever.”

Old Master Fu nodded.

“Youve finally grown


“You flatter me, Grandpa.”

“But…” Old Master Fu looked at her again.” I can be kind to you, but without Xiuyuan around, I will still test your character.

Shi Jin, I hope that you have really become a good child, worthy of Xiuyuan.” “If Xiuyuan isnt here, you can act however you like.”

After Shi Jin left, Old Master Fu couldnt help nodding.

“Butler Kang, what do you think”

“I think Young Madam is much better than she used to be.

Shes sensible and intelligent.

Not bad at all.”

“It seems like the Li family is really good at raising children.

Ever since she went back, she has changed a lot.

Its just a pity that those ten years before her…” Old Master Fu could not help but feel emotional.

“Old Master, this is the new tea that Miss Qin sent over.

Please try it.” Butler Meng walked over.

“See if it suits your taste.”

“Alright, bring it over.”

Butler Meng brought it over and placed it in front of Old Master Fu.

Old Master Fu smelled the tea and his spirits were lifted.

“This tea smells pretty good.”

“Thats what Miss Qin said as well.

She said that the teas calming effect is the best.

She spent a long time brewing it before she managed to make this little bit.

I wonder if she will be able to produce such good tea in the future.”

Old Master Fu took two small sips and was instantly invigorated.

“This tea tastes elegant the moment it enters your mouth, and the aftertaste is long and lingering.

Its as if youre in the midst of green mountains and clear waters.

Smelling the fresh scent of the air after the rain makes one feel refreshed.

Its really good tea, really good tea!” Butler Meng smiled and said, “I will tell Miss Qin the truth.”

“All right.

Go on.

Tell her not to work too hard on her usual schedule.

Her health must come first.”

Old Master Fu sounded apologetic.

It was indeed a pity that such a good child couldnt marry Fu Xiuyuan.

It was hard on her.

She was always thinking about him.

It was so thoughtful.

Butler Meng reported to Qin Fanya.

He even brought along an expensive gift.

“This is the gift Old Master said to give Miss Qin.”

Qin Fanyas heart turned cold when she saw the gift.

In the past, Old Master Fu was rarely so polite.

The more polite he was, the less opportunities she had and that was why he felt guilty, using gifts to make up for it.

However, did she lack this gift This was not what she wanted!


Go back and ask Grandpa Fu what kind of tea he wants to drink.

I can send it to him anytime.”

“Okay, Ill tell the Old Master.”

Qin Fanya waited for Butler Meng to leave before she started to prepare new tea leaves.

Many people wanted these tea leaves now, but she had tried for so long and the taste was different.

She had to hurry.

Just as she was thinking about this, the butler came in and said, “Miss, something bad has happened.

Old Master Jiang has some problems with his body and is currently in the hospital, but the hospital is helpless.

They said that his bodily functions have deteriorated and there are problems everywhere.

We need you to make a trip there!”

“Go, go over immediately!” As someone considered a “divine physician”, Qin Fanya was naturally the most important link in the familys social relations.

The Jiang family, the Fu family, and the Qin family were on good terms.

So naturally, she had to visit them.


In the hospital.

The Jiang family waited at the door of the ward, all of them anxious.

Although Old Master Jiang was no longer in charge, in such a big family, he was the backbone.

If there were any problems, not only would the stock price trends in the outside world be unpredictable, but internal collapse was also common.

Right now, it was unknown whether Old Master Jiang was dead or alive.

The doctors had already gone through two surgeries, but couldnt guarantee that Old Master Jiang would wake up.

Everyone was naturally worried.

“Why isnt Fanya here yet” Someone asked.

“Ive already arranged for someone to pick her


“Everyone, dont worry.

As long as Fanya comes, there wont be any problems.”

“Yeah, as long as Fanya comes, everything will be fine.”

Old Madam Jiang was the most anxious.

Even though her children were around her, they could not stop her from worrying.

“Is she here yet”

“Hurry, hurry, Fanya is here!”

Qin Fanyas car had just arrived downstairs when waves of people came to pick her up.


Amidst the shouts of the crowd, Qin Fanya appeared with light makeup.

Seeing how confident and calm she was at such a young age, everyone could not help, but calm down and feel less anxious.

“Fanya.” Old Madam Jiang welcomed her.

“Please, go and see your Grandpa Jiang.”

“Grandma Jiang, dont worry.

Ill be right there.

Dont worry, Ill do my best.” “Okay, okay, thank you, child.”

Qin Fanya walked towards the ward.

“Give me the details of the illness.”

“Its like this, Doctor Qin.” The doctors in the hospital also knew about Qin Fanya.

All these years, everyone had been convinced by her reputation.

The doctor kept up with Qin Fanya while explaining Old Master Jiangs condition to her.

“Right now, Old Master Jiangs problem is that hes getting old and his organs are failing very badly.

He has undergone two surgeries previously and his body is already in a very bad condition.

If he continues with the surgery, his body wont be able to handle it, but if he doesnt continue with the surgery, Im afraid…” The doctor was helpless about this.

The Jiang family could not accept any of these terrible results.

“If we perform the surgery now, what is the success rate”

“About twenty percent.”

Qin Fanya took the disinfected clothes and gloves from the nurse and strode into the operating theater.

In ancient traditional Chinese medicines theory, there were ways to stabilize the patients condition through traditional Chinese medicine.

Under such circumstances, the success rate of surgery would be greatly increased.

Qin Fanya had performed such surgeries before and the Chinese medicine she used previously was effective.

Today, she was still confident in her medical skills.




Outside the door, Old Madam Jiang paced around anxiously.

Her aged face became even more worried.

The family still needed the old master to hold the fort.

If anything happened to the old master, the family might really have to disperse.

Everyone understood this.

Some were waiting anxiously while others were asking the doctors about his condition.

There were even some who began calling friends in search of famous doctors.

“Ive heard of a famous doctor who can revive the dead…” Elder Jiangs youngest son was almost 40 years old, but he was still a playboy.

His words made everyone speechless.

“Alright, be quiet.

Believe in Fanya.

If even Fanya cant do anything, the others are useless too.” Old Madam Jiang stopped her youngest son.

He also realized that his words were a little nonsensical and stopped speaking.

“Grandma, I really know of a good doctor who might be able to save Grandpa.” The person who spoke was Jiang Ning, the granddaughter of Old Master Jiang.

She was usually a little willful, but she had always been well-liked by the Old Master and Old Madam, so she spoke without any reservations.

“Who is it” Matriarch Jiang asked casually, not really taking it seriously.

“Do you still remember that Grandpa Tang had an old friend and distant relative in the capital Uncle Tang Huang, the current head of the Tang Family”

When Jiang Ning said this, Old Madam Jiang was really interested.

“Tang Huang has always had an old illness.

I heard that he has congenital asthma.

He went to many hospitals but didnt receive any treatment.

Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad.

Later on, I really didnt hear much about his relapse.” “Ive asked Madam Tang about it before.

She said that she met a doctor who treated Uncle Tang.

His illness hasnt acted up yet.

Yesterday, I contacted her and asked for that doctors contact number.

Just now, I contacted that doctor and asked them to come over.

Grandma, I saw that you were too anxious just now, so I didnt tell you first.

If that doctor comes over later, well ask him to take a look at Grandpa, right”

Old Madam Jiang nodded.

“Thats good too.

Lets talk about it later.

Its better to be prepared.”

When the rest of the Jiang family heard that this doctor could even treat Tang Huangs chronic illness, they were filled with anticipation.

However, Qin Fanya was already here.

Even if he were to come, he wouldnt be of much use.

It would just be another ray of hope.


Qin Fanya walked into the ward.

Old Master Jiang was lying on the bed, using a ventilator to maintain the basic functions of his body.

His hands, which were placed on the blanket, were as thin as firewood.

There was not much vitality in them.

Qin Fanya understood at a glance that the condition of Old Master Jiangs body was extremely serious.

It was no wonder that the few surgeries he had undergone were unable to improve his condition.

From the looks of it, when the doctor said that the success rate of the surgery was twenty percent, it was already considered very high.

She made a detailed examination and comparison before walking out.

Outside the door, Old Madam Jiang and the others were waiting anxiously.

After waiting for almost an hour, Qin Fanya came out.

Old Madam Jiang quickly walked to her side and asked, “Fanya, whats the situation Can you operate”

“Grandma Jiang, Ive checked Grandpa Jiang in detail just now.

I can do the surgery.”

Old Madam Jiang was overjoyed.

“Then Ill leave it to you!” “However, the success rate of the operation is only 50%.

If the operation fails…” Qin Fanya lowered her head and her voice.

Her meaning was clear.

If the operation failed, everyone would still have to accept the worst outcome.

The Jiang family looked at each other.

Old Madam Jiang staggered and almost fell.

A 50% chance was indeed much higher than what the doctor had said.

However, it did not seem to comfort her.

Half and half chances were still disappointing.

The Jiang family was in a mess.

Some suggested changing hospitals, some suggested finding folk doctors, and others said they were going abroad.

“Silence!” Old Madam Jiang shouted.

Everyone quieted down.

“Change hospitals, find civilian doctors, and go overseas” Old Madam Jiang asked.

Everyone began to lower their heads.

They had done all this in the past.

It was not the first time.

Besides, most of those civilian doctors were better with their words than their medical skills.

Otherwise, how could it have come to this

Qin Fanya looked at the time on her wrist.

“Grandma Jiang, I cant wait any longer.

We have to start the surgery within ten minutes.”

“Then lets do the surgery!” Old Madam Jiang said.

The other members of the Jiang family did not have any objections.

There was still half a chance for the surgery, and it was not completely unacceptable.

“Grandma, the doctor I invited hasnt arrived yet!” Jiang Ning couldnt help but say, “Why dont we wait a few more minutes” Qin Fanya looked at Jiang Ning speechlessly.

She already knew that Old Madam Jiang doted on Jiang Ning a lot, which resulted in Jiang Nings lawless personality.

However, she did not expect Jiang Ning to still be willful at such a crucial time! Did she really think that ten minutes was a long time

“Grandma Jiang, these ten minutes are very precious.

I really dont know what will happen after this.” Qin Fanya shook her head.

The other members of the Jiang family could not help saying, “Mom (grandmother), dont listen to Ning Nings nonsense.

Let Fanya do the surgery!” “But that Doctor Si is already on his way.

Hell be here soon!” Jiang Ning didnt know why she insisted, but there was a thought in her mind.

She felt that she was doing the right thing.

Grandpa doted on her, and she couldnt bear for him to leave earlier than anyone else.

The others might be worried about monetary benefits, but her worries were real!

Old Madam Jiang said, “Fanya, wait for a while and give Ning Ning a chance.”

“Alright,” Qin Fan said.

“However, I can only guarantee that I will be able to perform the surgery on Grandpa Jiang at the designated time to be able to achieve the success rate I mentioned earlier.” After she finished speaking, she glanced at Jiang Ning and said, “Dont delay the important matters because of your opinion of


“I dont have anything against you!” Jiang Ning said angrily.

Jiang Ning and Qin Fanya were two completely different people.

Jiang Ning had been a pampered little princess since she was young, and her family did not expect her to achieve any results.

However, in public, there would always be people using Qin Fanya to trample on her.

As time passed, the two of them became very hostile.

Qin Fanya looked down on her for not having any skills and she naturally couldnt stand Qin Fanyas arrogance.

However, the reason she waited for Doctor Si was definitely not because she didnt like Qin Fanya.


Shi Jin was indeed on the way.

After receiving Mrs.

Tangs call, she immediately agreed to go and treat Old Master Jiang.

The benevolence of a doctor was her belief.

At this moment, Fu Xiuyuan was driving and she was sitting in the passenger seat.

That was because she had used Si Jins name and identity when he was with Madam Tang.

The current Shi Jin had also changed her appearance and manner of speaking just like before.

However, she had never thought that she would need a short wig on her trip to Hong Kong, so she did not bring the wig she used before and could only buy one at the last minute.

This wig was shorter than before, so after putting on the wig, she looked more masculine.

Because it might involve surgery, she chose the simplest and most convenient pants.

The car soon arrived at the hospital.

The moment Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan got out of the car, Jiang Ning rushed over.

“Doctor Si!”

She had seen this doctor before in the photo Mrs.

Tang had given her.

He was very easy to recognize.

He had short hair, was young, had a youthful air, and was very good-looking in a way that surpassed the border between genders.

While everyone upstairs was urging Qin Fanya to perform her surgery, Jiang Ning could not help, but run down to fetch Shi Jin.

“Hurry up and follow me!” Jiang Ning held Shi Jins hand and rushed to the elevator.

Shi Jin smiled helplessly at Fu Xiuyuan before entering the elevator.

Jiang Ning didnt even wait for Fu Xiuyuan.

No, she didnt even look at Fu Xiuyuan before closing the elevator door.

When Shi Jin arrived upstairs, it was chaotic.

Qin Fanya was the only one who remained calm and said, “Surgery is happening immediately!” No matter how much Old Madam Jiang loved and trusted Jiang Ning, it was impossible for her to wait for her.

Even seeing that the doctor she was talking about had arrived, she did not take another look.

“Grandma!” Jiang Ning ran over.

“Doctor Si is already here.

Let him take a look at grandpas condition!”

Qin Fanya was furious.

“Jiang Ning, how much longer are you going to keep this up What can he do Just checking and reading the report will take at least an hour.

Your grandfather cant wait any longer! Dont take your grandfathers life lightly just because youre angry with me!”

After she finished speaking, the nurse pushed Old Master Jiang over.

She took the bed and strode forward.

Shi Jin spoke calmly, “Doctor Qin, what is your estimate of the success rate of Old Master Jiangs surgery”

“Fifty percent,” Qin Fan said without even turning her head.

“Then let me do the surgery,” Shi Jin rolled up her sleeves and said calmly.

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