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Chapter 587 Simple Requirements

“Whats the meaning of this”

“Theres no deeper meaning to it.

Im just asking.

The matter between you and the Young Master must have been approved by Sir and Madam, right You cant come here for nothing.”

Shi Jin looked up and sized up Butler Meng.

She originally didnt know why Old Master Fu favored Butler Kang more than Butler Meng, but looking at him now, she knew that Old Master Fu was clear-minded.

“So” Shi Jin asked.

Butler Meng did not expect that she would be so full of thorns and would not accept any provocation at all.

He immediately smiled and said, “Nothing much, I just hope that Young Madam and Young Master can live happily ever after.

After all, I watched Young Master grow up, so of course I hope for him to be well.”

“Were doing pretty well now.”

Hearing Shi Jins words, Butler Meng said in a low voice, “Indeed, Young Master and Young Madam are doing well now.”

Shi Jin finished her coffee and went downstairs.

Old Master Fu was playing Go with Butler Kang.

Butler Kang smiled and set the board.

“The old master has improved again.

You really killed


“Use your skills and accompany me for a round.

Dont fool me like this.”

“Ive already put in 100% of my effort.

My skills are indeed inferior.”

Old Master Fu smiled and shook his head.

He knew that they were playing Go with him, but none of them were willing to fight seriously.

They were all boring.

“Shi Jin, do you know how to play” Old Master Fu picked up the chess piece and asked.

Without waiting for Shi Jins reply, he answered himself, “I dont think you will either.

Forget it, Old Kang, lets play another round.”

“I dont really know, but I can watch from the side.” Shi Jin sat at the side.

“You can watch, but a true gentleman doesnt say anything during a game of chess.” Old Master Fus mood improved a little when he saw that she was willing to watch by the side.

“Grandpa, dont worry.

I understand.”

Old Master Fu and Butler Kang started exchanging moves again.

Very soon, Shi Jin could tell that their chess skills were about the same.

However, Butler Kang had indeed played a few key points and messed up a little on purpose.

Hence, the final outcome was Old Master Fu crushing him.

In ancient times, it was said that accompanying a king was like accompanying a tiger.

People nowadays seem to understand this principle very well.

No one dared to go against Old Master Fu.

When it was about time, Butler Kang said, “I really dont know how to get out of this situation.

If it really doesnt work out, I can only admit defeat.”

“Shi Jin, havent you been watching here for a long time Have you figured out anything” Old Master Fu wasnt satisfied yet.

Even though he knew that Shi Jin didnt understand, he couldnt help but ask her.

Shi Jin remained silent.

“Im asking you a question.”

“Didnt Grandpa say that a true gentleman does not speak when watching chess”

“Youre playing with words!” Old Master Fu was so angry that his beard curled up, but his heart somehow relaxed.

He threw the chess piece to Shi Jin.

“Try your hand.

Old Kang cant lose this game just like that.”

Shi Jin picked up the chess piece.

Butler Kang smiled and said, “Its a chess game that even I cant escape from.

Old Master has indeed stopped me.

I wonder if Young Madam will be able to resolve this.”

He knew in his heart that this was already very difficult.

After playing chess with Old Master Fu for so many years, he had long learned how to lose without batting an eyelid.

How could an ordinary person save him Old Master Fu had never thought that Shi Jin would be able to save him.

He just felt a little bored.

Be it Qin Fanya or Butler Kang, they were all giving way to him when playing chess.

Fu Heyan could not sit still and refused to play with him whereas Fu Xiuyuan played well and was not afraid of offending him, but he did not have the time.

He was frustrated.

He was acting out of spite towards Shi Jin.

Shi Jin picked up the chess piece and took the next step.

Old Master Fu saw that she had made a foolish move and shook his head.

“A newbie is indeed a newbie.”

“A newbie can still understand the rules.

Young Madam is already doing very well,” Butler Kang said with a smile.

Shi Jin took another step.

Old Master Fu continued to shake his head.

“Didnt you learn it before Even when you returned to the Li family, did Old Master not teach you”

“A little,” Shi Jin said.

She reached out and placed a chess piece on the board.

Old Master Fu was originally a little nonchalant, but when he looked at the chessboard again, he couldnt help being astonished.

Butler Kang was also very surprised.

Butler Kang had already turned this into a dead end.

However, Shi Jin had only taken three steps, and the first two steps were extremely childish.

She looked extremely vulnerable.

However, the third step immediately reversed the situation, leaving Old Master Fu with nowhere to go.

Old Master Fu looked at Shi Jin in shock.


He held the chess piece and looked at the game that had completely been lost.

He could not hide the expression on his face.

“So, did I win” Shi Jin asked.

Her bright face had a kind of innocence, like a childs defenselessness.

Old Master Fu put down his chess piece.

“How did you think of this”

“I learned it casually online,” Shi Jin said with a smile.


“Not bad, not bad!” Old Master Fu nodded repeatedly.

He found Shi Jin much more pleasing to the eye.

He had always felt that those who could play Go would have a good temperament.

“You beat me.

Lets play another game.”

“Grandpa, are we betting on anything”

Old Master Fu smiled.

“Whatever you want, as long as you can beat me, you can ask.”

It was nothing more than gold, silver, jewelry, and money checks.

There was nothing Old Master Fu could not afford for Shi Jin.

“Thats what you said.

Of course, I wont let you bet for nothing.

If you win, Ill also give you what you want.”

“Lass, arent you afraid that Ill ask Xiuyuan to divorce you” Old Master Fu said seriously.

“I wont give you that chance.”

“Good, good.

Im very impressed that young people are so impulsive.

Come, lets go again!” Old Master Fus fighting spirit was aroused.

He could tell that Shi Jin was indeed capable and not as incompetent as he had imagined.

He picked up his chess piece.

It had been a long time since he had gone all out like this.

After a while, Shi Jin placed her chess piece down, picked up the teacup beside her, and started drinking slowly.

Old Master Fu laughed out loud and put the chess piece aside.

“Great, great! I havent played chess like this in a long time!”

Butler Kang also smiled and said, “Old Master, you are also biased.

You dont kill your granddaughter-in-law, but you kill people like


“Grandpa, is the bet still valid”

“Of course it is.

A gentlemans word is like a whip.

Go ahead.”

Butler Kang was also waiting by the side, waiting to retrieve whatever Shi Jin requested.

He wondered what she would want.

There was no wealth that the Fu Family could not afford.

“Grandfather, my request is that you accept Xiuyuans choice and acknowledge me as your granddaughter-in-law,” Shi Jin raised her eyebrows slightly and said calmly.

Old Master Fu was stunned.

He hadnt expected her request to be so simple.

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