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Chapter 586 Shi Jin Is Also A Common Person

Today, Fu Jiang drove to another herb store and sent Shi Jin there.

Shi Jin was mainly there to help Li Yuanyuan purchase the herbs.

She only wanted to use them for practice, so Shi Jin was not particularly picky and was casually looking through the numerous herbs.

Beside her, Qin Fanya was also purchasing herbs.

Over the past few days, she had been obsessed with researching those tea leaves.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not concoct the exact same taste.

She had no choice, but to personally come to the medicinal store to see if there were any good choices.

The girl beside her was called Fang Yunxi and was accompanying her to watch.

“Fanya, all the medicinal herbs at home are of the best quality.

Why do you need to come to this kind of shop to look I dont think you can buy the things you want here.” Although Fang Yunxi didnt know much about medicinal herbs, she knew that this place was too ordinary

“Dont say that.

Every shop has top-notch medicinal herbs, and they usually dont sell them easily.

It must be different if you come here personally to take a look.” As Qin Fanya walked, she picked up the medicinal herbs and played with them repeatedly.

Fang Yunxi smiled and said, “Thats true.

Anyway, you have good taste.

Even if theres only a little bit of good stuff in the herb shop, you can still dig it out.

Otherwise, why would people say that youre a peerless genius Speaking of which, when my grandfather drank your tea that day, he was full of praise.

He wanted to get some from Grandfather Jiang, but Grandfather Jiang refused.

Their ages add up to 150 years old and yet they almost got into a childish fight over this matter.” “Since Grandpa Fang likes it, Ill get someone to send some over next time.”

“Thats great, thank you, Fanya.”

As the two of them were choosing, Fang Yunxi suddenly saw a figure in front of her.

She focused and recognized Shi Jin.

She could not help feeling puzzled.

Was Shi Jin here to buy herbs Wasnt she a celebrity

With Master Fu supporting her from behind, her career in the entertainment industry had been smooth-sailing.

Within a short period of time, she had already become an S-list celebrity.

Why was she still here to buy medicine

“Fanya, look who that is.” Fang Yunxi mumbled.

How could Qin Fanya not know who that person was She had dreamt of this name countless times in the middle of the night, and she hated it deeply.

However, the opponent that she had never taken seriously back then had now become so beautiful and stunning.

She could not help gnashing her teeth when she thought about it.

“Why did she come back Thats not right.

Didnt she use to do everything she could to leave Master Fu Why is she compromising now”

Qin Fanya did not say anything as her gaze landed on Shi Jins fingers.

Fang Yunxi immediately answered her own question.

“Oh, I know.

Although she was Chu Lings lackey in the past, she realized that following Master Fu would give her more resources.

I have to say, Shi Jin is also a common person.”

“Lets go up and greet them,” Qin Fanya said as she walked forward.

Fang Yunxi immediately followed.

Shi Jin was focused on looking at the herbs when she heard someone mention her name, so she slowly looked up.

Fang Yunxi could not help holding her breath as she looked at her.

In the past, she only knew that Shi Jin liked to cause trouble and go crazy, but she had never seen her in person.

When she saw the real person, her eyes were clear and distinct.

They were clear and loving, languid and clear.

Only then did she understand why those fans had fallen into Shi Jins whirlpool.

Shi Jin picked up a stalk of medicinal herb.

Her fingers were slender and long.

It was just like what the ancients had said, “When the sleeves are rolled, the hands are bare, and the wrists are golden rings”.

However, on second thought, Fang Yunxi convinced herself that there were people in the entertainment industry supporting and protecting her.

Every day, there would be people specially grooming and polishing her skin and makeup.

Even if Shi Jin looked stunning now, it didnt mean anything.

“Shi Jin, are you buying medicine too” Qin Fanya asked with a smile, “Do you need me to help you choose”.

“No need.

I can choose by myself,” Shi Jin declined politely.

Fang Yunxi immediately said, “Fanyas medical skills are very good, especially in ancient Chinese medicine.

She has already studied in the International Ancient Chinese Medicine University and met seniors like Du Xian.

With her guidance, you can improve by hundreds of times.” “Yunxi, dont talk nonsense.” Qin Fanya stopped Fang Yunxi.

She looked at Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, what are you buying herbs for Although Im not completely proficient in everything, Im a local after all.

I have a better understanding of the herbs here.

I might really be of some help.”

“Im just buying them for fun.

I really dont need any help.” Shi Jin picked a few herbs.

“Then Ill go settle the bill first.

Talk to you later.”

After she picked out the herbs, Fu Jiang immediately went over to help take the things and pay.

He was very attentive.

Shi Jin left very quickly.

When Fu Jiang passed by Qin Fanya, he greeted her and left as well.

Qin Fanya looked at the items that Shi Jin had bought and couldnt help, but smile.

Those herbs were considered the most common among the common ones.

They could be found all over Hong Kong.

Why did Shi Jin buy them

Didnt this mean that Shi Jins ability was similar to what Zhang Fengnian had said Was she just an ordinary student from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Her face relaxed at the thought.

Fang Yunxi couldnt help but ask, “Isnt that Fu Jiang He used to follow Master Fu closely.

Now, hes actually following Shi Jin”

“Brother Xiuyuans attitude is his own business.

Dont talk about it.”

“Hes too much of a lackey, running around with Shi Jin like that!” Fang Yunxi could not stand Fu Jiangs behavior.

Who didnt know that in Hong Kong, only Qin Fanya was compatible with Fu Xiuyuan

Who was Shi Jin to compare


After packing up the herbs that she had bought, Shi Jin went to the delivery place and sent them back to Li Yuanyuan.

She sent the express delivery number to Li Yuanyuan on WeChat before returning to the Fu residence.

It was a hot day in Hong Kong, and although there was air conditioning everywhere, she had perspired quite a bit on the trip.

So after she returned, she took a shower, changed her clothes, and went upstairs to make herself a cup of coffee.

“Young Madam, let me help you brew some tea.” Butler Meng walked over quickly and said, “Leave this to us.

Why do you have to do it yourself”

Shi Jin passed the cup to him and Butler Meng took it eagerly.

He asked Shi Jin in detail what flavor and temperature she liked before carefully soaking it.

“Young Madam, its done.” Butler Meng handed her a coffee cup.


“Youre welcome.

Young Madam, if theres anything you need, just let us know.

You dont have to stand on ceremony with us.”

Shi Jin nodded and took a sip of coffee.

Butler Meng stood at the side and added some of her favorite snacks.

“Young Madam has been back for so long.

Have you seen Sir and Madam” Butler Meng asked.

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